Saturday, August 14, 2010


2010 Football Hall Of Fame game. We go every year, with VIP passes and great seats. We usually have 6 tickets and that is good for my family and my parents. But as years go on and things change mom know longer can go with us because of health issues, Michael was working this year. So as always it's still Mike my Dad and I for sure. This years game was Dallas Cowboys along with

Cincinnati. I had to get my picture taken with a BIG fan of Cincinnati...PIMP DADDY!!

My hubby and Dad, look over Dad's shoulder and you see thee only Dallas Cowboy want to be cheerleader....They did not make it this year. Cincinnati's cheerleaders were there. Hmm could it be that they didn't want a repeat of two years ago with the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. Those girls had such provocative outfits and very sleazy dance routine that the next day in our home town paper front page people were outraged about it. This is to be family time for the community they were disgusted with it all......So just saying..

We were blessed, to have a couple join us that works for my Dad. As you can see Leroy is a big Dallas fan and has never been to a pro game. He was like a child in a candy was so exciting just watching him enjoy it all.

Every year they introduce a new class of military and of course sing the National Anthem...then they have military planes fly over...Well for some reason the planes didn't fly over this year..I missed that. Not sure what happened on that. But I always enjoy seeing our Flag rolled out.

Both team out on the field as they introduce the inductee's for the year into the hall of fame. Emmit Smith was one of them and I really like him. I loved when he was on Dancing with the Stars.

We usually leave about 1/2 time. The game starts out with their first string but by 2nd quarter they definitely have their 2nd and 3rd string in..But when the Pittsburgh Steelers are there I hope some year soon...I will be staying and watching that one...Till then...for any and all football fans have a great football season..

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Denise said...

Wow, football season already, I wish that meant we were going to get cooler weather, but I bet we have weeks of heat left yet! Kids go back to school next week and it will still be in the 100's! Looks like you had a fun night :)
Hugs Denise