Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday Kelsey was at her track meet.

Around 8 pm I got a text saying Kelsey broke her femur on our way to children's hospital. The prayers starting going up for her right away.

This is our sweet Kelsey, and dear friend of my Autumns. Kelsey is on left with purple shirt.
She is a gymnast, a cheerleader, and in track...along with many other talents...except Just kidding Kels, I would love to hear you singing now sweetheart...

She was in tracion last night and did not have a good night...I love these 3 girls, This is miss Kyle in the middle along with Kelsey and Autumn.

So update for today, She goes in for surgery at 1:45 eastern today to have steel rod put in. Then back into traction.. I would love if you could be in prayer for her with us and for her family. It is a busy time of year, and her sister is in process of graduating so the family has a lot going on.
I thank you so much, When our friends are hurting we hurt with them...
Luv you,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Taking care of those in my home that are not feeling to good. Last Wednesday my Autumn got sick and off school two days. Sunday night my Mom and Hubby didn't feel to good and by Monday morning I had my Mom in powder room, my Hubby in master bath and my son calling me at 7:15 am saying I'm turning around I can't go to school I feel sick and he took the main bathroom...Oh boy so not much is getting done here except spraying lysol and cleaning. UGG!!

Last week I took a walk around our front yard and this is how things are looking. This is me taking a picture from driveway across the front yard...AHH green and buds.

Look close at the bottom there is a little tiny johnny jump up growing in the middle of a bush we dug up last year and some of it grew back.

Some of my phlox and yellow tulips.

It looks like it snowed.. nope it is my blooms from our pear tree.

awww look another johnny jump up.. they pop up everywhere..

We also got mulch a couple weeks ago and got it all laid. We still need about another yard.

Here are my grape hyicthins. We dug these up last year from a mall area that closed up and these were in the middle of a parking lot full of weeds. So this is are first year to see them in bloom.

This is a bush we got I forgot the name it blooms little pink flowers almost like carnations but tiny.
I hope to get back to finishing my bakers rack for the patio, we have had so much rain. Today is sunny but cooler about 58 degrees.
Have a wonderful week and enjoy all your blooms in your yards...Can't wait for my lilacs..

Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello, since it is spring and after a long winter, we need to be outside so after the bathroom re do I am not to sure much more will happen inside till fall...Well maybe a few things...ha ha... This black rod iron backers rack I got last year at a garage sale for 5.00. what a steal it was and needed nothing done to it. But this year it needed a touch up and I wanted some color on my patio. This a picture of it after I started spray painting it and ran out, good thing or I wouldn't have a before..

This picture shows you a little bit of my patio with the umbrella, see the color in it. I have cushions to match but I don't want to show it all right now, it is a work in progress. More on patio later.

I bought these to candle holders at World Market they were 2 for 10.00. I really liked the colors. They go out on the patio also.

When at bed bath and beyond I also purchased 6 of these black napkins for the dining room at .99 each. regular 3.99 and i got 6 of the napkin holders for .99 each regular 2.99 each. The napkins are really nice.
Well got things to do and a daughter to get somewhere so I will chat with you soon. Have a wonderful night.


Welcome,, thanks for stopping by and checking out what in the world I'm up to now. It's my teenagers bathroom. This is what I'm working with UGGG.. I painted last fall, the color was to be a lighter gray and looks more army greenish gray with out a lot of green if that makes any sense. I was going to do grays and black and whites...That left me fighting the counter top, teal color so I thought I'd use that to accent with... it is not even working at all..I don't feel good walking into this room, just frustrated. So I decided to work with the teals, aqua, browns..

So walking through Bed Bath and Beyond to get coffee for my Mom for her single cup coffee maker..My cart just happened to stroll through the bathroom area..And what to my surprise did I see but this lovely fun spirited for teenagers looking shower curtain...I stopped looked and said to myself " self this just might work" and then I looked at the price and said "yep I will make it work" it was regular 24.99 and it was marked clearance for 12.00 then I had 20% off coupon...SOLD and when I got home and put it up my Daughter said Mom I love it it's Roxy...wonderful it even has at the top Roxy...
I never got any further, next thing I knew my Autumn was sick like flu sick potty and trash can sick...I felt so bad but I do have to say I was thinking Please don't get my 12.00 shower curtain mest up....Is that awful of me..I didn't say it to her just thinking it.
Anyway I will post more later on the rest of the changes.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Good day, how are you, glad you stopped by, I love visitors and I really like comments also. Hope all is good with you and your family and you are able to enjoy this wonderful spring we are having. Well see this lamp..of course you can anyway I got this about 25 years ago from my Mother and it is lead crystal..the only thing is...

this bottom base is ugly and dingy because of age..And I have been looking and looking for a lamp for my side table in the dining room...either a. cost to much or b. way to big for the space. So I said lamp outside you are going to be redone.

And this is what happened out side a good coat of spray paint and ta da....

She is sitting in the dining room on the table..Now I need some color on this table, I have to pick up candles and I need some wine or colored water in the decanter. She is on the small side but will do for now. I love how lovely it is with the light on against the crystal...ahhhh.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine where ever you are.


Hello thanks for stopping by, it has been a lovely week so far and the weather is perfect for spring with sunshine, lots of green and blooms.

Well my oldest finally started a job, on Monday at Lowe's, 18 days before his 17th birthday.

He may not have been real excited, but his Dad and I sure were..He is working as a vendor in the Lowe's Garden Center. He is in training this week. I told him Son you will see a lot of Dad and I there...Mom no don't come up there....I couldn't imagine not walking around Lowe's Garden Center....I am going to come up and take pictures of you working...Lets just say he wasn't even laughing at that...Put I was there his first day...In my vehicle..and took the first two pictures. I did see him working and tried to get that on my cell camera put it was to far away. Darn!!!

But I was waiting for him with camera in hand when he pulled in the driveway after his first day...That's my boy. coming home from his first day of his first job. Just wait till he gets his first pay check...Love you my Son..this is only the begining.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Knocks on the door, we were all still asleep and no one answered the door, Then my Autumn went down and yelled someone got flowers... My Dad sent my Mom and I roses today for Rose Day. I got the red ones and Mom got the yellow so we took half and half and made us a nice arrangement.
My card said love Dad...Thank you so much Dad for thinking of me. I have them sitting on our dinette table for all to enjoy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


That is walking... we always say I will start on Monday..well this time I did, but wasn't even thinking about it. My new step in the right direction...I so needed to do this for many different reasons. I will call this a new Season in my Life.

See in this picture from my cousins wedding this past Saturday is my new walking buddy...Look to the far left lower corner....not the one with the shiny bald head but next to him...yep that's her..this is my cousin Kelly...She needs to walk also for different reasons...lets face it who doesn't or shouldn't be out walking...Right now this is who the Lord has partnered me with....It is never a dull moment....I thank you so much for speaking up and doing this with me.

So we are ready and we started and I must say I did a lot better than I thought I would. But it's sticking with it... we have been walking 35 minutes right now. Today was a warm one for us and that means my hands swelled a lot...on days that will be getting warmer we will start earlier.. Now it works for me to start at 11 am.

I do know that tomorrow or this weekend I need to go to the new balance store and get fitted for some good walking shoes, right now I just have my sketchers...not much support.

Also today is my mother in laws 76th birthday. This pic is from last year..Does she not look great for her age and not one thing wrong with her...we wished her happy birthday and we will be getting together soon to celebrate with her at her favorite ice cream place called Taggart's
Well need to get to bed and get some rest. I will be watching the radar tomorrow before we go we may need to go earlier or later because we are suposed to have rain and the temps are going down..It was 81 today...
Love to all,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am nothing But in Christ I am righteous...Father I thank you for the throne of Grace. Thank you, you are my healer and deliverer. Nothing is greater than your Word Father... If I abide in Him, his words abide in me. We can't act like hypocrites--put on a show at church and be one way, be around friends act another way and then in our homes be another way.. God can't answer my prayer when my Words counter dict what I say I believe, but then live and say different the rest of the week. If I had a talking bird in my house and you took it out after a year, what would the words be that comes out of the parrots mouth....hmmm

God must honor words, He can't honor words that go against his word. If I want answered prayer I need to align up with what Gods word says. I need to get the word in my life. Death and Life are in the power of the tongue. The word says I have the mind of Christ.
Words create atmosphere-- Some time there is tension when words are being spoken.
When In prayer we can't pray for say our spouse then behind their back say something else that is ugly. How can that prayer get answered.

We need to speak the word -- speak Faith--Call those things that be not, as though they were Romans 4:17
Word of Faith-- the Power of confessing -- what soever ye desire, when ye pray believe ye receive them and ye shall have them. That takes faith to believe I received it when I asked. That means I don't need to keep going to the Father over and over for the same thing..Ask - Believe I received- and then Thank my Lord for it believing I will have it ...--
Mark 11:22-24 Jesus answering said unto them, Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall SAY unto this mountain, Be thou removed, an be cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall BELIEVE that those things which he saith shall come to pass he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire when you pray BELIEVE that ye received them and ye shall have them.
Our words can be a great gift to others if we would only take the time to share. How have words impact you in your life.
There is power in the name of Jesus..
There is Healing in the name of Jesus..
Whenever we say his name things begin to change
This past couple weeks the Lord has been talking to us as a family about our words, how they effect others, how to pray using the word. How my words can be life or death. We had a situation we needed to use some tough love on in our home...My Lord helped me to handle the situation and also to help the one that needed the tough love...As they were in youth group they were talking on OUR WORDS and how they affect others....So when they got home and we talked about the class from that night it was like ....You are never going to beleive what we talked about....I said hmm being nice to others.....NO we talked about OUR WORDS and how they can hurt...WOW how God works....
I hope someone gets something out of this, I know we sure have and I needed to post this for us, for me to keep in rememberance and to look back on and see how our Lord works in our life in many different ways...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I just need to vent for a minute or two, I have been watching off and on DWTS this year and I'm very disappointed in one of their contestants....and in the show, also in the comments being said with one of the contestants and the sleazy actions of HER....It is bad when my teenagers say something about how she dresses and or slimly dresses and the seductive actions and ways about her...Is this dancing or sleazy low class ways of getting viewers...I'm sorry I am sure I will have a lot disagree with me but come on....this is a disgrace....I will no longer be putting this on my tv and we will know longer be watching this as a family in our home...
I am not judging her as a person, I guess the show for allowing this and for going in this direction. This is not MTV...
OK I feel better...not about the show, better that I


What a wonderful weekend we had. Saturday we did a lot of celebrating, with family and friends at my cousins wedding.
Sunday was another nice day, after church I was outside looking at all the new growth and blooms. This is our Pear tree in bloom.

Mike and Michael worked the rest of the day on the fence. They took down the back and had to dig out some of the old posts and replace them. I kept saying be careful watch out for my Lilac tree.. Oh how I love Lilacs...

Michael was such a big help..You can see Mike behind the lilac bush... Good bonding time for the two of them.

On another note I started walking with my cousin. I am just taking things little by little. I need the walking and some food changes, I eat mostly carbs and need to cut them way back. So that is some changes I am making in my life right now.
Blessings an Hugs,

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hello, Let me introduce you to Jerry and Julie...They are now one in the eyes of God. Yesterday was the big wedding day. Our family went from 39 to 40 yesterday..Julie we welcome you in our family..we needed more girls...We call Jerry lil Jerry he is the youngest out of 10 and I am the oldest of the grandchildren. Me at 45 down to him at 30 years old. So now we are all married except 2 and I believe one of the two will be very soon....Moving right along... My baby cousin and his new Bride Julie.. They had all their decor from the shower all the way through to the reception all in scarlet and gray for Ohio State Buckeyes..!!!!!

This is my Mom's baby brother and his wife. My Uncle was so very proud and so happy for his son yesterday. Lil Jerry is such a calm fun loving type person always with a smile and never negative. Jodi has been married to my Uncle almost 26 years and they dated several years so I would say and so would Jerry she pretty much raised him...Jodi you looked so nice, we so loved your dress....hmm when will the next time be that you have a dress

My girls, well the one on the right is my Autumn and the one getting ready to put the buckeye in her mouth is my wonderful fun loving niece Sydney. You two looked adorable..Thanks for the dances....Y M C two rock...Oh Sydney one clue on where the cell phone is hid...It is in the house lol

This is a funny pic one of my cousins daughter Kennedy in front then me and Jodi with her head sticking out around me...And the night was just starting...

Ok back in order now, My mom with her two Grandaughters before we left the house.

Now the wedding, Congratulations the bride and groom

This is Miss Kennedy, I told her she was the little bride..Is she not beautiful...she was the flower girl...Love you so much my girl....

You saw her all prim and proper not she is cutting loose on the dance floor with a circle around her...Go Kennedy Go...This little one can dance...she is so bubbly and fun...She waited all night for this....she was dancing to the song that say little bit lower, little bit lower now, then a little bit higher now a little bit higher now and music gets louder each time..anyway....

My princess dancing with her daddy...She said Dad what are you going to be like at my wedding.. How much do you think a wedding will cost Dad... Dad will you cry????

Her is Lil Jerry with his sister Lori, dancing. How precious...Lori you just light up the room anymore and I am so happy for you.

My mommy and Daddy..They were dancing during the anniversary dance. All married couple married more than one day came out on dace floor to dance then the DJ would say anyone married 5 years and under leave the dance floor then 10 and under 15 and under it went all the way to 50 years an under my parents were at 46 and my Aunt and Uncle beat them by a year or so....I love to see and hear about couples still together after so many years. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Hubby and I we went out at 30 years and will be 26 years on the 5Th of May.

My girls again... Oh ya Syd another clue on the cell phone it isn't in the basement...!!!!

My Mom and my Aunt Karen...I love you two..This is my Aunt that fell in January in her driveway and laid there till her neighbors found her. She slid on the ice and broke her shoulder blade...So I got to be a nurse for her for awhile...and dog setter and cook and cleaner ....I loved every bit.....So glad to see your coming along way...
The only ones missing out of the 40 of us was my Aunt Karen's hubby Uncle Earl he just had back surgery the end of march and Thank you Lord he is doing fabulous. My Michael couldn't be there because of his game in dodge ball they are in first place and was playing 2nd place team and yes they WON...way to go Michael and his team The Undisputed... and last but not least my nephew Tyler...he was just to young this time...
What a wonderful sunny nice day we all had....This was along post but one I needed and wanted to do for the memories and my Family...
Love to all of the Lenox Family....Grandma and Grandpa was watching down from heaven and saying that is my wonderful family and we are so pleased with them all...
Have a great week and enjoy each day with those you love.