Thursday, June 2, 2011


I will remember the moment when it happened..
I was shouting, and jumping around....because.

Goals are fabulous when you hit them...I did it!!
pound weight loss...wooo whoooo yippy....way to go me....Thank you Lord Jesus...I did it I did it ....Mom runs in the powder room whats wrong what happened....I said I DID IT....!!!!! what did you do, hit the next set of tens...YES AND NOT ONLY THAT... I HIT 50 POUNDS.....I LOST IT!!
I can't comprehend that I carried 10 bags of sugar on me...50 POUNDS
This is disgusting.. 50 pounds of meat fat...So glad I flushed it all out..So as of Thursday June 2, 2011 I hit my goal...
Now as of June 7th 2011 I have been going up 1/2 down 1 up 2 down 6 up 1 an 2 tenths...But I understand why...
This was a long totally out of schedule weekend...We had our oldest Child's graduation party on was very hot, we had it outside at a park..Well I had my cereal in the morning and one meatball along with a cracker an 1 Tablespoon of hummus to eat all day and hardly much WATER!!!!
On Sunday I had cereal and then didn't eat till 5:30 at Texas Roadhouse..Salad 1 teaspoon of dressing lite Italian, chicken breast and plain sweet potato..around 8:30 some cereal..better on the Water but not great...
Now getting back on track...and feeling so much better...Let's work on my next goal. The next one is 20 pounds more off by my birthday in October..That gives me 4 months...Very doable..if this is a word...By beginning of November I would Love to be 25 to 30 off total but I want to make goals I can hit...So I don't feel defeated..We have something big going on then...But 20 to 25 I would be a static...

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debkhershberger said...

Congratulations on the 50!! Thats my next goal! I love your visualization of the sugar and the meat! Anytime I think of giving up, Im going to look at that, and that will kick me in the butt!! Thankyou for your kind post today on my 5K. (Im new to blogging so Im not sure if Im supposed to respond there or on your blog!) But I wanted to say thankyou! I downloaded the couch to 5K music from Itunes to my Ipod, and went to work. The first time I couldnt run 30 seconds without feeling like I was gonna DIE!! Sometimes I had to repeat a day because I just didnt feel ready to move on. BUT, by week 10 I jogged for 30 mins without stopping. Your 20 minute mile is VERY NORMAL!! Thats what I do when I walk! Keep on keeping on!! You can do this!