Friday, February 26, 2010


Hello there, boy do I have a pizza for you all. I was reading through some of the blogs I follow and up popped this post called BUFFALO CHICKEN PIZZA...Of course I had to check it out our family loves hot wings..Not only did I check it out I made one and we ate it..every bite...there were no crumbs..and my poor girls didn't get a bite not even the crust no sir ree...
Now this was my pizza and it doesn't look nothing like the blog picture it was posted on...Let me tell you hers had you drooling...Let me tell you about who her is...Her name is Shauna and her blog is called THEY CALL ME can check it out at
She has a nice blog and other great recipes...

Another pic of my buffalo Chicken Pizza...Here is the recipe
3 skinless boneless chicken breast cubed (I used chicken from a rotisserie chicken)
2T butter melted
2 ounces of Franks Red hot sauce
8 ounces of blue cheese dressing
1 pizza crust (I used boboli's)
8 ounces of shredded mozzarella ( I used 2 1/2 cups cheese)
cook and cube chicken
prepare your crust on cookie sheet
in medium bowl mix chicken, melted butter and hot sauce
spread your blue cheese all over crust
add your chicken mixture over it
top with cheese
bake till crust is brown and cheese is bubbly
She had 5 -10 minutes I had to cook mine 20-25 but I also used more cheese...
you can add chopped green onion to top but I was out...
Take out of oven let it sit a minute and enjoy!!!


Martha Stewart Living is now HOME DEPOT..
As you may know I have been working on re-doing our dining room. Doing that had me making several trips to Home pick out some paint. That being said I think I made my choice, I will be going with a soft gray tone..more on that later. Anyway last night when I went in I was greeted with a new section of Martha..and Ralph was gone....

They had this nice pamphlet with all the colors in it and a display of her color swatches. The Lady told me this is not the paint Kmart once carried of hers this is a really nice paint. So I thought I'd give everyone a heads up just in case your Home depot hasn't changed and you need some Ralph Lauren Paint...Or to let you know there is something new...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


How many things you can do with Vinegar. When at a friends house, we were in the kitchen when she called one of her daughters in to finish cleaning the kitchen up..She had forgotten to wipe some of the counter off by the stove. So in she came grabbed the spray bottle and a paper towel. When she sprayed this stuck on dried bq sauce, it wiped right off... I said what was that she just used....I was told part water and white vinegar.....WOW...but does it clean get germs off and kill bacteria??? YES...
So after getting home and googling about White Distilled Vinegar I was surprised to see what all it can be used for.

It is effective for killing most mold, bacteria and germs due to its level of acidity. this way I don't have to use harsh chemicals. It is also environmentally friendly and very economical. Check out

As an all purpose cleaner take 1/2 cup of vinegar with 1/4 cup baking soda into 1/2 gallon or 2 quarts of water. Store in spray bottle. Your children can also help clean and can be safe with this cleaner.. no poisons.

Vinegar will clean windows, glass, it removes odors from plastic food containers, lunch boxes, refrig, sinks and drains.
Also keeps away pests like fruit flies and ants.
You can combine with baking soda to use as a paste and scrubbing cleaner.
So in the days to come I will be seeing how I can use my vinegar solutions to do some tasks around our home...
Have a wonderful week until next time happy cleaning...:)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Happy Monday a start to a nice new week. Outside as I'm sitting here it is gray cloudy 35 degrees and drizzle...Woo Whooo....Oh and yes there is still snow on the ground..But it is sinking deeper and deeper into the ground. We should have the most green lawns this spring.

so moving right along to my weekend re cap let me start with Sunday....I was not in the best of moods....I'm sure you all never felt like that, well it hit me...I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS HOUSE LOOKS LIKE THIS...I HAVE BEEN GONE TWO DAYS AND NOBODY CAN DO A THING OR PICK UP AFTER THEM SELF.. I CAN NEVER GET AHEAD.....Wow was I really a screaming wild women on a Sunday.....I don't think it bothered anyone that I was upset except Mr. T or was it he had the same feeling...Michael managed to scoot next door to Grandma's and Autumn to the shower....Lets just say out came the mop, buckets, brooms, sweepers and kitchen floor was being scrubbed by Mr. T...He took over all floors from ceramic, to hardwood, to carpet..and away he went cleaning and scrubbing....After a couple hours of us cleaning we both looked at each other and said AWW I can breath.....All was organized cleaned smelled fresh....I love this feeling..

Here is my patient/Aunt we have been caring for..This is her first function out since falling in her drive on the ice and laying there till neighbors found her...She broke her shoulder....You look awesome Aunt Karen.....We are here at my soon to be cousins wedding shower on Saturday.

The little one on the right is one of my littlest cousin Kennedy she is in the wedding. The blonde is Julie and will be marrying my Cousin Jerry on April 10Th.

This is a sad picture of me...the reality of a picture....anyway me up front..then my four cousins behind me... Yes I am the oldest of all of them the two in the back are sister's and it's their brother getting married.

Friday oh to go back to that day, we had the most wonderful time. Mike and I along with Autumn went to Pittsburgh area to visit our wonderful friends.. Sue and I grew up together and I moved back to Ohio end of my freshman year in high school, when Mike and I got married at one point in our marriage he happened to get a job offer right where I lived in South Park Pa. and I got in touch with Sue again. But after moving back to Ohio we had lost contact for at least 20 years....not our children are dear friends....and it feels like we were never apart. The girls went outside for awhile on top of the igloo is my Autumn and her Sara, at the bottom is their youngest Anna that is 5.

Here is my Autumn, Sues oldest Meghan 16 and Sara 14. They are getting ready to head out.
My camera I took died after a couple pictures and a lengthy video of the girls, So I don't have many pics of the day but I sure have some awesome memories of the whole day...
We also played bowling wii, It was so much fun, I can't remember when I ever laughed so hard. It was the adults playing...Lets say I see a wii gaming system in our family's future very soon...
So that was some of my weekend and I pray everyone has a great week and you are all healthy and strong.... God Bless..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hello, wow I think everyday we keep getting more and more snow. Look at this it's growing!!!
My children had no school Monday for presidents day, Then Tuesday off for snow day. I almost thought today we would get it for ice..But they had school except my Boy he is not feeling to good.

My Autumn loves to have manicures and get her nails done. She is very creative with this. Since she is out of money there was no going to have them done sooo she did these her self..Look at the lines and the flowers...Last ones she did were awesome If my nails hadn't broke all off I would have had her do mine... Oh the x on her hand is from cheer comp.

Our little westie Lexi is even looking outside saying please would you melt I haven't been able to get out and run....AWWWW

Speaking of running, all I'm going to say on this one is junior and senior nerf wars!!!! Some bad decisions and some tough love had to be put into action....Moving right along

Autumn after getting home Sunday from competitions and got her Valentines gifts. The Dairy Queen cake was for us all...

Getting ready to head out to cheer comp..Jordan and Autumn are they just not adorable...This is the sweet side of 14.....Gota love these girls....
So that is some randomness over the past weekend and snow days...Hope you all are having a wonderful week.
We are looking forward to our visit to see are great friends in Pittsburgh tomorrow....Autumn is so very happy since we are taking her out of school for the special trip....She never misses school so we are going to have some fun....I heard something about Sue and Ron against Mike and I in bowling playing the wii.....We are ready.....
Love to all have a great weekend, ours will be very busy but fun...God Bless

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm changing things again. The picture above shows some swatches for material to cover dining room chairs. Either the stripe or the pattern on the 3 bottom ones. The 2 copper color are my curtains. So now I know I need to pick out my paint color...Do I want color....I'm kinda leaning toward a marshmallow Sherwin Williams...or something in grays soft and warm, I'm still thinking on this one..I want the accents to be black and bronze colors with colors of materials...

This picture is of my foyer border I have at chair rail height. Black with bronzey copper, and greens. So I want this to flow into the dining room.

Here is my curtain just draped over what is already there..

Changing out the valance for drapes.

Well until I make my mind up on the paint, I am at a stand still. I would love some comments on this if you have any ideas...Till more is done...have a great weekend and those of us in the deep snow stay warm and those of you with the sun and warmth send some our way...
Love to you all.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Wow this has drove me crazy for along time, well about a year it has been this way. Black stove and cream refrig... We switched from all gas stove that I loved to all Electric that is ok. So I knew we would be in for a new frig soon and wanted all black appliances so this is how it looked till..

Friday when our new frig was delivered... oh my does this not look sooo much better...Well don't look around all our food is on the counter and stove to be switched out to this new frig

Ta Da...awww all nice and cleaned. Even though I detest oak, it does make it look warmer and better...Next is the floor and new knobs for the cabinets....and finishing the other wall I posted about earlier that hubby did the bottom cabinets and we still got to finish up the top that i want to make it look like a hutch or piece of furniture instead of cabinets....
I love making changes and my Mike teases me that he is amazed after 28 years I have stuck with
Love to all.


My ornery fun loving 16 3/4 year old son..Some of his things he loves is his Lap top, that is sitting on the table..He is very much involved in Dodge Ball. He does a lot of research on his lap top about that and the tournaments that are around..More on his design shirt and dodge ball later this week.

One of his other passions is bowling..he is a great bowler. This is at a match with his High School team. Of course he's the one in the middle back, side view. That day he bowled a 265 and a 240. Way to go my bud, he gets this from his father not me.

Her he is bowling. The pic's are not the best I used my cell phone. But he did get 7 straight strikes...They were all watching him....LOVE IT....

Here he is helping his dad out with one of our snow storms..

Another one of his things he loves is playing Euchre...These guys are a hoot.. David is looking at me like oh now not Mrs. T and her camera again..They all know if you are in our home you will get a picture taken... David in the white hoodie has been apart of our family for at least 10 years now. Sterling, next to Michael they met playing baseball and Max he met in High School.

Look at those smiles... they must be harassing Sterling....I really like his group of friends all in all there is about 14 of them that all hang out together. I love to hear them laugh and the guys always are cutting on each other...Michael has card friends, football friends, x-box friends, dodge ball, and bowling ones...oh and weight lifting and basketball ..they keep themselves busy in good fun ways...A great group...I am so very proud of you Michael

My princess is Autumn, now the girls are another story, so very different than the boys in so many ways.. Here is my Autumn and Jordan after about 4 pics of them they started making faces at me. This is night number 2 for Jordan..Her mom left for Florida with her sisters for a week so shes hanging with us awhile.

Ok they are totally mad at me now....How could I ever get their pictures not being all fixed up, hair not combed and no make-up...The guys don't even pay attention to me when I walk in with the camera...

Autumn fixing dinner for us. Let see we had crescents, rice, corn, and I made Parmesan crusted chicken. Autumn will help every now and then but has a very short attention walking away and forgetting that she is cooking!!!! But this night she popped in the kitchen and out but did a good job.

Good morning Autumn...This is her no school day...Here she comes to tell me all about the plans for the day..She ended up going to Kylie's and they did another video for utube to the song Down..
Autumn is my always on the go can't sit still got to be doing something child... Today her and Jordan are getting ready for Cheer Competitions at Civic Center....
My Autumn is sweet loving and very truthful..She doesn't put up with anything against her values and belief...she will let you know how she feels...she is also very very picky when it comes to boys..I almost feel sorry for them....ha ha..One of the boys on the football team has done everything he can but make her say yes that she will "GO OUT WITH HIM"...I'm sure this will take her far in life and one thing I know she will never make it as a politician...Or she'll be one of the most truth full blunt one around.....HMMM maybe that's what we need.
Oh well I could go on and on about my DRAMA QUEEN but...I'll save it for another day..
God Thank You for Blessing us with two very wonderful healthy children, that for nine years we never thought we'd's all in your timing...and you always have perfect timing...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I started ripping off the wallpaper in our dining room. It is only on one wall. Let the re-decorating begin. Sorry about the mess on the table, see I had a group of teenage guys over eating...I mean playing cards after school...And I needed to get this pic taken for my post....They all ran out and left to go work out....HELLO GUYS....the mess......

So anyways back to my wallpaper, I felt for one of the seems and I just ripped to see how it was going to be...hmmm this one should be pretty easy....The next morning when I got up Hubby said you are not going to believe this...What I said ... He said I think someone broke into our home last night.....WHAT.are you talking about???? He said did you see the dining room...they somehow ripped the wallpaper trying to get something!!!! hahaha..very funny...Then I get what in the world are you doing now??? Well honey you knew I was re-doing the He just shakes his head at me....

Also here we go again with the snow..This pic is from last Saturday. It started back up again today after yesterday being so nice and sunny that it blinded you to look at the snow.

My beautiful cardinal back for another visit...I guess Mike will be shoveling them a new path for them to eat.. It started around 11:00 a.m and it is still snowing at 5:15 pm...

Look how cute they are..I told you I get so excited every day when they show up..They are sent by God...I always say Thank you Lord.....

This was yesterday the sun melting snow off the was sliding down off the garage little by little..

My little girls heading out thinking oh boy not this snow stuff again...We can't run and chase the squirrels with this little path... I'm so happy I didn't have to go out today, It's wonderful watching from inside in our nice warm house..
I hope you are doing good and having a great week. Be careful if you are having all this snow. Love to all.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I love Kirkland's as you can probably tell. I waited and waited for this arrangement to go on clearance and it finally did, I grabbed it for like $20.00. But I also had a gift card....

Then I got these 3 candle holders and candles on sale for $14.99 They are really different and funky. I love them.

Now I have been looking for awhile for something like this for the foyer, just found it at Kirkland to. It has bronze and black mixed in it. It looks great over the entrance going into the office. I ended up paying $18.00 for this I think it was 30 something to start.

Last but not least my bronzey goldish greenish wineish... vase it is so cool not sure if I will leave it on mantel if so I need something else there with it.. I liked it price was good at $12.99 on sale..

So there it is my shopping adventure after I went to the dentist to have my crown put on. And I might still need to go back for a root canal. He put the crown on temporary, because I had a nerve that hurt so bad...Anyway I said Ouch I'm going shopping after this...then It hurt again and I said now I need a Starbucks Strawberry Mocha double blended with chocolate syrup on top and no coffee base......As I had tears in my eyes...His assistant said and a new outfit and shoes and jewlery to match....I said aahhhuuuu
The sun is now shinning very bright out with all the snow. Front door opened, dogs laying on the rug. Autumn getting ready to go to movies and an overnighter. Michael out at friends house. Dad just made some awsome homemade Italian meatballs for tomorrow. Mom made chili and I have been on this computer...well I have washed clothes and dusted dining room.. but still in my pj's.....So I need to say goodbye dear ones till next time.


In years. We needed this for Christmas. Well February is the month of love, so we will all be in with our family's and that someone special...
speaking of someone special mine has been out in this snow for over 2 1/2 hours now plowing the snow. The car in the road is one of 4 that needed to be cleaned and out of the drive to plow. My Michael would back them up clean them off, then Mike would plow....

Good thing know cars were coming down the road.. or they must have turned thinking hmm the road is blocked.. Look at all the snow on Mikes truck to the left..You can see the end of my tail light ya I'm in the garage with the snow on mine!!!

Our back yard, with a path for my little girls...Lexi and Lizzy

Went over to see mom this morning and she said look out my door, the snow was about 8 inches up the door there.

This picture makes me want to cry....of all people Mike knows I don't like the front yard walked in or messed up...What did he do walked right through the front yard. He was heading up to his dads to get the snow blower....UGGGG

Here he comes. He was gone awhile he may have plowed his dads drive first if it wasn't already done.

Now this is from my back yard today..I didn't have to google image this. One of my cardinals that visits everyday...look how peaceful and vibrant.

Now after shoveling a path for the girls to potty, we looked out the window and our little squirrels were looking for their food we put out every day..So out he went and if you look behind him in the snow is a pitcher of black oiled sunflower seeds..they eat and so does the cardinals.

This is out my front door when I woke up...I said oh my goodness...look at this snow....