Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today was really nice, cloudy this morning but nice and sunny high upper 70's and 67% dew point. we had rain yesterday and some through the night, that is wonderful for all the plants and grass.

I have been reading about some of my bloggers gardens, and I'm thinking I better get some plants in. But I also have to remember when some of them are saying they already have vegetables and are eating from their gardens that not everyone lives in the midwest area..

I want to get some zucchini planted and not sure what else.but I will work on it this week.

I'm thankful for a nice school year without any problems, no drinking, no drugs, and no sex...curfews were always met....I am so thankful that we have not had to deal with any of these things with our children..Not saying my children are perfect...I still deal with attitude, them not getting along with each other.....and a soon to be 15 year old that wants it all...shopping and getting things, like jewelry and clothes and make-up and......this leads me into

Things I'm praying for... us as a family to be content with what we have and to be truly thankful for our life, and our health. For my children to have tender hearts and that God will always be #1 in their life.

I'm praying for some of my blogger friends that have health issues and for our country. Along with many many more prayers going up to my Lord.

Things I want to work on this week is our summer schedule, getting everything down and organized now that I have the cheer calender for the summer.

Finishing the last two days of school.

Autumn has ortho appointment and Mike an appointment with the Dr. to discuss some issues he is having.

We will be attending a graduation party.

Around the house inside I will be working on my son's room. I need to get his dresser changed out to his new dresser and then I will be taking down his border and getting his room ready to re-do. I finally decided to do it in Red White and Blue....Real fresh and clean looking.

I pray for a safe, happy, healthy summer...

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