Saturday, June 26, 2010


Ok the next phase has begun, we have started the bathroom and laundry area of my parents place. Michael looking out of what is know the bathroom window.

It used to be the side garage door.

Before anything could start we needed to do some major cleaning, or should I say throwing away a lot of STUFF...

This is enough to give anyone that is any kind of neat organized person a major anxiety attack. HELP!!!! How embarrassing.

Dad and Hubby putting siding up to cover up where the side door was.

TA Da we have a floor and the shower is lifted up onto the floor of the bathroom/laundry room

Time to build the wall. Look at these two, they actually went to Home Depot and had same family reunion shirt on and jean shorts.....Dad changed his shorts to older work ones...but... Anyway they have little Teet in there helping.

Here goes the wall. It is up and next is pluming and electric...stay tuned. Right now my parents are using the powder room and having to go up to the children's bathroom for their showers. We could just share a laundry room, but this way we all have our personal space...(really it's because mom can't stand to see clothes needing washed and she can't get caught up with us and all the
I believe it was this time of year two years ago when we started this process of building a suite for my parents to stay with us. It has been one of the best things we have done. All is good, I believe my parents feel comfortable and good that they are right here if ever they have a need. Plus the best part is they have that daily time with my children, whether it's 5 minutes or how are you or guess what I did today or what are you watching...
I so loved and miss my grandparents, and I so feel it is such a special relationship to be able to have...I have one grandfather left and he is now 84, I try to see him when I can and have him over. My grandpa loves being with his great grandchildren he just lights up when with them..
Anyway I feel very blessed to be able to have this time and this living arrangement with my parents...I love you Dad and Mom..

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have subscribed to this called Raising Homemakers and it comes to me daily through e-mail. I really enjoy reading the different postings. Some really make you stop and think, others are not as in depth. This is one I read today, on being Content and Contentment...Hmmm how calming and freeing it is just in reading this. Things today are so very rush rush hurry hurry and we are coming and going, But how much are we missing, by not being still and listening. We always want bigger better, when we are not content with our self it is a huge whole that can never be filled. God gives me my peace and contentment, He is what we stand on. He never waivers and He will never leave us...More and more I love the simple things in my life. My time sitting outside with a loved one. Watching the birds, chipmunks and squirrels. Planting the flowers watching them bloom. The smell of rain coming in. Anyway the following really spoke to me. The Lord has been speaking to me through scripture a lot lately on Joy, Peace, Being Content in all things.

Posted: 23 Jun 2010 09:00 PM PDT
Recently we heard a message at church on simplicity. It’s kind of a buzz word in our culture, but do we really understand what it means to live a simple life? Our pastor gave us some real-life application that I’ve been thinking of since then.
So many times, we think of living simply as a synonym for living without things, the opposite of materialistic discontent.
In I Thessalonians 4, when Paul was addressing the Christians there, he talks to them about living simply by minding their own business, working with their hands, and living a quiet life.
Paul seemed to be emphasizing their lifestyle, not just a lack of material possessions. In other words, they were encouraged to live contentedly or simply, if you will.
What does that really look like?
We may be content to let material possessions go, but how about a certain lifestyle of always seeking for something more. We can spin our wheels as mothers always looking for the next greatest thing/experience for ourselves and our children. This can wear us out to the point where the joy of life is lacking in our hearts and homes.
Are we raising a generation that will be content to be godly mothers or do we live in a way that says “the best things in life are out there somewhere and we’re gonna find them.” While we want to raise kingdom minded children, we must remember our ways are not God’s ways and many times He wants to use peaceful people who are content to speak to a very discontent, chaotic world. So many live under “stress”, another buzz word. Let us as God’s people live a different way~we still have to work hard, but we can leave all the baggage that we don’t really need lying by the curb. Say no to things that really don’t matter and make time for the best things.
We can share wonderful experiences with our children everyday by pointing out to them a bird, flower, or miracle of a seed growing. We can teach them to work with their hands, to love and give to others, and rest in a loving, peaceful atmosphere. We as mothers, can only give these experiences to our children if our own hearts are content. If we are always chasing the pot at the end of the rainbow or the rainbow itself, our children will learn that living in God’s presence and doing His work is not enough to satisfy.
He is truly all we need to be happy and content.
Are you missing joy as a mother, daughter, wife? Purpose to have a thankful attitude for the simple joys God gives you everyday. Live contentedly~truly stopping to see all around you the miracles of our Creator God!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Just needed to type some things that I've been dealing with and thinking about lately. I feel at times our role as women in the home, is underminded.

Do we as Mom's think to be a good Mother we need to do all the work ourselves, not wanting to make our children have to do chores or help us out?

After thinking about this and hearing others say I never had to do this when I was a child or I had to do everything when I was younger, and I'm not having my children do this, their only young once. And listening to my children's friends talk on what they do or don't have to do at their homes, I'm thinking isn't Homemaking a vital part of life?

It is not meant to be a punishment, but a part of learning, a part of belonging and helping out as a family unit.

In doing tasks it lightens the load for all. It gives us a sense of belonging to the family. Pitching in and carrying our share of the load, the responsibility's of things that need done.

To work is normal, it isn't that we are being mean. We all need to be able to cook, wash our laundry, iron, ect. This is life lessons. I don't even know in school if they still have home ec. We learned how to cook,and to sew.

Is this not part of our duties as a Mom to train our children and prepare them in this area for their life as they get out on their own?

Now in saying this all we have worked on this in our home. My children have always had tasks they need to do as a part of our family helping each other.

Boy there have been days when they just don't want to do a thing and you have asked many times to get this done...

Then there are days when you are out running errands and you come home to find the home spotless. Or a room all cleaned with out me having to say a word...Yes those days can be few but when they do happen it is such a great feeling. They feel so proud of themselves and you feel so good to see how they have learned. It also makes one happy Momma to come home to this. I feel so good as a Mother raising my children to know Homemaking skills.

So when I think about my role as a mom, this is one area in training my children. Their are many others, like the most important one to us is their relationship with the Lord Jesus, having a tender soft heart, loving others, being respectful, obeying others, and the list goes on. I have been thinking about the area's I feel I have not been a good example or not been patient enough with my children at times. Being a parent sure doesn't come with a manual or classes we all get one shot at it.
My children are both in high school now, and time goes by so very fast. I am a stay at home mom by choice, I thank my God for allowing me to be home. This is what we feel is best for us. I am not putting anyone else down or saying you are less if you didn't. I wanted to be home and I thank God for answering this prayer. I also have been truly blessed to have almost 11 more years with my children that I almost didn't get because of my Brain Anyurium that ruptured... Lord God I thank you for letting me raise my children, that you have blessed us with.
My Michael is now out in the work force, and is learning different skills in his life. My Autumn can't wait to get a job and work...She just see's shopping, so we will be working on teaching about saving and how to not get into debt with her...she still has over a year to be able to work..
I love you both so very much, forgive me when I don't always handle things the best way I should, and always know I only want the best life for you both...

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I just changed out my frame for the month of July. I really like the patriotic look this time of year. So I added a flag scrap booking sheet of paper cut to size.Then I have magnetic patriotic little charms of hearts stars, and a Little Lady Liberty.. I put one heart on my frame.

And here she sits, on my corner cabinet in our foyer...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Let our day begin, My Autumn and niece Sydney at 4 am in the morning all bright and smiley, ready for our 4 hour trip to....

Nascar at the Michigan Speedway in Brooklyn Michigan....Ta Da we is now 9:30 am

We had Hot Passes to go in the garages and down on pit row...Here is hubby and I in the garage of the Red Bull Car...we learned a lot. This is where they do all the official check and measuring to make sure car is good for race on Sunday. With out any parts that are not aloud..Very tight quarters..

Our rep from Red Bull Racing Team, She was terrific and treated us like royalty...This is Red Bulls Trailer..She flew in from Charlotte to host us for the day. We are with Red Bull because they are Vendors for my husband.

We are now in the pit, with all the cars, the drivers and their team. This pic was of some of our military carrying our flag for the National Anthem.

Mike and I are standing up in the Red Bull Box, This is where the communication goes on with the driver during the race. What a view it is up there.

Her is Jeff Gordan

Kasey Kahne.

This is Jimmy Johnson's spot endorsed by Lowe's. This is his team sitting on the wall before race started.

This picture is priceless. My husband is shaking hands with Mr. Rick Hendrick...Owner of several drivers. Very nice man. Gives to a lot of charity's and he is Very wealthy..and down to earth...Great Guy. My cousin Kelly is just looking at Mike, I love this pick...

Mr. Rick Hendrick signing Mike's Hot Pass...

Our picture with the Red Bull Driver. My cousin Mike and Kelly and us.

another driver in the Pit.

Meet Kevin Havick a driver, one of my brother's favorite.

Kevin Havick again. Then it happened I saw Jimmy Johnson walking my way walked over to get his picture after bumming in to Tony Stewart and got ready to snap the picture Of Jimmy and...The battery died in the camera.....That ended my pictures for the day. Oh and why are my pictures black and white....My sweet Daughter had it on Black and white when she used it last. I never knew the camera did that I thought you ordered them that way....I learned I need to check everything.....
Oh P.S. to those I am driving nuts whith my spelling....I love you..!!!!


My cousin Mike's wife called me an said I have a surprise for you....I said A SURPRISE I LOVE SURPRISES...!!!

So we had an appointment together and when I got in the car she said here..and handed me a box. In that box she gave me Four plates and this vegetable bowl that was from my Dear Grandma's dishes she used.

Here is one of the plates and the bowl. Look at the beautiful teal colored flowers and the wheat.

I put the four plates on our dining room table, and the vegetable bowl. When I change things in my hutch that was also my Grandma's I will display them in there with another set of Gram's dishes.

I'm so very thankful for Mike and Kelly's generous giving heart to share these with me. They so truly mean the world to me. An they both knew they would.

This is what is on the back of the plates. The bowl has no marking.

Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm out in my back yard taking some pictures off my flowers. Here is part of our back yard.

This pic I'm standing in the way back left corner by the lilac tree. It is taken of my parents in-law-suite and part of our patio.

Not sure of this bloom but it was hanging over our fence from our neighbors tree. I liked the pure white pedals.

My Lily's this yellow is so glowing.

A bunch of our ferns.

Daisy's and not sure of what the plant is with yellow flowers.

I love this picture, look at the one daisy..

This is so vibrant and you can see some of the buds that still have not bloomed.

My potted verbenas.
So just out snapping some close ups in the sun and out. I want to get the perfect picture of my orange flowers to copy and frame for the dining room.
The last two days it's only been in the mid to upper 60's and no humidity. I could use some warmth. Tomorrow all day rain and storms..

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Finally I got some plants planted for my garden. Now we kept saying we need to plant this and that. But where are we going to put a garden where it gets a lot of sun....Hmmm
Lets see now we planted zucchini on the right front side of the garage. 3 plants, see two in front then one in back left.

Here is my Basil and Dill, in pots.

Now look at this part of my garden celery and yellow sweet peppers on right as u look at the picture. On the left in yellow bell peppers...he he..This is back yard around the patio..That is miss Lizzy our Scottie she had to check it all out, and hubby is standing in background.

Have you heard of those tops turvy tomato pots or bags? Well this is a home made tomato holder made by Mr. T...

He cut holes now filling with dirt.

Ta Da lets see how these tomatoes do. He put two plants in there and mulch on top.

Look Susie I found celery...Oh my goodness that reminds me I have to get up there and buy you some..Oh please Lord don't let it be gone..

I have never thought about celery and how it grows, So when my dear friend Susie was talking about her garden and the celery I just thought that it was hilarious, because I couldn't figure how it grew.....The low and behold I saw some at the plant hut...of Course I yelled with happiness...Honey look it's celery come look I my goodness I never saw it before...It doesn't take much to amuse me..
I forgot to show you my seedless cucumbers...oh no I hope I don't forget where all my garden is planted....
Well that is our garden all over anywhere we found a lot of sun...I will let you know how it is doing...I'm so excited to see my celery grow....
Have a blessed week,