Saturday, July 31, 2010


It all starts with the balloon fest the weekend before the big Hall of Fame Game at Fawcett Stadium. This has been a tradition for many years.

Every year we are at a different spot. It all depends on the wind. This year we were at the strip watching them come over the interstate. The night before we were down on Portage behind Circle K.. It used to be Mike and I and the kids. Then They got busy or went with friends. We did have Michael last year and my parents. This year one night just Mike and I, the next night my Parents.

They are so soothing to watch and they are all so different. Mom says they remind her of Christmas bulbs...hmmm I said Mom that would make one interesting tree...

The men as they look behind them...tones have passed us by.

Look at them all. This was the first night. I had to use my phone camera..We snuck out real fast to see the balloons while dad ran to Home Depot to get a part to finish up the tile fun!!

Even more..

As we headed home..before Dad got last picture as the balloon was floating over this house...
Oh how I love this time of year here in our area...Next weekend the Big game we go to. Cinncinati plays Dallas...Stay tuned..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This is the preview for cheer camp and we were able to watch the girls. The theme for the dance was Grease. The 8th grade football cheerleaders all the way through seniors go to Ohio state for camp.

Each grade had to do a skit. Here is autumn as Twiddle dee or twiddle dum.. The outfit the girls did are so cute. We are still looking for a bald cap for their head. The skit was all based around Alice in Wonderland.

Back to the dance part. Autumn still needs her black wig..but she is danny and the the one behind her is sandy.

Two good friends. Oh the fun they have at camp. all the girls enjoy this part after such a hard work out all summer.
After they were done, autumn and I went out for a nice lunch, we talked and laughed, enjoying our girl time.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


It has been awhile since I posted. We just got back from a relaxing time in New England. We stayed at this Inn, in Meridith New Hampshire. It is a little town on a lake in the mountains.

Here is the lake, and some mountains in the distance.

This is a little about the waterfall that ran along side of the Inn.

One of my highlights of the week was this river that ran through the mountains, This is so soothing and peaceful. It must be amazing in the fall.

The water was rushing through and over the big rocks, the sun was shining and there was picnic tables all around...

Hubby taking in all the beauty..

This is what it was like once we got to the bottom of the mountain and the waterfall..How much fun they had. People were sliding down the rocks into the water at this spot. We went out on the rocks and watched.. It was such a relaxing time, and I couldn't get over all the beauty

We are now in Conway New Hampshire. And decided to take this train ride. Mike heading on while I waited for friends of ours to get on.

Here we are on the train, we took the one hour ride and that was good enough for Carla and I. See not only does a train move forward it also rocks side to side...Wonderful for those of us that have motion sickness...But it was a nice ride, you can't go wrong with good friends.

Here is another picture, we are still in the mountains

But now we went from mountains to ocean. We are in Portland Maine, Here is Mike and friends of ours checking out which yacht they want to purchase. The 5 million dollar one is good enough for me. lol.

We are going to dinner here on a floating Yacht, at Dimillo's. That is the restaurant over my shoulder. Let me tell you this was fabulous. I had Filet with crab and asparagus with a sauce and it was scrumptious...I ordered and bloody Mary and it had the biggest shrimp I have ever seen on the side it looked like a lobster tail...and it was delish...all four of us had some of it. But the drink wasn't good it tasted like cocktail sauce..What a wonderful nice relaxing 3 hour dinner we had. Seated at the windows watching Yachts come and go.

Now we are in Boston Mass. more Yachts to dream about..well for the guys that is. we are out on the boardwalk.

The sail boats were nice and so was the weather all week. Not a lot of humidity and temps upper 70's low 80's just perfect.

We are now eating at Anthony's Pier 4. It is also on a ship. But this one reminds you of back in the 30's 40's. the way the servers are dressed and all the white linens..very nice. And it is also on the ocean. Here Mike is enjoying some fresh Oysters...Nope no way I did not ask for one bite of those baby's..

This is Mike and I at the Boston Logan airport, heading back home at 8 am...He was telling me if I put my camera up and took one more picture of us he was going to take it from me. Well if you know me at you can see I had to take one more picture...heheheh....
We were so blessed on this trip from the time we left till the time we got home. First was on our flight there, we got moved to exit row seats...savings of 40.oo and a lot of leg room. Then when we went to get our rental the car they had for us wasn't there, so they up graded us and we got a brand new car for same price. this was also a God thing, not only that when we left the hotel to go get the car we were going to have to go to airport on hotel shuttle then get hertz shuttle over to hertz....but when the driver said where to I said hertz.....Mike said airport...Then Mike said honey they don't go to hertz....Well guess what..he did...he dropped us right off at the door of the Hertz rental...another God thing. When we went to check in Sunday to come home there was no seats available they over booked...Only seat was first class and two exit row....Yep we got the exit row again.. that is another 40.00 savings and more room.. I could go on and on how the Lord made ways open to us all week. It was awesome..We thank you so much Lord for your watching over us and the many blessings above and beyond what we deserve.
Thanks for the wonderful week Honey. I really had a wonderful time, it was also nice to be with John and Carla. So thankful for these times we get to share.
Now looking forward to our trip in Cabo in late fall.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Meet my wonderful sweet neighbor Pam, here we are at a mother daughter banquet a couple years ago.

And here is our precious daughters, Autumn and her Lauren. What a great time we always have when we are together.

Now Autumn and Lauren have been friends since they could both be out to play together. At Least 11 years...We have lived across the street from each other for almost 18 years...Wow that seems like a life time... Lauren has 3 brothers, they are all around Michael's age...Anyway you get the point...close neighborhood friends.

This past weekend, Lauren celebrated her 14th birthday down at their cabin. This picture was taken from across the lake looking at the back of their cabin.

What a tranquil place this is, it's all private, peaceful and quiet.

Us pulling up to their cabin this weekend to drop of Autumn. See she had tag day for cheer and couldn't go Friday night, so of course it all worked out that she could take the early shift and then we headed straight to the cabin and was there by 12:30.

We had a fun time. Us Adults took a golf cart around the lake, and down to the dam. There are no speed boats or engines aloud on this lake. So you don't get the noise or the fumes.

I took this pic as I was standing down on the dock looking up to the cabin. I went down there to get pictures of all the butterflies but I didn't get a good one, oh well maybe next time.

Mike and Larry was putting in one of the canoes for the girls.

This is the road that goes in to the cabins.

Here is the dam.

See out in the water that is my girl and Lauren out on rafts floating up the lake. I caught this as Mike and I was leaving.

Here is another cabin, they made it like a log cabin..A groundhog just scared the geese when it ran toward them....

Now here is a cabin for sale..about 4 down from our friends.

Hmmmm let's check it out..

This has potential, and it is all one floor and that would work for my mom. Right on the lake. It looks newly remodeled on the inside.. price is good we could make an offer...This is what we have always wanted, a place to get away on the weekends....Lets talk and think about this....Now after some talking and thinking....We would have to pass at this season of our lives...Michael headed to collage next year and Autumn's expenses alone lol...Maybe another time in our life....But we can still drop by and visit our dear Friends...

Friday, July 16, 2010


Will this be the one? My Michael really liked the University, he went yesterday to check it out.

Michael during his tour of campus.

He went with good friends of ours and here he is at the pool the night before. This is my baby..where did time go..what happened to 2yr old and first day of kindergarten, tee ball and swimming lessons....

This is a very good friend of Michael's named David..they our touring around. The last several months since he turned 17, it seems that he has matured and grown so much more independent. He was working two jobs....after we kept telling him you need to get a job, he got one and it was only till July then he got another working at a Distribution Center. For about 3 weeks he was working both. Now full time at the D.C..
Everything he does this year in school is his last at school..I pray for such a happy,good, healthy Senior year for my boy..
Oh Michael I so love you, and I am so very proud of you and who you are...Always lean on the Lord for your direction and guidance.
Love you, Mom


17 years ago, but it wasn't. So here is our garage with walls finished...WOO WHOOO.

See the lines on the ceiling? This is after the drywallers finished before you say I would never use them again let me explain...The drywall was put up and taped over 17 years ago..So the yellowing is from the drywall turning older.

So this is what Mike had to do on Sunday all the 90 degree temp..Paint the ceiling. Now grant it we didn't have to...but...if we were going to finally get it done and done right..So away he went.

My pictures are a little out of order since I added some new ones. This is what it looked like before drywall guys got here.

after the guys finished and hosed out the garage.

Again before, how it looked forever....I mean 17 years...

See how nice the entrance into the house is looking.. all clean white and fresh. Well stay tuned to me trimming around the door in white, and painting the door black and adding a vinyl painting the steps...It's getting there...
I tease my hubby that it used to take 7 seconds for him to do something for me then 7 min. to 7 hours and 7 days and so on and so on...up to 17 year cycle's....I said honey be thankful I am one patient women...LOL...
Have a wonderful blessed day,