Sunday, February 21, 2010


Happy Monday a start to a nice new week. Outside as I'm sitting here it is gray cloudy 35 degrees and drizzle...Woo Whooo....Oh and yes there is still snow on the ground..But it is sinking deeper and deeper into the ground. We should have the most green lawns this spring.

so moving right along to my weekend re cap let me start with Sunday....I was not in the best of moods....I'm sure you all never felt like that, well it hit me...I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS HOUSE LOOKS LIKE THIS...I HAVE BEEN GONE TWO DAYS AND NOBODY CAN DO A THING OR PICK UP AFTER THEM SELF.. I CAN NEVER GET AHEAD.....Wow was I really a screaming wild women on a Sunday.....I don't think it bothered anyone that I was upset except Mr. T or was it he had the same feeling...Michael managed to scoot next door to Grandma's and Autumn to the shower....Lets just say out came the mop, buckets, brooms, sweepers and kitchen floor was being scrubbed by Mr. T...He took over all floors from ceramic, to hardwood, to carpet..and away he went cleaning and scrubbing....After a couple hours of us cleaning we both looked at each other and said AWW I can breath.....All was organized cleaned smelled fresh....I love this feeling..

Here is my patient/Aunt we have been caring for..This is her first function out since falling in her drive on the ice and laying there till neighbors found her...She broke her shoulder....You look awesome Aunt Karen.....We are here at my soon to be cousins wedding shower on Saturday.

The little one on the right is one of my littlest cousin Kennedy she is in the wedding. The blonde is Julie and will be marrying my Cousin Jerry on April 10Th.

This is a sad picture of me...the reality of a picture....anyway me up front..then my four cousins behind me... Yes I am the oldest of all of them the two in the back are sister's and it's their brother getting married.

Friday oh to go back to that day, we had the most wonderful time. Mike and I along with Autumn went to Pittsburgh area to visit our wonderful friends.. Sue and I grew up together and I moved back to Ohio end of my freshman year in high school, when Mike and I got married at one point in our marriage he happened to get a job offer right where I lived in South Park Pa. and I got in touch with Sue again. But after moving back to Ohio we had lost contact for at least 20 years....not our children are dear friends....and it feels like we were never apart. The girls went outside for awhile on top of the igloo is my Autumn and her Sara, at the bottom is their youngest Anna that is 5.

Here is my Autumn, Sues oldest Meghan 16 and Sara 14. They are getting ready to head out.
My camera I took died after a couple pictures and a lengthy video of the girls, So I don't have many pics of the day but I sure have some awesome memories of the whole day...
We also played bowling wii, It was so much fun, I can't remember when I ever laughed so hard. It was the adults playing...Lets say I see a wii gaming system in our family's future very soon...
So that was some of my weekend and I pray everyone has a great week and you are all healthy and strong.... God Bless..

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Sue said...

We did have a great time, didn't we?! I heard you had barbeque last night? Yum! Looking forward to our next visit, my friend...and a re-match on Wii bowling!