Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have subscribed to this called Raising Homemakers and it comes to me daily through e-mail. I really enjoy reading the different postings. Some really make you stop and think, others are not as in depth. This is one I read today, on being Content and Contentment...Hmmm how calming and freeing it is just in reading this. Things today are so very rush rush hurry hurry and we are coming and going, But how much are we missing, by not being still and listening. We always want bigger better, when we are not content with our self it is a huge whole that can never be filled. God gives me my peace and contentment, He is what we stand on. He never waivers and He will never leave us...More and more I love the simple things in my life. My time sitting outside with a loved one. Watching the birds, chipmunks and squirrels. Planting the flowers watching them bloom. The smell of rain coming in. Anyway the following really spoke to me. The Lord has been speaking to me through scripture a lot lately on Joy, Peace, Being Content in all things.

Posted: 23 Jun 2010 09:00 PM PDT
Recently we heard a message at church on simplicity. It’s kind of a buzz word in our culture, but do we really understand what it means to live a simple life? Our pastor gave us some real-life application that I’ve been thinking of since then.
So many times, we think of living simply as a synonym for living without things, the opposite of materialistic discontent.
In I Thessalonians 4, when Paul was addressing the Christians there, he talks to them about living simply by minding their own business, working with their hands, and living a quiet life.
Paul seemed to be emphasizing their lifestyle, not just a lack of material possessions. In other words, they were encouraged to live contentedly or simply, if you will.
What does that really look like?
We may be content to let material possessions go, but how about a certain lifestyle of always seeking for something more. We can spin our wheels as mothers always looking for the next greatest thing/experience for ourselves and our children. This can wear us out to the point where the joy of life is lacking in our hearts and homes.
Are we raising a generation that will be content to be godly mothers or do we live in a way that says “the best things in life are out there somewhere and we’re gonna find them.” While we want to raise kingdom minded children, we must remember our ways are not God’s ways and many times He wants to use peaceful people who are content to speak to a very discontent, chaotic world. So many live under “stress”, another buzz word. Let us as God’s people live a different way~we still have to work hard, but we can leave all the baggage that we don’t really need lying by the curb. Say no to things that really don’t matter and make time for the best things.
We can share wonderful experiences with our children everyday by pointing out to them a bird, flower, or miracle of a seed growing. We can teach them to work with their hands, to love and give to others, and rest in a loving, peaceful atmosphere. We as mothers, can only give these experiences to our children if our own hearts are content. If we are always chasing the pot at the end of the rainbow or the rainbow itself, our children will learn that living in God’s presence and doing His work is not enough to satisfy.
He is truly all we need to be happy and content.
Are you missing joy as a mother, daughter, wife? Purpose to have a thankful attitude for the simple joys God gives you everyday. Live contentedly~truly stopping to see all around you the miracles of our Creator God!

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