Thursday, April 28, 2011


THE LIVING ROOM... Yes the piano has sold and the desk and cherry file cabinet has sold. In the next couple weeks we will have it all out of the living room and we can then start the re-do. This is the table tops that will be going in this room.

My paint color will be this one that we used in master bath, family room and kitchen area. It is called Hazelnut Cream..It is creamy with a tad hint of gray. I really like the fresh, bright, clean look it gives.

This blue is the color of the two wing chairs that will also be in the room.

A picture of two of the tables.

Found a pic from google of the chairs.

This is a picture of some of the colors that will be in our living room like wall color, chairs, We have two windows in this room not one big but was thinking about curtains...hmm do I go with a pattern something like this or Go with a pewter silvery color...I want to stick with a modern traditional, with a elegant glam feeling...with crystal, glass, grays, ?????

Again looking at navy, wall color, and pattern curtains...not style of this room... we will be putting new carpet in...Do I go Plush or Berber? What about adding hardwood flooring with area rug??? The foyer and stairway is all oak floor and steps along with railing...I so don't like the 90's orangish oak...Can I put a darker walnut wood floor in here or not?

So I have decisions to make and I want this room as a wow factor a room for me to escape to to read in or do my blog in or just sit and watch the birds in...

What will I end up...Stay tuned to the process..Any suggestions would be wonderful..


A boy and a man is his toy's... Yep this is a new toy for one of the Men in our home...The Patriarch...MY DAD!!!

Her he is with his new Harley, the color is Root beer..Very nice..

Check out that helmet and that jacket and gloves..!!! Get Ready!!

Get Set!!! for a nice ride on this cold windy day..But sun is out...after many many days of cloudy rainy days..

Go DAD Go...BUT Be Careful....He was back in 10 it was way to cold...He tried.. It is pretty cool to see your parent getting out enjoying them self at this point in their life...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Walls are painted furniture put back in place. Swag and holder was not put back up..Looking for Drapes...Something different than Swag. But not a lot of heaviness, I love this window open, so I can see out into the back yard. This wall was a dark wineish color..Now gone!!
On this side of the family room it was painted a tan taupe color. Now look at the light refreshed color, Hazelnut Cream from Beher.

Trimming it out..WoW what a difference this will make.. I'm so excited..I went with the dark and now that I'm tired of it, I couldn't get rid of it fast enough!!

More trimming, it continues from family room through dinette area into kitchen..Mr T has went from hating painting to now an awesome need for taping off for him..and he does fabulous around the ceiling...

A new purchase from Kirkland's, I fell in love with this pic.

A week later, after hanging what I thought I wanted above the couch, I just wasn't feeling it. So back to Kirkland's I went and got the picture that goes very well with my last purchase.

TA DA..this is pic of left side of family room, added a new black leather chase lounge, new pillows made by my MIL.

Our new couch, and more pillows made by my MIL, you can see some of my drapes I purchased at JC Penney's. I was able to get rid of our other couch and a chair. Still need to get rid of the love seat and another

Here is my new picture from Kirkland's with a mirror I had and the sconce I had.

This picture is the view of the right side of our family room.. I am totally enjoying the all the new in here... couch, chair,chase lounge, pillows, my curtains, curtain rods, and the nice light coloring of Hazelnut Cream paint...Not liking the cords showing by the plant!! Anyway when I get some final items done I will show completion of the whole room..
Still working on built in's and mantal...Enjoy your day..

HUGS, Jolyn

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Mr T and I had a wonderful time along with our youngest child..The oldest did not want to go, I tried and tried but he had no interest.. So let me show you some of our trip...
Entrance at the Harbor Beach Resort and Spa...Very nice place.

Coming off the street pulling into Resort...We really like Marriott's they have always been nice and clean with nice staff.
The flowers and greenery looked so brilliant to me after being in winter since November.
This pic was taken off our balcony to the left of us. See the draw bridge was up.
This was the palm tree's and flowers at the entrance, but from our balcony it is straight down.
The beautiful ships, we could see to the right of our balcony.
Our first day at lunch we went to Bubba Gump's...From Forest We went to our first one in Hawaii and enjoyed it...
This quickly became Autumn's favorite...We got peel an eat shrimp that was soaked in beer and seasoned with garlic butter...very good. and in front of Autumn was stuffed shrimp with crab stuffing over jasmine rice and a melted cheese sauce....Delish..
Of course there was shopping afterwards...I love all the Forest Gump sayings.
Daddy and Daughter pic...check out Mikes
Ok this was another memoral time for Autumn..look how embarrassed she was when they sat her dessert down next to her....Oh my goodness look how big...This restaurant was called RARE...very mod art deco style decor...nice evening.
Back at our Resort on the lower level this was all done in sand..with plants..
Ok I had to take a picture of this down by the these were basic burgers and nothing big or fancy..check out the prices....Mike ran to sub way and brought that back to the pool..all three ate less than the price of the grilled Only thing if I had to say anything was we need all inclusive in the United States....Those are the best...
Now time for some fun...Waverunners...Autumn started out driving...And she had NO fear...
Away they went...out in the big ocean.
So long my job of picture taker is over to the pool I went...
Sitting in the lounge chair pool side I looked up an snapped this pic...Weather was perfect 85 to 90 degrees every day with nice breeze...Paradise!!!
We took a drive down the ocean strip..This year is Fort Lauderdales 100 year anniversary.
This is the valet parking area of our resort, I have never seen so many Bentley's and Rolls Royce's in one place like I did this past week.
Hmmm who's were these...what do they do for a living??? very nice!
We had a Toyota Solaris convertible for the week..Highlight for Autumn...I really liked this car..Oh honey, can we sell your vet for a new Toyota??? Doesn't hurt to ask, right?
Loving our ride down the ocean strip..Perfect weather and not a care in the world.

Our trip to Miami,Now this was one of the things Autumn waited for, to go to is a store owned by the Kardashine sisters..BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! door was dirty not cleaned at close night before and they didn't clean it before they opened this day...very very little and hardly anything in the store..A DASH T-shirt was 60.00...doesn't look like it will hold up after 2 washes....BOO Don't waste your time..
As we were walking around Miami, we stopped at this place for a was really different unique and fun..See the couple standing on the bar..they work there and stop and dance..they have wild crazy outfits on...I think this was called MANGO"S.
So continuing on our walk, we came to the Mansion of Versage..This is where he was shot.
Back to the Resort, loving the flowers again.
Autumn sitting by the pool.
I love this picture so much, look at that ornery face...and that thumbs up...Why
She just snuck up on her dad and dunked him...I got a great shot of that...
Resort pool side rooms.
Waterfall along side of the pool.
Well all good things must come to an end...I never wanted this to end..Mike shaking the had of one of our guys that parked our car all week and new us buy name...Very nice guys!! This will be a vacation we will never forget...Fabulous time, place and weather..Headed back to Ohio where the temp was about 50 degrees colder and snow flurries coming down... but our summer is right around the corner.

Now working on Son's graduation party and his 18th birthday,Easter, we got Mike and I's 27th wedding anniversary coming up,along with Mother's day. This time of ear gets very busy, wrapping up on school year for my children and cheerleading tryouts is just around the corner..Oh boy I need to close this and get busy...Have a great weekend...HUGS Jolyn