Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sunday night I wanted Olive Garden...some of you might think What you can't eat there...well in the beginning of my weight loss..I would say no way...And personally until you know it won't be a problem and you can go and have control..Don't do it...But as of right now I just don't want certain things and even though bread was my down didn't even bother me a bit NO DESIRE!! Sooooo
I started with their wonderful salad...No I got the light Italian and Hubby wanted regular so are sweet waitress brought us each a bowl and I got mine on the side...
I took croutons off and hubs ate them..I had parm cheese on it and a tad drizzle of dressing...Now I said tad of dressing because I really never did like much dressing on my salads, well unless ranch but still don't like tons of dressing...I would rather have salt and garlic powder on my salad. Anyway this tasted so fresh and good.
No instead of going and saying I can't get that and I can't have this...I knew what I wanted from the commercial on So I planned for this during the day. for breakfast I had cereal and skim milk...My breakfast like this is usually around 450 to 500 calories. I have 2 c of kashi and or special k or shredded wheat, usually mix 2 of them but a total of 2 cups with about 1 cup milk over it. The rest of the day I drank lots of water and this isn't good but I was busy and didn't eat a thing till 5 when we went to dinner...
But.....I ate 1 of the chicken breasts and 1 1/2 of the lasagna noodles stuffed with cheese..not all the garlic sauce..So for the whole dinner above the calorie count is 1210... I pretty much ate half so I if I ate say 800 calories plus breakfast of 500 I was at 1300..over by 100 or so ...
Now I so enjoyed this will I do this weekly? NO!!...But if I crave or want something now I will have some...But I have not had any cravings at all through this last 5 1/2 months..I also waited till my first 50 pounds before doing this...
Did it hurt me on the scales for eating here...NO!!! I am still loosing and as of this morning I have lost a total of 56 pounds..Still want to loose 63 more...maybe more but for now my goal is 15 more by October for total of 70...I would love to hit this goal by august and recalculate the October goal...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A lot of pics on this post...We had a great turn out of close friends and family. We had Michael's party at a brand new park that opened Memorial weekend...Everything was new and clean.
Some friends of Michael's, actually he and David the one in the striped shirt have been friends since 1st grade...
My Grandpa and I....Grandpa is 87 years old and doing wonderful...So blessed to have him...Grandpa is a giver and always like to make people laugh...Oh the stories he tells...
Michael and David playing corn hole.
I got a whole sheet we had 80 cookies...Reminder only 1/2 sheet cake for Autumn...Well maybe...with her we could be inviting everyone she ever she is miss personality and don't know where to cut....But we have 3 years to figure this out.
My Aunt got caught...luv this....She was my life saver when Michael was born and almost the only one I would leave my baby boy with...She would show up and take over...many nights rocking him and calming him from his colic!!!! U r the Best..
My Mom and Baby brother...My brother is like one of Michael's idol's he wants to be like his Uncle Joe and have what Uncle Joe has and Live like Uncle Joe lives and....well you get the point Uncle Joe can do know wrong in Michael's eyes...Love you Joey..
Girls my Autumn in the middle.
Sister and Brother....Boy do we look ornery...
sister in law and my nephew Tyler he will be 3 in August...Let's say he had to have slept very good that night...He ran and ran....loved the rain when it came...FULL OF ENERGY!!!!
So loving the look on Michael's face...Aunt Kelly made this gift for him, he saw one she had done for her father and wanted one so bad....So of course Aunt Kelly made him his STEELER collage..
PRICELESS....something he will have forever...that is Aunt Kelly and Uncle Mike behind Michael..Now Mike is like Uncle Joe to Michael...He really truly loves them and I so appreciate them for taking Michael under their wing...And for Kelly for all the help and preparing him for collage and studies....Love u both!!
Now on to Uncle Joe's gift for Michael...Now this all started before last Christmas, when Michael asked for a cross necklace for Christmas...My brother said I am going to take care of that for his Graduation if that's ok, I already have something planned. So here is Michael opening his gift. Love how Joey is looking at Michael..
Michael opened a gold chain necklace in the pic above...but wait Uncle Joe has something up his sleeve I mean in his pocket......look at Michael's face...
Joey hand a little wrapped gift to Michael....The seriousness on Joeys face and Michael is thinking this is a joke what is it...
IT was a gold cross my brother wore for the last 18 years, he past it on to Michael with a lot of love and memories...What an awesome gift with memories and a whole lot of love. Michael was in shock...he said I can't believe he gave me his Cross...Aunt Lori is putting it on the chain...I don't know if Michael will ever take it off.
This picture says it all.
My sweet precious dear friends of ours from PA...Thank you all so much for taking time to celebrate with us...
My Meghan...we will be going to her graduation in 2 her so very much...
Autumn and her friends...I think the girls were checking out all the boy's that came and
And we ended the party a couple hours short with this and storms that came through, along with tornado watches...So we packed up..well the guys and Kelly packed up and alot headed to our house and finished up the celebration their..
I thank My Family and friends for coming and celebrating this time in our first born's life, as he ends one journey and moves on to his next...Love to you all...


Our first born has just graduated. He just turned 18...Time flies by, birth to 18 seems like 1 year at times. We are so proud of you Michael.
Michael graduated with honors, and had a fabulous senior year...His Business Management Class will be one of his best memories of this year...Awesome job Michael being president of the company and Getting employee of the year through out the Nation...that is one great accomplishment..
Michael with GG his Great Grandpa...This is my Grandpa's first great grandchild to graduate. Grandpa is 86 years old and did really good for such a long time of sitting and walking. Let's just say we had a little accident in the bathroom that he cut his arm open an we needed to get to a drug store for some bandages and neosporan...What a trooper you are Grandpa...
Michael with his grandpa and his best friends dad patting his back..special moments.
I love this picture I snapped as we were leaving for the Civic Center..Michael along with his Nana. Thank you for those that came to the Graduation to celebrate Michael's special day in his life.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Dinner was chicken stir fry with 2/3 c of brown rice...veggies an chicken.
For my breakfast today I took some peppers that were sauted yesterday and added them to a skillet to warm. Then added eggs and made scrambled eggs with sauted peppers.
I toasted 1/2 of a whole wheat tortilla
Put 2 tablespoons of hummus on my plate to eat with the tortilla
My eggs I used today were these cheese an chive egg beaters...yum it was so good.
I had some mixed seeds and raisins for snack I don't eat over 1/4 of cup...that is 165 calories.
Little later I had my one apple a was so good. Right now I have been eating the Gala ones.
I also snacked on this kashi tlc choc. coconut bar...Along with my many many glasses of water. I made a lot of potty trips today...
This morning I had my two cups of coffee with creamer no fat.. no sugar...
All in all it was a good day...But no Exercise....I need to get a move on this. Now heading to bed I have been feeling dizzy the last 4 days.. don't know why maybe sinus's....

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I will remember the moment when it happened..
I was shouting, and jumping around....because.

Goals are fabulous when you hit them...I did it!!
pound weight loss...wooo whoooo yippy....way to go me....Thank you Lord Jesus...I did it I did it ....Mom runs in the powder room whats wrong what happened....I said I DID IT....!!!!! what did you do, hit the next set of tens...YES AND NOT ONLY THAT... I HIT 50 POUNDS.....I LOST IT!!
I can't comprehend that I carried 10 bags of sugar on me...50 POUNDS
This is disgusting.. 50 pounds of meat fat...So glad I flushed it all out..So as of Thursday June 2, 2011 I hit my goal...
Now as of June 7th 2011 I have been going up 1/2 down 1 up 2 down 6 up 1 an 2 tenths...But I understand why...
This was a long totally out of schedule weekend...We had our oldest Child's graduation party on was very hot, we had it outside at a park..Well I had my cereal in the morning and one meatball along with a cracker an 1 Tablespoon of hummus to eat all day and hardly much WATER!!!!
On Sunday I had cereal and then didn't eat till 5:30 at Texas Roadhouse..Salad 1 teaspoon of dressing lite Italian, chicken breast and plain sweet potato..around 8:30 some cereal..better on the Water but not great...
Now getting back on track...and feeling so much better...Let's work on my next goal. The next one is 20 pounds more off by my birthday in October..That gives me 4 months...Very doable..if this is a word...By beginning of November I would Love to be 25 to 30 off total but I want to make goals I can hit...So I don't feel defeated..We have something big going on then...But 20 to 25 I would be a static...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am getting asked, So what are you doing? What are you eating? What diet are you on? Then when I tell them I am eating healthy and no white flours, no processed foods and no added sugars..They look at me and say Oh...Now I know it isn't what we all want to hear...But the magic pill isn't out there and there is no miracle food out there to take or blink your eyes four times for 30 pound weight loss...SORRY it just isn't out there..
I also never liked when people would say you have to want to loose weight to do it..Do you know anyone that is heavy that doesn't want to loose weight..
For me, something just happened to me, I just started watching for my sugar I was just diagnosed with..then making small changes.. and one thing led to another and pounds started coming off.
Like in the picture above I STARTED EATING AN APPLE A some of you it might not be a big thing.. to me I never ate fruit..some allergy issues..and not a choice I went for.

I really like Kushi products..they aren't filled with artificial junk and they taste good and are great to keep with you at all times..Yesterday I had the choc. coconut bar in the afternoon for a snack..ANOTHER THING I STARTED DOING IS EAT SOMETHING (try and make it protein)EVERY 2 1/2 TO 3 HOURS... Ex. breakfast, snack,lunch,snack,dinner,if needed snack...along with WATER!!!!!
I am so not a breakfast person, now don't get me wrong I love breakfast food but I would sleep in when I could and get up go without eating till around 1 or 2 in the afternoon..then I would eat then eat again my dinner and if dessert is there have that...What is wrong with this is all my calories are at the end of my day not much time to burn off, plus I didn't get my metabolism started in the morning to start burning off calories..MUST EAT BREAKFAST
I had about 2 cups special K fruit and yogurt with 1 cup of skim milk. Other days I would eat oatmeal cooked (not instant) with 1 teaspoon of raisins an 1 teaspoon of honey along with some cinnamon. Kashi cereal is very good, but I had ran out..I mix some of them. Or scrambled eggs with veggies or chives use olive oil, a dash in the pan...can add onions,red peppers, mushrooms, is endless so the taste is always different.
I love avocado's..yummy...And yesterday for lunch I got to have some...guess who serves them now...
SUBWAY does...I had a chicken 6 inch on Italian with spinach,green pepper,cucumber, tomato, salt and pepper with a tad of light mayo(in beginning didn't use mayo) also shredded cheese a little bit and AVOCADO... they will add that now it is a 50 cent charge but well worth it. then I asked for lightly it warm but not hard and crusty...drink WATER.....
My dinner was yuck I got a bag of grilled chicken veggie something from Sam club and Mike and I did not like it..Why because it had sooo much Oregano in it, that is all we could taste. So I got my cheese and chive egg beaters out and made me some of those...then my apple in the evening..