Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Our first born has just graduated. He just turned 18...Time flies by, birth to 18 seems like 1 year at times. We are so proud of you Michael.
Michael graduated with honors, and had a fabulous senior year...His Business Management Class will be one of his best memories of this year...Awesome job Michael being president of the company and Getting employee of the year through out the Nation...that is one great accomplishment..
Michael with GG his Great Grandpa...This is my Grandpa's first great grandchild to graduate. Grandpa is 86 years old and did really good for such a long time of sitting and walking. Let's just say we had a little accident in the bathroom that he cut his arm open an we needed to get to a drug store for some bandages and neosporan...What a trooper you are Grandpa...
Michael with his grandpa and his best friends dad patting his back..special moments.
I love this picture I snapped as we were leaving for the Civic Center..Michael along with his Nana. Thank you for those that came to the Graduation to celebrate Michael's special day in his life.

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