Monday, July 27, 2009

Writings About Each Home

Sorry for some reason my blog will not let me write anything for my blog after I uploaded pictures, there was a bunch of errors in the writing area...Oh well.
So the first picture is our very first home we bought. It was in Cannonsburg and on top of a hill called Greek Hill. I think we payed twenty years ago 35 thousand for it. It had green bottom and green and white awnings when we lived there. Across the street was a wonderful elderly lady named Margarita, she was Greek and I would take her place and to the store or she would give me a list. When she would walk over she would knock on the door in the summer and say yooo hoo jolyeen are you there!!! it was so sweet.
The next home, was my 2ND family's home Suzie, Lori, and Pammy's childhood home. Our backyards matched up against each other. I spent alot of time here.
My third home was the one I lived in as a young girl and where I met my dear friends in South Park Pa. My father got a job here and we moved from Ohio to here. When I lived here it was a steal blue color. I was so very sad when we had to move back to Ohio my freshman year in high school.
Last but not least is the Townhouse my hubby and I lived in when we Got to move to Pa only 3 minutes from my childhood home. That was pretty neat and it was there I reconnected with Lori and Suzie. We were able to get together with Suzie and Ron, at that time they were dating. I talked to Lori then but we never did get to get together, Lori was pregnant with her first child Lauren. It was after living here at the townhouse that we moved into our first home on Greek Hill. Here at the townhouse in the back of our yard the trolley stop was and we would catch that and ride to downtown Pittsburgh and spend the day and ride it back all for 1.50. Oh those were the days.
Sorry for the lengthy post and mess up of the blog. I just had a wonderful time this weekend between Megan's 16Th birthday and stopping by all my homes..

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