Monday, August 30, 2010


My cousins Tracey and Jerry.

Tracey's daughter Kennedy singing happy birthday...the shy little thing that she is...NOT

We had three birthdays this night Grooms mom, Brides sister and one of the best men...

My cousin Rick and his youngest Brent.

My Aunt Elsie along with her daughter Sara and Sara's daughter Emily...Three generations here.

My uncle's left is Brides dad Jerry and right is my Uncle Larry

Cousin Jerry and his my Aunt Jodi....

Autumn and Brent along with my niece Sydney

Aunt Karen and my cousin Jen.

Dancing the night away...

I think Autumn and Sydney were doing the chicken lol Aunt and Uncle along with my Mom..missing my Uncle Larry in this pic

Here he is with my Aunt Elsie...

Two of the most precious lady's in my life.

Two cutie pies...

Our family table.

My brother, Uncle and my Dad.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding is the cake..It looks black and white here, but it was true purple with scripture on love wrote on the layers...
So there are some pics of the Reception with about 600 more I took I bet your all glad if you looked all the way down this post that I didn't post any more....
Love to all my family...

Sunday, August 29, 2010


We left of in April with My Cousin Jerry's wedding..Here they are Jerry and Julie at Jerry's sister Lori's wedding to John... Jerry and Julie are now expecting their first bundle of joy in March...

My cousin Tracy sister of the Bride and her daughter Olivia...

My brother, niece, sister-in-law and my Autumn after wedding.

I love this pic of my brother and cousin Lori....

My cousin's Tracey and Jerry...siblings to Lori...I love them both...Jerry is the baby of us grandchildren and lets say Tracey is in the middle somewhere...

Is it the children blowing bubbles....yes...I mean of course not it is my brother, in his own world..He Joey you can't say you were blowing them for Tyler he wasn't there!!!

This was hilarious..The pastor said at the end may I introduce to you Mr. and Mrs..John...------. Well he said my cousins last name not John's...We laughed so hard...Way to go Lori... Sorry John..

Tracey and Jon's brother as Maid of Honor and Best Man.

My cousin Sara and her two Sam and Emily as they arrived.

My parents, they look so good, along with my cousin Jerry before the wedding.

My Dad and Mom again..

Two little precious flower girls...Kennedy our not shy at all dancer, and singer of the night!!! and John's daughter Ashley.

My brother and sister-in-law..

Jerry and Lauren walking back down aisle after ceremony.. Lauren is Lori's daughter..

My Uncle Jerry walking his very happy Daughter down the aisle...
A day we have waited for, for a long time..May you always keep this smile on your face Lori....I so love you my dear cousin and pray for a wonderful blessed life for you John and the children..
God Bless you all..
Stay tuned for some random reception pictures..

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Finally Autumn gets to have something in the summer for her birthday, thanks to her wonderful Aunt and Uncle. Autumns real birthday is like two weeks after school starts and football games are going on. So this year, very last minute, like two nights before I said let's call Uncle Larry ask him about coming down and using their pool and bringing some friends.

Well they were happy that we came down. I packed up the food and ordered her double chocolate chip cookie with buttercream icing in the middle got drinks, called all the girls and on Wednesday we were ready to go....She was so very excited..It is fun doing things spare of the moment.

After getting things cooked on the grill, and they finished eating it was swim time...yea!!!

My mom and Aunt got to spend time together and chat. Mom is on the red chair, she drove down in her car because we needed two of us to drive with all the girls..My Aunt's home and yard is so homey and out in the country. down the hill from where they are sitting is a pond and fountain...lots of land, a creek and's quiet and peaceful.

Friends...and swimming can it get any better...

We always get a picture on the bridge...Are the girls not adorable...Very nice respectful girls, I enjoy each one of them.

Some poses and birthday girls is in the middle..

Another pic Autumn has been getting when she visits is the one on top of the barn. The one side the roof touches the ground, so up they go...Yes we are missing two of them, they had to leave a little earlier so Grandma headed back to take them home.

They could almost touch the sky!!!
Autumn I am so glad you enjoyed your day with your friends, it was such a wonderful day with beautiful weather. It is hard to imagine my baby turning 15. I love you so much and you are such a blessing to me. I pray you have many many more wonderful years. Always keep your heart loving and kind. Love you my sweet one.. Mom

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Woo Whoo Dad and Mom's bathroom is all finished well 98%. Look a washer and dryer, They had room to put this in their bathroom.

Here is shower area.. we went with shower curtain instead of doors...well let's just say if ever you need to help someone shower this would be much easier..

This really looks nice, they did a very nice job on picking out colors and everything they needed.

Mirror and lights.

This is so nice, the colors are in tans. The mirrored wall is lighter than the other 3 walls. Mom is accenting with like a jade blueish green... All that needs done is baseboard, door an frame around linen closet and blinds up on the window....Seeing all the beauty of this makes me ready for change now.

In my powder room and laundry room. Here is my inspriration. These hand towels I got at Marshell's. The charcole gray's and deep powder blue I guess I would call it slate blue.

Some colors I'm looking at...Funny thing is in here (the laundry room) I don't think I want any of these colors now. But I need to keep it flowing from the powder room since they are together..Hmm

This is my powder room now..minus some decor I have already started taking down. I have creamy ceramic tile floor. Sink and potty are soft gray, faucet black...but counter is in creamy color. I do want to make it lighter fresher and sleek...any suggestions???