Friday, July 31, 2009


This is a before picture, no bangs and almost one length.
This is awful pic of me, before what else can I say about it....

After... Here is the back, I got some long layers thru it.

Look at the lighting from last picture to this one. The sun was coming in the foyer.

A side view kind of....Autumn was taking my picture.

My little photographer and I, in the family room. Has anyone else got new hair styles this summer? I would love to see your before and after.
Everyone enjoy your last day of July.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


What silly smiles we have going on here. Finally a break in the rain, Autumn and her friend Kelsey are doing a sign they need to take down to Ohio State with them for a dance skit their group has to do. Stanky leg is in the song...Ya I know that's what I was saying, what???? Anyway they will have all black on and florescent tights. They are the leg part of the song. It is cute to see it all together.
On another note my Hubby still isn't feeling good since on are way home from Pittsburgh. He did a lot in the addition Monday and thought he was dehydrated after being very sick Sunday, then Tuesday and Wednesday he stayed in bed with pain and cramps in his stomach and would not eat..Wouldn't go to stat care. I got a hold of our Dr. today and he went in, still not to sure what it is. Gave him antibiotic and a med for indigestion. He needs to go back in 10 days. The Dr. mentioned Diverticulitis. I don't know why they didn't do a x-ray or scan, or even upper G.I. Oh well he is back in bed and feeling tired. He doesn't look very good. This is so not him to be like this.
We have had electricians in today and back tomorrow to finish. The siding crew will be here next week middle to end of it. Getting my baby packed for camp, and running back and forth for practice and starting to redo my baby girls bedroom. I will be posting on that soon. I will say black white and pink all over....
Have a wonderful weekend and may God bless you and your loved ones.
Love you,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It has been raining here lately and with the addition being built I have lost alot of time out visiting with my lovely blooms. Plus my back yard is a mess right now, and not real pretty and soothing to my eyes..But we'll get it together back there soon. I needed to let the dogs out and I grabbed my camera and took some pictures.. Wow my hollyhocks are in bloom this is my pink I also have a white one. See behind it, the grass all messed up from construction. This is the first year we planted Zinnia's and I love them. We started these from seed, and that was a first for us. Now we get to reap what we sowed.. Oh how beautiful they are. Look how vibrant the orange is. But something is eating my leaves. Could it be the same beetles that are eating away on my roses???
Here is my hot pink Zinnia. Isn't she perrrttteeee.

My black eyed susans. I have this bunch in the front coming out,

An this bunch is growing right under my faucet in the shade back by my patio. They aren't as big and strong not enough sun for them.

I sure do love flowers and I don't know of any that I don't like. Our johnny jump ups have been funny this year. They have came back all over the place and even in the front yard we will find one every now and then. We will walk out to the mailbox and turn to walk back and look at lawn, there it is as proud as can be, a couple johnny jump ups looking at me in the middle of the yard. I laugh and call Hubby to come look at it. He digs it up and puts it in the flower garden where it belongs.
You all have a wonderful blessed day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Cheer camp coming, this weekend our girls leave and head to Ohio State for 3 days. This is Autumns first year for this, it is our 8Th thru 12Th grade girls going for competition, skits and dance. The schedule is really full, but I'm sure she will come home with wonderful memories and very tired. This picture they are just coming off the gym floor after a dance. They are ready to go. Practice is over and I got most of our 8Th grade girl's picture before they headed out the door. Today parents were able to come see what they are doing down at Ohio state. It was so cute and some was really funny.

Our 8Th and 9Th grade cheerleaders sitting watching the JV and varsity girls. Look at the wigs on a couple of our girls, really they don't look that way it was from their skit.

Since I was running late after watching the girls and taking some of them home, my Autumn came with me to get my hair cut. And on the way home decided to take a picture. Well I said if you took pictures of me getting it cut why not one of the finished results. So that's when she said oh Mom and I looked and yes I was driving down the road..And they say cell phones are dangerous how about posing for pictures..LOL I had been letting my hair grow out one length, but after two and half years said enough I am starting to look old and hagered..And yes it was the hair not just me looking old!!! So I got some wispy bangs and long layers with angled wispy sides...I feel much better. I am always needing a change of something. My hubby teases me that it is amazing I have kept him around for 26 years ha ha...

Isn't this just a lovely picture... Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Monday, July 27, 2009


It is great that we are smiling in this picture we took of ourselves. It is Sunday at 3:00 pm and we hadn't eaten a thing all day.First this is how things went after we left Megan's party.. we were 20 minutes on the road back to Ohio around 9:30 pm when all of a sudden Mike pulls off the side of the road and gets out. I thought oh boy he is sick again, yep I was right he was sick from eating to much dairy. Mike is all of a sudden lactose intolerant and over did it. But he did take a couple of his pills for it. I think he waits to long to see if he needs it or not. My autumn was in the back seat of course texting everyone back at the party. I get a phone call is everything ok. I told Suzie and of course Mike did not want to turn around he just wanted to get back home. So we continued stopping three more times...We got home around 12:30 am and hubby didn't fall asleep till 5:30 am, feeling fine. So all that to say this is what was ahead of us for the day.

This was a drive in resturant we stopped at to finally eat. It is pretty good across from the Soap Box Derby and the Akron Rubber Bowl.

And here is where it all started. Hubby got a phone call as we were headed to lowes to look at flowers. He gets off the phone and says my offices are flooded!!! What happened? I don't know yet, one of the ladies stopped by and said water is coming out the doors and thru the halls. So away we went. One of the pipes from the water heater broke, I was trying to go office to office getting paper work and important items off the floor. Hubby got the wet vac and we got brooms, First Mike had to get up in the ceiling and get valve shut off, what a mess. Then we sucked up water for quite awhile. He did what we could till today when he got some of his guys to rent some big fans to air and dry things up. We washed up, locked things up and proceeded to head home.

So on the way home we stopped at one of his stores to get gas, and I look back and here he comes carrying a caution sign and some milk crates to put on one of these round things. It was cracked and needs repaired. He finally got in the truck and I said Honey you almost have an 8 hour day in on a Sunday..We laughed. You can think your day is going to be one way and can turn around in an instant to something copletely different.

Here is Hubby with the wet vac. One thing that is good is we got to be together and It wasn't as bad as we thought it was. Plus very blessed it wasn't something worse like someone broke in or fire...Thank God all in all we had a good day.

Writings About Each Home

Sorry for some reason my blog will not let me write anything for my blog after I uploaded pictures, there was a bunch of errors in the writing area...Oh well.
So the first picture is our very first home we bought. It was in Cannonsburg and on top of a hill called Greek Hill. I think we payed twenty years ago 35 thousand for it. It had green bottom and green and white awnings when we lived there. Across the street was a wonderful elderly lady named Margarita, she was Greek and I would take her place and to the store or she would give me a list. When she would walk over she would knock on the door in the summer and say yooo hoo jolyeen are you there!!! it was so sweet.
The next home, was my 2ND family's home Suzie, Lori, and Pammy's childhood home. Our backyards matched up against each other. I spent alot of time here.
My third home was the one I lived in as a young girl and where I met my dear friends in South Park Pa. My father got a job here and we moved from Ohio to here. When I lived here it was a steal blue color. I was so very sad when we had to move back to Ohio my freshman year in high school.
Last but not least is the Townhouse my hubby and I lived in when we Got to move to Pa only 3 minutes from my childhood home. That was pretty neat and it was there I reconnected with Lori and Suzie. We were able to get together with Suzie and Ron, at that time they were dating. I talked to Lori then but we never did get to get together, Lori was pregnant with her first child Lauren. It was after living here at the townhouse that we moved into our first home on Greek Hill. Here at the townhouse in the back of our yard the trolley stop was and we would catch that and ride to downtown Pittsburgh and spend the day and ride it back all for 1.50. Oh those were the days.
Sorry for the lengthy post and mess up of the blog. I just had a wonderful time this weekend between Megan's 16Th birthday and stopping by all my homes..

Our Homes We Lived In In Pittsburgh

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Pittsburgh Family and Sweet 16

The day we have been waiting for, our Megan's Sweet 16 Birthday. Look at her what a beautiful young Lady. This is our gift to Megan a Vera Bradley purse. She had picked this pattern out and told her Mom. Mike and I wanted to get her something that she really really wanted. Now I can add pieces to this. I was amazed how many different items there was. Her Aunt Lori got her the wallet that goes with this.. I never really knew much about Vera Bradley.....But I sure do now!! Oh honey....I picked out my pattern also.....LOL Well look at this..My Dear Friend Pammy, she is the youngest of the three sister's. I'm so happy to have this time back with my childhood 2ND family. They all make you feel so welcome and at home. I just feel like there has been know time that has past, and yet we have so many things to catch up on, twenty years of it. But we can all be together and raise our children together. Pammy has been thru so much over the years, and to hear about it just breaks my heart. But this was all in the past. Now Pammy has her whole life ahead of her and this is going to be the best for her...The tide has turned watch out world.....I love you girl...

Well what a duo we have here. This is Megan's mom, my wonderful friend Susie along with her Mom , my childhood 2ND Mom Judy. Judy makes some wonderful chicken we called Chicken Bucket chicken. Does anyone remember back in mid to late 70's when they had a pressure cooker that came out called Chicken Bucket??? Well that is what she cooks her chicken in and let me tell you it is out of this world.....Delisous...One Suzie's birthday that is what her mom makes her for dinner....And Guess what Momma Judy said let her know and we can come over and she will make some for us, My Hubby needs to taste it.

This pictures says ORNERY!!!! these two together watch out...Look at my hubby holding Suzie's glass of milk for her so she can eat her sweet that is...No they did that for the picture. Hubby said here I will hold your milk for you...Miss Independent says..Oh know I can do it myself...really I don't need anyone to hold it for me...Then I said oh I'm needy I do....So she says for the picture here Mike you can hold my milk for the picture LOL

Is this a group of princesses or what. I love it all of us together. First Suzie, Me, Lori, Debbie,and Pammy. I think we took 5 pictures of us someone always had a funny face or look. Debbie is also a very good childhood friend of the family, and Debbie and I have the same birthday in October. I won't say who is older....hmmmm.

Till next time girls I can't wait. I think Suzie and her children will be coming up around end of August for a couple days, right before my children start school on the 25Th. Between us we have 12 children our next generation. And the next birthday will be Miss Suzie...and know don't ask who is the oldest out of that is not very nice..I was raised to never ask a lady her age...Well I guess it wouldn't be the age just who is oldest...OK that would be me....I am the oldest and yes Pammy gets to be the youngest...But that is where it stops NO AGES....LOL

Friday, July 24, 2009


Last night we got to go to Autumn's cheerleading coaches baby shower. Autumn also had Mrs. B as her homeroom teacher last year and social studies. Mrs. B, is due August 8Th with her first little bundle of joy. I think it is a boy but we'll see. Here in this picture Autumn is opening a gift she won in a game, it was a candle. The girls in the pic with her is McKenzie ans Kylie. Autumn has been friends with Kylie thru elementary and met McKenzie at middle school. They have cheered together the last two years. Oh look how very cute Mrs.B. is. She is all belly. This is a onesie one of the girls had made for her for our football team, Oh cute is that.
this is five of the girls with our new momma to be. I never looked this good when I was pregnant. It was a nice evening and she got some really nice gifts. We wish her and her hubby a wonderful God filled life with their new family.

Monday, July 20, 2009


My flowers are so very excited to get a good drink of rain..It has been so long since we have had rain. There is nothing like rain water, it does so much more than the hose can ever do. I'm not sure what these are called but my husband loved them and I call them hillbilly flowers LOL No a fence to anyone. they take over everything when they bloom like look at me and me only.. We found these behind our fence one year and brought them around to plant. I think they are some kind of phlox.
Is this not beautiful. I so love this color and the flower. We picked this up at Lowe's on clearance in a bag not knowing the color but we like Dahlia's so we got it planted and waited then all of a sudden out popped this beauty. I see more buds.

This is a rose on a stick we got it from marc's discount store for 15.00 we grabbed the last to. We priced them for over 35.00 or more. I really like this.

I do forget this flowers name. We started it from seed this year. I believe it is in the morning glory family. But it is so dainty and the color just glows. It is closed in the morning and comes out in the day. Well I hope you enjoyed some of my flowers from my garden, and I know they are enjoying all this rain..Rain drops keep falling on their head LaLalalal


So I start changing my wall decor around. This arrangement I had some of it in my foyer, and I can't find my before picture of what was on this wall. But the prints and vases were in the foyer the shelf is in the same place in my dinette area. Right now I'm likeing different things depending on my mood.. Olive greens and oranges, browns more muted colors. This grouping is in my kitchen area. I love the vibrant colors all of this came from Home Interiors last year. I was a consultant for them, but have since came back to being full time momma, To my two teenagers. Boy this looks awful crooked..seriously it isn't.
Here is my foyer now, yes I know what a difference in colors. This is more greens, grays, black and whites. The pictures, I posted a little while back from my garage sale find. The shelf, bonsai tree on shelf and green vase along with greenery under shelf are from Home Interiors. The other plants are real and the corner stand I also got at a Auction several years ago from a furniture company going out of business. I had read on another blog that redid their stairway darker with a mineral stain I believe, I think that is what I want to do. I am not an oak person and when we built our home 17 years ago that was the thing, so I have oak everywhere. YUK!! Sorry for the ones that like it, it is a nice wood but for me I am sooo tired of it. I wanted to paint all my trim white, well at least the one in the spare bedroom all white but I was told it won't look good on oak???? Has anyone painted over oak and if so how did it turn out?

This was my foyer before I got bored and changed it to the picture on top. Any comments would be nice. I also want to paint this little wall a different color more bold, it blends to much for me with the oak...see what I mean I so dislike this OAK... Hubby says then lets sell the house ???? I can't do that now we are putting an addition on for my parents and we have to stay in this school district for 5 more years... Then WE will put that sign up and head to a warmer area.....somewhere where all you nice Southern Belles live. Dad just wants to be on the east cost on the ocean, that is his dream. I told him it might not be right on it but it will be alot closer to drive to in one day...Hubby will still be working but he has many regions in the U.S. he can go to. Who knows only our Lord.. we know a lot can change one minute to the next. Well thanks for listening to me and I would love to hear any comments on my wall displays. This addition is keeping me in the house to long instead of out with my gardens in the back yard....LOL Till next time may God bless you.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hello I was looking thru my previous blogs I posted and some of my pictures are no longer there??? Can anyone tell me what might of happened...
Well I looked back at my blogs to see whats going on and all the pictures are on there now??? Oh well it was one of those weeks last week. I will get this down sooner or later. Thanks.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today was tag day for our cheerleaders. I got the second shift along with my Autumn. What was even nicer as another parent split that with me so I wasn't there the whole time and that was good. So when I got there the girls were smiling so nice and the customers coming in and out of the store were very generous to the girls. This is the third shift for the day coming on and of course we had to get a picture with them, they are all friends. One of the mom's came by she was stopping at all the areas the girls were doing tag day at and took pictures and took one of Autumn and I. How sweet. This is the three girls I stayed with (aren't they adorable)???? We were wondering how people would be on giving this year with the economy and all. I thought we did great but I will find out at the next parents meeting how we did total. We have one girl going into 9Th and my Autumn in 8Th and the other one will be a Senior this year. I got to talk to her about high school, and of course the dances and the dresses and she was telling me about each dance and they either go with a guy or a group of their friends.. and I was getting so excited I know time flies but I can't wait to do the hair and nails and jewelry along with dresses and the shopping...oh how fun think of all the blogging and pictures I can do then...I'm thinking of Cinderella and princesses...oh my I better go.


Well as requested by some on how the addition is going, this is a previous picture cutting down the tree. Well I thought that made a mess, honey that is nothing compared to my back yard now. YIKES!!! Here is Hubby and his supervisor the princess as they are pulling out a couple bushes I very much wanted pulled out. They were around my patio, so they are all finally gone!!! Yes...But everything else looks awful.. but I am trying to stay patient and take some deep breath. I do find myself holding my breath....and my head saying think how nice everything will look in a couple monthes, or next spring.... Thats ok it is for a good thing right???
Little supervisor out with her Dad again on the day they dug the foundation. Inspecting and all is good.

Today my parents thought they would get out and take a good look and do some measuring. Dad is trying to explain it all to Mom who is clueless.. but I think starting to see the vision of her new home.

Wow what a difference already. when they dug the whole Mom says wow it looks so big, today after they finished the block she said doesn't it look so small....Our eyes have away of doing this. They are still deciding on an arch doorway going into the bedroom and know door or french doors with glass in them to keep things open looking....we will have to wait and see on this one. Our contractor that is doing this part for us is a christian and boy does it show. He does the neatest work and very pleasant. We even commented on the crawl space how smooth he made it, not bumpy and uneven. My mother-in-law was here while they were working today and the two of them got into a conversation lets say on two subjects not many can ever discuss....Yep your right Religion and politics and I will say it was pretty interesting and they both sure knew their bible and talking of biblical end times...God is so good to bring this wonderful christian man and his son to us. Then to find out he graduated a couple years before me at the same high school. What a small world. Till next time God bless you all and I hope you are enjoying this summer.