Thursday, August 19, 2010


Finally Autumn gets to have something in the summer for her birthday, thanks to her wonderful Aunt and Uncle. Autumns real birthday is like two weeks after school starts and football games are going on. So this year, very last minute, like two nights before I said let's call Uncle Larry ask him about coming down and using their pool and bringing some friends.

Well they were happy that we came down. I packed up the food and ordered her double chocolate chip cookie with buttercream icing in the middle got drinks, called all the girls and on Wednesday we were ready to go....She was so very excited..It is fun doing things spare of the moment.

After getting things cooked on the grill, and they finished eating it was swim time...yea!!!

My mom and Aunt got to spend time together and chat. Mom is on the red chair, she drove down in her car because we needed two of us to drive with all the girls..My Aunt's home and yard is so homey and out in the country. down the hill from where they are sitting is a pond and fountain...lots of land, a creek and's quiet and peaceful.

Friends...and swimming can it get any better...

We always get a picture on the bridge...Are the girls not adorable...Very nice respectful girls, I enjoy each one of them.

Some poses and birthday girls is in the middle..

Another pic Autumn has been getting when she visits is the one on top of the barn. The one side the roof touches the ground, so up they go...Yes we are missing two of them, they had to leave a little earlier so Grandma headed back to take them home.

They could almost touch the sky!!!
Autumn I am so glad you enjoyed your day with your friends, it was such a wonderful day with beautiful weather. It is hard to imagine my baby turning 15. I love you so much and you are such a blessing to me. I pray you have many many more wonderful years. Always keep your heart loving and kind. Love you my sweet one.. Mom

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