Sunday, February 14, 2010


Wow this has drove me crazy for along time, well about a year it has been this way. Black stove and cream refrig... We switched from all gas stove that I loved to all Electric that is ok. So I knew we would be in for a new frig soon and wanted all black appliances so this is how it looked till..

Friday when our new frig was delivered... oh my does this not look sooo much better...Well don't look around all our food is on the counter and stove to be switched out to this new frig

Ta Da...awww all nice and cleaned. Even though I detest oak, it does make it look warmer and better...Next is the floor and new knobs for the cabinets....and finishing the other wall I posted about earlier that hubby did the bottom cabinets and we still got to finish up the top that i want to make it look like a hutch or piece of furniture instead of cabinets....
I love making changes and my Mike teases me that he is amazed after 28 years I have stuck with
Love to all.

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Sue said...

It looks beautiful! And, how could you NOT stick with Mike?! Can't wait to see you guys!