Friday, January 29, 2010


I know I can count on my Family. This week I had a couple days that I got to take care of my Aunt, she had fell out in her driveway and laid there till a neighbor found her. It was an icy morning and very cold, she was wet, cold and in a lot of pain. This is a picture of her and my cousin Mike and his wife Kelly last memorial weekend. Anyway she got to the hospital and they said she broke a bone, the one connected to her shoulder in her upper arm. You can't do surgery on it. It has to heal itself. Let me tell you, she is or should I say was in a tremendous amount of pain. Her Daughter in Law Kelly got all her meds fixed so the pain is cut down a lot. Thanks Kelly.

So we have a schedule on who gets to take care of her and the dinner schedule on who is cooking for what night. I got Tuesday and Thursday this past week. Now we also have a new puppy Susie that needs to be taken out and played with. She is so much fun. As Kelly was leaving Thursday after I got there the door bell rang..Hmmm who could it be...Well it was the delivery man from the florist..see yesterday was my Aunts 43rd wedding anniversary, the flowers in the picture are from my Uncle to my Aunt..Yes she cried..and we ooowww and aaawwwed over the flowers. Now a days its so good to see couples married for such a long time, and still be in love. I do have to say my Aunt and Uncle have a lot of respect for each other and really care for each other. It is good to see.
So I guess I was posting this to just say Thank You to ALL my family members and there are about 40 of us that if ever a need I know every single one of them would step up and be there. I have seen it time and time again over the years, we just do it. whatever needs done, you take care of what ever the need is, if its money, a place to live, take care of a child, a pet while on vacation, house cleaned , clothes washed, spend week with you during illness, take to Dr. visits, cook meals, death of a loved one, a birth whatever it is.
But as I was talking to a friend last night I come to find out not all family's are like this. She was telling me she fell and her leg is in an air cast and arm in a sling she torn ligaments and so on and She had to go to work the next day!!!???!! no one stayed with her or came to cook dinners. Not even a day to recoup...She said Jolyn you don't realize how fortunate you are. And she has two grown daughters, and a husband that is out of a job....Lord thank you for my family that at any time we would be there for each other and I truly thank you for my Husband that takes care of my every need and more daily.

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