Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is our Sara that stayed with us this past week. She is loving the apple butter at Der Dutchman's in Walnut Creek. We went for dinner, I wanted some comfort food.

Not only did Sara love the apple butter she wanted to get every last drop of her chicken noodle soup...Yummy to her tummy...Oh and by the way I am supposed to tell you Sue she ate her the soup had carrot's.

Mike and I, boy you can tell I had a wonderful week...when I get overloaded or stressed we get in the truck and head down 77 S to Amish country...AHH I so love this little trip.

Here is a piece of lavender, my Mike picked and put in the truck..I think he was trying to help me relax...It smelled so good.

Here are some shots I took while we were heading back home. Can you see the tranquility...

The horses and cows...and lets say some fresh air....

I love the Barns and..

The beautiful Amish gardens..there is never a weed in sight. They are all so perfect looking. As I snapped this picture, the girls yelled, you just got those Amish girls they covered their face. I felt soo terrible because I know they don't like their pictures taken..I wanted Mike to go back and let them know I was just getting their pretty gardens. When I got home and downloaded I felt so much better that they didn't get in the picture.
For us it is only a 40 minute relaxing ride to this wonderful place. It is always a nice trip in the fall..
Till my next time I have these pictures and all my memories of our visit to Amish Country.


Sue said...

I was SO jealous when I knew you guys were going there! I loved that resteraunt when we went with you! Sara...she never eats the carrots unless I force her! LOL That is a great picture of you and Mike....thanks again for having Sara...she loves you so much! (and I do, too!)

Ella said...

Hello Jolyn!

I wanted to thank you again for your gracious hospitality towards me when I came through with the Goreckis. It was wonderful getting to know you better.

So you can keep tabs on what I am doing, my blog is

And of course, I am on Facebook, although I go by Ella Gardner on there....for security reasons.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer.

A Wedding Story said...

What a nice trip. Amish country is my absolute favorite in the fall. The food is so good and I love the shoo-fly pie!