Monday, May 31, 2010


The results are in, and after two long weeks of tryouts the result is: She made it!!!! Autumn I know how you are feeling through this all and I also know how much time and effort you put into this my Dear...Enjoy your freshmen year...Let your light shine, always be true to yourself. I love you.

We had posters that needed to be made for tryouts...This was the first one....But it didn't get to go to tryouts, it was a little lets just say not as good as.....

This one....So this poster went to tryouts with her...They post these through out the year in the cafateria...for spirit....during football and basket ball....

Right after tryouts we hurried home and they had to get changed and ready for the Talent show at the High School..It was a dance fun cheer skit...Autumn is looking for a shoe in our neat Foyer closet...hmmm let me add this to my list of things to organize..So they did not get home from Talent show till 10 pm, I say one long tense stressful day that started at 7am ended at 10pm

Sunday night a bunch of the girls got together to make their Freshmen bandana's and Freshmen T-shirts.. Then they had a bond fire and had a good time..

Her is Autumn with her friend Corrin doing the bandana painting. After the get together at Kelsey's Autumn, and some friends went over to Corrins to spend the night. Corrin has a huge pool and Hot Tub the girls swam and had a terrific time together as always..I really like Autumns friends, they are all a lot of fun.
I will post more on the T-shirts and Bandana's the last day of school....hmm where will they be at 6:45 last day of school????
Now off to get ready for our first 2010-2011 cheer leading meeting....

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Meet my wonderful friend and my childhood 2nd mom...Susie and Mrs.B

When I lived in the Pittsburgh area, The Buncheck family was my 2nd family and home. Our backyards kind of backed up to each other..Needless to say I ate many meal there..One of my most favorite was when Mrs. B made chicken bucket chicken...It is out of the world.

Here is a picture of the Bucket..I bought my mom one but she never picked up the recipe or even used it....Don't know what ever happened to it...So for many years I never had Chicken Bucket Chicken until Mrs. B let Susie borrow hers. And this past weekend while we were visiting Susie made me (well all of us some) for dinner...She did a fabulous job..everyone was done eating except....guess who...ME....Oh so Good...Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me..I know it is time consuming to make as much as we ate....I give you five stars *****

On our way to Susie and Ron's I wanted to stop at Ikea....boy was it so very busy..Let's just say nerves started and panic attack was coming on...where is the door I need to go....I need to go when it is not a holiday weekend or even a weekend to shop..

On to the important things our visit with wonderful friends...This is Sara and Ronnie along with my Autumn and Susie in the background... It was dinner time....

My precious buddy his plate of food and away he was going on the Chicken...

My Autumn how funny she is getting ready to put our desert in the oven to warm up a little. See Susie and the family live very simple and they choose to not use or have a microwave. This is a part of what I love about them not only their wonderful Godly hearts, But their life style, it reminds me of the Amish way of life...I guess we could say more the Mennonite. Anyway moving on..

Yummy... Susie is licking her fingers after eating her desert...

I bought a dozen of these huge fresh made soft cinamony sweet cinnamon rolls from Ikea...They were very good...and everyone at Ikea must have known that also they were being bought by handfuls from individuals to dozens....
What a way to top off our visit...with great friends and great food...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Look what I saw this morning when I was pulling out of the garage at 6 AM to take hubby to the airport.He bought another rose on a stick...I'm not sure what you call this...But one of our local discount stores got some in and sell them for 14.99.

This is one we got last year.. it has tripled in size and full of buds.

This will be glorious when its in full bloom... We have had so much rain and now mid to upper 80's...the roses are loving it.

Here is the wreath I showed you earlier, I made for Mom's entrance door.

Here is the one I made for our front door...Some red white and blue..With my little red cardinal on the bottom...
Enjoying the yard and the flowers, I so much love watching all the critters and birds, along with butterflies....
Tomorrow is the big try out day for cheerleading, I pray Autumn gets what she wants, but most importantly she is where the Lord wants her and on the right path to do his work. The results are going to be posted Friday at 3:30.
Then Saturday we have wonderful plans with some special friends... Thank you Lord for good Godly friends that we can fellowship with.
I need to go get some planting done...or should I say I want to go play in the dirt and enjoy the flowers and herbs..

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Outside this time of year. Ahhh it feels so good and relaxing to be able to get outside. Here is my new sitting area-dinning squirrel and chipmunk, along with my cardinals, finches, blue jay,mourning dove, and butterfly, along with hummingbird watching and listening other words my Sanctuary. This is being taken from Mom's patio door.

Pic from other direction. This way you can see Mom and Dads patio door.

Some Hostas and Ferns.

I don't remember if these are coral bells or columbines...

My Miss Kim is in full bloom and smells so wonderful, the fragrance is like heavenly.
I'm still working on some things. I want a new cushion for the chase lounge. I need to get my three pots filled for my 3 basket hanger.
I bought some more dill and sweet basil, Chives are doing great.
I would like to add some yellow marigolds then I will be done with flowering in the back.
The next to bloom is my peonies, I can't wait I cut them and bring them in the house.
Next I will get some pics of the side and front...Looking forward to a nice 80 some degree week.
This week is very busy, I always say May is worse than December...Lets see.. talent show practice, cheer practice for youth Autumn is helping the coach out with this mon an wed. we have ortho appointment, cheer tryouts tues and thurs, results posted friday. We have tumbling class two day s this week. book reports and poster to get done to finish up school and exams....WOW I am going to take it one day at a time...
Till next time...Keep smiling and tell someone you love them...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Of May?? Yes you do start wrapping up the school year..but you also get ready for the new year. CHEER LEADING TRYOUTS r here once again.. Here are the ladies from this school year.

See the little peanut in the middle doing her jump...This is our Kelsey, the one I posted about that broke her femur in track 3 weeks ago. Update: she is doing terrific, Dr.'s feel if all continues this way she can do whatever she wants by beginning of July..That is awesome!!! I didn't know if she would ever be able to do gymnastics again, she is a very good gymnast, tennis player,swimming, and track....AND cheerleader...But right now my heart is hurting for her, because of this situation she can't try out for cheer leading right now..Please continue to pray for the healing and her tender heart right now having to sit out this year.

Cheer leading is not just at games. Here is Kelsey and my Autumn making signs for cheer camp at Ohio State last year.

Autumn doing one of her jumps at the game they got to cheer at last year at Fawcett Stadium. This is where we have the Hall of Fame Football game at every year..

Not only is Autumn and her friends trying out, my niece Sydney is to. She is a year younger than Autumn. Syd I wish you the best and I know you will do great...Luv U...

Cheering gets in these girls blood...They walk it and talk it along with jumps and dances. They do things for the community, Visit nursing homes, and have a strong bond with each other.

This is funny..Kylie on the right just told Autumn "My Mom just kissed your Dad on the cheek" Kelsey in the middle was like WHAT.. and Autumn is saying no way....Yep it did happen, we were all laughing but Kylie was mortified... LOL

Here's to Autumn and Sydney. I wish you all the best, you both deserve it. Here's to Try outs...
Stay tuned...

Saturday, May 15, 2010


For allergies....People that don't have allergies, have been effected by it this year...As for me..

I have lived with it all my life.. And this year it is awful...One thing I have to do every year is get in the house and keep doors closed....When yard work starts in the neighborhood.

I want to be out there when are yard gets mowed and trimmed...Nope no way.

I have to be behind the closed windows watching from the inside..

Looking at this makes me sneeze..OUCHOOOOO

Yep not only Allergies, it has now developed into Asthma also..

Since I am allergic to everything there is outside....and several inside...walking through this would be a nightmare.

I would look like this...

I so love to be out...I only go out to plant flowers a little at a time...And the sun is shining here today and in the upper 60's.

This has been me this week.

I went through this about 14 years ago...Allergy testing.

I then started getting my weekly shots.. 3 of them each week..For over a year..Till I had my Brian Aneurysm.

Every day I take This med along with 2 others.
I guess I posted this because Mike is outside enjoying the day mowing, trimming, blowing off the drive and sidewalks....and its sunny with nice breeze.and.......I'm in the house posting this blog pouting....
But thank God for windows, That I can look out and watch....
Have a wonderful weekend to you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I sure do, and it comes from this wonderful store..

This is my favorite scent..Can you guess by this picture..

I really like MOONLIGHT PATH...have you smelled it?

I use it all, this body lotion is wonderful.

The shower gel is a must..I can not take my shower with out it. I do like other scents but this is the one I put on and everyone says..AHH what do you have on it smells so good.
How about you, What scent do you wear? Do you have a summer scent and winter scent you like.
Here's to smelling soft and fresh...Have a wonderful rest of the week.