Friday, January 29, 2010


My Blue Jays. They are so cute but boy are they loud. A couple days ago I came downstairs and looked out the front door to see about 15 in my Pin Oak Trees.

When the snow is on the ground they are so vibrant looking against all the white. I need to find out why only in the winter do we have them around and after that do I ever see many if at all.

Now in my back yard the Lord almost every day has this little beauty show up in my Hemlocks. I get the biggest tickle and laugh. I say Thank You Lord for this beauty...Oh how child like I get over these birds.

We got a big bag of black oil sunflower seeds for them...well the squirrels love it also. Just thought I'd post my little birds, I so look forward to seeing them and what joy it is...One of the simple things in life I love and our God created each one. Have a wonderful weekend and Monday starts a new month already..The month of Love!!


I know I can count on my Family. This week I had a couple days that I got to take care of my Aunt, she had fell out in her driveway and laid there till a neighbor found her. It was an icy morning and very cold, she was wet, cold and in a lot of pain. This is a picture of her and my cousin Mike and his wife Kelly last memorial weekend. Anyway she got to the hospital and they said she broke a bone, the one connected to her shoulder in her upper arm. You can't do surgery on it. It has to heal itself. Let me tell you, she is or should I say was in a tremendous amount of pain. Her Daughter in Law Kelly got all her meds fixed so the pain is cut down a lot. Thanks Kelly.

So we have a schedule on who gets to take care of her and the dinner schedule on who is cooking for what night. I got Tuesday and Thursday this past week. Now we also have a new puppy Susie that needs to be taken out and played with. She is so much fun. As Kelly was leaving Thursday after I got there the door bell rang..Hmmm who could it be...Well it was the delivery man from the florist..see yesterday was my Aunts 43rd wedding anniversary, the flowers in the picture are from my Uncle to my Aunt..Yes she cried..and we ooowww and aaawwwed over the flowers. Now a days its so good to see couples married for such a long time, and still be in love. I do have to say my Aunt and Uncle have a lot of respect for each other and really care for each other. It is good to see.
So I guess I was posting this to just say Thank You to ALL my family members and there are about 40 of us that if ever a need I know every single one of them would step up and be there. I have seen it time and time again over the years, we just do it. whatever needs done, you take care of what ever the need is, if its money, a place to live, take care of a child, a pet while on vacation, house cleaned , clothes washed, spend week with you during illness, take to Dr. visits, cook meals, death of a loved one, a birth whatever it is.
But as I was talking to a friend last night I come to find out not all family's are like this. She was telling me she fell and her leg is in an air cast and arm in a sling she torn ligaments and so on and She had to go to work the next day!!!???!! no one stayed with her or came to cook dinners. Not even a day to recoup...She said Jolyn you don't realize how fortunate you are. And she has two grown daughters, and a husband that is out of a job....Lord thank you for my family that at any time we would be there for each other and I truly thank you for my Husband that takes care of my every need and more daily.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


with some dear friends. Through different resources that we have today it is much easier to get in touch with friends and loved ones we have lost touch with. This is what I was able to do this past weekend and it all started at Verizon, we stopped in to get me a new phone. What a blessing it was when in the door walked one of my dearest friends ever, I even named my daughter after has been way to many and we live 10 minutes away from each other...You talk about one Godly strong loving person this is her.

See I call my blog Seasons of life, because we all go through different things in our life. One season could be a move, another a death, one could be raising our children, illnesses. for whatever season we go through our God brings people in our life that we need for that season. Let me tell you my reuniting of friends this past weekend spent a long Season with me and some of the most treasured times in my family's life as well as one of the most scariest times in our life. And for whatever the reason, I got to talk to some this weekend and be on facebook posting back and forth with others. Seeing all their pictures and changes in their lives...children, grandchildren, living in other states....How precious it has been...I pray that this Season continues..And speaking of prayer...

I so give my most sincere Thanks to each and everyone one of these dear friends in the part they shared with us during one of our most needed times of prayer in our lives. You all know how Thankful we are for my church family and every prayer that was sent to heaven on my behalf during my aneurysm. The comfort you gave to my family and all the time spent with my hubby at the hospital and the care that was given to my children. I will never ever forget or can I ever thank you all enough for everything. If it wasn't for you all and the part you shared in this I don't know what we would have done. So I am so blest to have most of you back and would love to keep it that way, for now I will enjoy this Season we are in.
All my love,

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yes I did. I broke a piece of my antique crystal tea glasses. I was adding some red dishes to my hutch for the month of February. Thank God It didn't brake my china.

Mr. T thought it was pretty comical that I asked if we can turn it into our home owners insurance....Honey he said that one glass is nothing compared to the deductible.....Ahhh can you even imagine he could say that to me!!!
I have always told Autumn since she was little that the dishes we have and glasses are all to be used. She would ask mom can I use a pretty glass out of the hutch to drink out of. I would always say of course you can just be careful with them. Every now and then she will be setting the table and she will want to get a certain set of dishes out to use to SET THE TABLE PRETTY..
One night it was just my Autumn and I the guys were gone and we ate by candle light got the good china and crystal out made steak and b. potatoes and sat at the table for dinner we had a wonderful time. Autumn added some of her touches like a piece of chocolate by our glasses and put cherries in our 7 up. It is one of those lovely memories that we made and look back on. Oh it was snowing so hard and we turned the back patio light on as we ate and watched the snow...AHHH how nice it was....
You have a wonderful memories making weekend and remember Sunday football Go Farve and the Vikings..


Making things better. We need to do away with Dem or Rep. work as one. I know...your thinking you have got to be kidding. Well working as two isn't working either. Anyway

Thank you Mass. for your votes for Brown. I hope we can now get something settled in this 2nd year. With much more unity, for a better country.

Congratulations to Scott Brown. Now lets get in there and work for the people. I know it takes more than one man, but it is a start and I pray for a fresh start for our Government in all areas for our country.
May God Bless The U.S.A

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Wow it has been awhile since my last posting, every day I had great expectations to post but never did.. I am so very excited for the football games this Sunday...Go Vikings beat the Saints. I so want to see Brett Farve in the Super Bowl.....OK I know most of you don't care and probably don't even know who he is...So moving right along...

This is what I saw looking out the office window yesterday ...cold cloudy dark and dreary, dirty snow. Today totally different well same look but there is SUNSHINE AND WARMTH coming in the windows...AHWWW but it's still very cold out..I can handle that better with SUN.. By the way that's my girl getting the mail after school..

Even the dog was depressed yesterday with this weather....but today they are soaking up the sun.....

See up in the tree, that is our little friends, one of our squirrels we watch all day. We just laugh at them running around playing eating and chasing each other..

I am so blest to be able to stay home and be here when my children get home from school. I'm here to listen to what they did that day and handle anything that should happen or be there to take them where they need to be. I also get the pleasure of helping some mom's out that are at work with getting their child somewhere when needed. One day after school my Autumn was getting picked up to go to a friends house so she wasn't coming right home. But I got a call from one of her girlfriends that really needed me to help her out she missed her ride and it was so freezing out, but she started walking to the Y and she was cold and up set and didn't know what to do. I told her get back to the school she was still close to it and I would be right there. First thing I didn't want her walking by herself and she was not dressed to be in the freezing cold. Anyway I am so very thankful for being a stay at home mom.

See this mess? I'm still working on putting away Christmas items, getting my dining room together. Before Mr. T left for New England Sunday he bought me 4 more storage containers and I still need about 5 more. But I got all the Christmas dishes out of the hutch and but my china a crystal back in.
Now for the next project in our home I want to get the wallpaper off the one wall in D.R. and re-paint the whole room with color like Asian pear from Sherwin and Williams or a Red of some kind or I'm leaning on a copperish color..
I also would love to Paint or put a darker stain on some oak pieces in this room. Does anyone know about a stain you can just wipe on to darken the furniture without all the sanding??
Well between the D.R. and then Mr. T should soon be starting the remodeling of the master bath this should keep us busy till we can get back out side to our FLOWERS!!
Have a lovely day and may God keep you safe and healthy.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Now I'm not talking Mickey & Minnie they are really cool and cute

I'm also not talking about the Christmas Mouse...

Or these two cute little mice from Cinderella...
I'm talking the one that invaded my space today. And it all started when I went out to the garage started my SUV and turned to come back in the house...I was stopped dead in my tracks.
I picked up a long white plumbing pipe and hit the door for someone to come to it. Dad opened it and I was yelling get the mouse.....Or have Michael get it....YUCK!!!!!
So I said forget it I 'm not going near that thing so I didn't get my coat...Away I went about my day. Come home open garage..yes you got it looked right at the step to see is the critter was gone NO IT WAS NOT!!!
I called my son home from the Y and said you need to get right home and get this mouse off the steps I can't get in the house...You can imagine he was like just walk over it...WALK OVER IT he must be crazy...Then I left and went to Starbucks to get a drink while I waited for my son to get home. I gave him 5 minutes..LOL But until I finally got a hold of my son I called Mr. T at work and put him on stand by that he may need to come home and get this mouse.....He was laughing so hard and It was totally not funny....
So mouse is gone, I can relax and drama for the day over.....I hope!!!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Since I had a subachroid hemorrhage I have been dealing with Anxiety and Panic attacks. At first I was very upset and felt like I had no control of my self, besides feeling like every time it came upon me that I was weak and not walking in my faith. I would say if I had faith in God like I should why am I feeling this way. I didn't want to take the meds they said I needed, probably the rest of my life. Well I have God I don't need this...I don't need to talk to anyone about this God can handle this..Boy, I was sure being prideful in my thoughts. Yes my God is there, And if it wasn't for God I would not be here today....I guess since I was out and in a coma state for 3 weeks I never new what really happened to me except what I was told. So my Dr. told me that subconsciously my brain remembers everything. All that in short version to say....

It comes upon me when I least expect, or when I have things scheduled like today I had a Dr. appointment for my hives and starting last night it gripped me and I could not get myself to get ready to go to the Dr. today. This is very irritating to me. My prayer is, with my Lord I will be able to get through things and totally be free from this paralyzing attacks..
My God will not give me more than I can handle. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. My God will never leave me nor forsake me. Ask and ye shall receive. Some scriptures I always hold onto.
This sure is not a happy and decorative post, but it is a truthful one and something that came from my heart about some struggles I deal with..
Life is not always a party but it is how we deal with things that come our way. I must say going through this is also nothing compared to what the results could have been. I thank you Dear Lord for every day you have given me...And I treasure each day you give me.
What is it you are so very thankful for?? Tell God and in 2010 we need to keep our eyes on our Lord and look at the positive in life and not the ugliness...
Till next time love to you, have a wonderful week.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


that tries to turn me into a pioneer woman, He is also know as my husband. See he really enjoy's making fires to keep us much so that he wants to heat the house with it only. That means me keeping it going all day and getting wood from the garage if I run out and...well you get the point the post isn't about how I like to turn the heat on and he likes to make the heat..

Today was a relaxing day for me, full of football game playoffs and reading the newspaper drinking my coffee.. and Mr. T started his day making cinnamon rolls for the girls..Oh they smell ed so good that's what I woke up to only to find out the girls ate them late for me. But then he decided to make some homemade bread, he just whips it up like its nothing. This is his 2 loaves after they rose once now rising again. Of course they need to be close to the fire to rise. So yes it is sitting on my family room end table..

He's busted by the camera again. now what are you fixing?? See in that pot he is cooking ALL BEEF hot dogs. Oh my...

Next thing I know he's making sloppy joe's...I'm still in my pj's reading the paper...(it is 2pm though) See Mr. T loves to cook and mostly bake. Sometimes this kitchen is not big enough for two cooks...He's so neat and tidy..I'm like a whirlwind when I'm cooking ..he cleans as he goes I get it done then clean the mess...So he is always wiping behind me!!!

So by days end Mr,T made cinnamon rolls, hot dogs, sloppy joe's and homemade italian bread. Boy did the house smell so good and toasty warm...We ended up eating coney dogs..Delicious thanks Honey....Now I did wash 4 loads of clothes and folded them...don't think I did nothing...I also got some more Christmas things packed away, you can start to see my dinning room again..
Oh what a off to bed.
I pray you all have a terrific week and stay happy and healthy.

Friday, January 8, 2010


While it's snowing outside and freezing cold..what did I do???

Well if you look near the tree on the ground, you will see a cardinal. He was so bright red against the snow on the ground eating sunflower seeds. Awww I love to watch the birds.

Here is my mantel before I took down my Christmas decor.

My after picture of my mantel.

Hmm what do I put on my dinette table for winter?? I pulled some items together added some pine cones..

I put it all together and came up with this.

My candle is from Bath and Body works and it has a pine smell. I used this through the holidays and I'm finishing it up now. It smells so good.
So the snow may be ending, my children had no school but I wouldn't know it they have been gone all day out with their friends. So the dogs and I had a nice quiet day and I got some things done. I am now going to finish up my dinner of chicken and baked potatoes and sit by the fire while Mr. T and I watch a movie...
Stay warm everyone.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My son and five other students in his class had to do a project on Caesar. They worked for along time on this over Christmas break, a couple days they worked 8 and 9 hours. So today the project was due and their Teacher said it was outstanding the best she ever saw..Of course I was so proud of them I'm mom...but he was so happy, that he liked it, and they got it finished. They had scripts, music, edited video, made costumes, and made a front cover to the video. I wish I could show you all and hear the music, but hear are some pics I took off the video.

Here is my Son as Caesar.

I thought they really did good coming up and making the costumes.

Here is some editing work...They had the credits and everything done. This all took place in a friends basement.

Now I didn't like this scene it was to real to me seeing it as a mom...But Caesar got stabbed. The acting was so real...Can you tell I'm one proud Moma???

I told him I could never think or do this project..He said there were a lot of kids that just started it and it was due today....Awesome Michael great job....Love you...

Just thought I'd show you some things the children are doing in school today.

Thanks and have a great week.



Monday, January 4, 2010


Yikes, yes this is me..not to happy and not looking forward to what will happen soon.

See it all started this morning when I was doing what you are supposed to be doing in the morning...that is brush your teeth and floss...Well I was flossing away when pop something came flying out of my mouth..Oh no and of all things..a big hunk of my filling the one that needs a crown put on it..Oh Boy..My heart starts pounding and my hands get sweaty...not to the dentist no way...See I do not like to go to the dentist 2 times a year is almost more than I can handle for my cleanings...It didn't help that 2 days after I had a filling put in I had a Brain Aneurysm...Yea that will make you a little nervous to get back into a dentist chair...

So I went down stairs and made the dreaded call....They act like oh ok so are we going to go ahead and put the crown in like Doc.wanted to do???? A A A well talk to him and let me know what he says...Me thinking I can get away with something....Oh by the way can I eat or drink with my tooth like this or will I feel PAIN...Well its all different, it depends...Thats all it took nothing is going in this mouth...So I am now waiting for them to call me back after they talk with the Doc....I know I will be visiting him again real soon....Pray for me...

UPDATE: Just talked to nurse and I go tomorrow for quick fill to keep air and food out of it till I go back on the 18th for a 90 minute prep for crown. then on the 1st of february I go back to have crown put on...Oh my 3 times I have to go....Lord be with me and keep me calm...

Friday, January 1, 2010


On New Years Day than staying in your nice warm home,( not out in the freezing weather, 20 degrees, snowy and going to get in the single digits tonight....burrrr)

and having some family over for New Years dinner???? Not a thing...Here we are coming to dinner.

I put a big pork roast and 1 1/2 gallons of sauerkraut on this morning in my electric oven. Oh the smell is so good...

A different view of my family and the dinner table, we're waiting on my Grandpa to get seated at the head of the table. I added a feather blue wreath with a glass container full of pine cones for my center piece, since I started taking down Christmas I usually leave some wintery items up and some greens through January and February.

I also used my blue dishes and went with cream tablecloth....Here are the desserts, one is a cheesecake that is made with 2 cans crescent rolls, and the other is a cherry cheesecake, and the cookies are cherry ice box cookies that my Grandma always made.

Aww all seated and my Michael is getting ready to ask the blessing over the food...I must say we ate good and had great fellowship with each other. Can there be a better way to start the New Year..Not for me..I enjoy my family and love to have them around.
Here's to a wonderful year and may God bless your 2010....
Love to All,


YAY BUCKEYES, you made it to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California

What a great game it was for Ohio State..They just finished the game and won 26 to 17

Good Ol coach Tressel...Finally he gets the win... LOVE THOSE BUCKEYES!!!! The Scarlet and Gray.