Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Look how happy Wynona Judd is...She did it!!! She lost 60 pounds..And guess what
Yep I lost 60 lbs also...
It is gone and gone for good may I add..Since my last post on June 12th when I weighed 56 pounds it has been slow going..Yes I did loose 60 pounds but then 59 then back to 60 and down 2 more to 62 then 60 then 58 and as of today it is 61...I have been back and forth within 3 or 4 pounds...UGGG that gets frustrating...BUT it seems to be what my body has done through this. I go back and forth a while then boom drop 4 to 5 overnight...
So I thought to myself...self it is time to sweat some...Now those that know me know I do not like to sweat...it totally grosses me out..It is bad enough when I would just GLISTEN...So the pic above is the bike I would love to have..Isn't is so cute...But I got my daughters bike out, cleaned it up and went to another city to try it out...Oh what was that...Why another city? Hub calls it pride I call it keeping my dignity...Do I want everyone I know and don't know in my town to see me on a bike...NO WAY!!! Well I quickly found out I need a different seat... OUCH!!! I found I have bones in my rear...that seat hurt...So now I got a big comfy seat...hmm maybe I can ride in my neighborhood..Let's go, so off I went for 1.3 miles on the flat straight road...What did I discover..# 1 I can't stop very well...lol and OMGoodness am I out of shape..(No Kidding) but I found out if nothing else I need to get this HEART in shape and keep this up..I got off in my driveway breathing HARD and weak leggs..So 2nd day and 3rd day..Now I have a neighborhood audience, yes I feel like I am running a race ( well I am I guess). I get keep going, Good for you, have fun, Good job getting out here and exercising, Good thing to do to get away from our teens..lol so you get the drift..
Me end of December beginning or January..Before 60 pound loss
Me now, after 60 pound loss...as of July 3rd 2011.
Goal is to keep going and to keep riding my bike adding distance as I can, and adding some water aerobics..and some weights with my arms...(weights as in Campbell's soup can)..lol My next update will be in October right around my birthday and leaving for a wonderful trip..
I would love to be down 75 or 80, but would be okay with 70 to 75...Stay tuned...