Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm out in my back yard taking some pictures off my flowers. Here is part of our back yard.

This pic I'm standing in the way back left corner by the lilac tree. It is taken of my parents in-law-suite and part of our patio.

Not sure of this bloom but it was hanging over our fence from our neighbors tree. I liked the pure white pedals.

My Lily's this yellow is so glowing.

A bunch of our ferns.

Daisy's and not sure of what the plant is with yellow flowers.

I love this picture, look at the one daisy..

This is so vibrant and you can see some of the buds that still have not bloomed.

My potted verbenas.
So just out snapping some close ups in the sun and out. I want to get the perfect picture of my orange flowers to copy and frame for the dining room.
The last two days it's only been in the mid to upper 60's and no humidity. I could use some warmth. Tomorrow all day rain and storms..

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