Sunday, June 6, 2010


Finally I got some plants planted for my garden. Now we kept saying we need to plant this and that. But where are we going to put a garden where it gets a lot of sun....Hmmm
Lets see now we planted zucchini on the right front side of the garage. 3 plants, see two in front then one in back left.

Here is my Basil and Dill, in pots.

Now look at this part of my garden celery and yellow sweet peppers on right as u look at the picture. On the left in yellow bell peppers...he he..This is back yard around the patio..That is miss Lizzy our Scottie she had to check it all out, and hubby is standing in background.

Have you heard of those tops turvy tomato pots or bags? Well this is a home made tomato holder made by Mr. T...

He cut holes now filling with dirt.

Ta Da lets see how these tomatoes do. He put two plants in there and mulch on top.

Look Susie I found celery...Oh my goodness that reminds me I have to get up there and buy you some..Oh please Lord don't let it be gone..

I have never thought about celery and how it grows, So when my dear friend Susie was talking about her garden and the celery I just thought that it was hilarious, because I couldn't figure how it grew.....The low and behold I saw some at the plant hut...of Course I yelled with happiness...Honey look it's celery come look I my goodness I never saw it before...It doesn't take much to amuse me..
I forgot to show you my seedless cucumbers...oh no I hope I don't forget where all my garden is planted....
Well that is our garden all over anywhere we found a lot of sun...I will let you know how it is doing...I'm so excited to see my celery grow....
Have a blessed week,

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Adventures of a CrAzY LaDy! said...

You'll have to keep us updated on the homemade Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter - if it works, why would we need to go buy the real deal?! Happy gardening!