Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yes I did. I broke a piece of my antique crystal tea glasses. I was adding some red dishes to my hutch for the month of February. Thank God It didn't brake my china.

Mr. T thought it was pretty comical that I asked if we can turn it into our home owners insurance....Honey he said that one glass is nothing compared to the deductible.....Ahhh can you even imagine he could say that to me!!!
I have always told Autumn since she was little that the dishes we have and glasses are all to be used. She would ask mom can I use a pretty glass out of the hutch to drink out of. I would always say of course you can just be careful with them. Every now and then she will be setting the table and she will want to get a certain set of dishes out to use to SET THE TABLE PRETTY..
One night it was just my Autumn and I the guys were gone and we ate by candle light got the good china and crystal out made steak and b. potatoes and sat at the table for dinner we had a wonderful time. Autumn added some of her touches like a piece of chocolate by our glasses and put cherries in our 7 up. It is one of those lovely memories that we made and look back on. Oh it was snowing so hard and we turned the back patio light on as we ate and watched the snow...AHHH how nice it was....
You have a wonderful memories making weekend and remember Sunday football Go Farve and the Vikings..


Sue said...

What a great memory that you and Autumn made! I'm sorry about the tea glass...I made me cry when I broke one of Grandma's angels a couple of years simply couldn't be fixed. Now, I handle everything with extra time you guys come for dinner, I'll use the antique china from the Canonsburg Pottery company! Hope you enjoyed your "date" with Mike!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story Jolyn. I can't wait to slowly sift back through your previous posts to see the journey God has taken you on through the years we have been apart. Take care dear friend, Reena