Monday, May 31, 2010


The results are in, and after two long weeks of tryouts the result is: She made it!!!! Autumn I know how you are feeling through this all and I also know how much time and effort you put into this my Dear...Enjoy your freshmen year...Let your light shine, always be true to yourself. I love you.

We had posters that needed to be made for tryouts...This was the first one....But it didn't get to go to tryouts, it was a little lets just say not as good as.....

This one....So this poster went to tryouts with her...They post these through out the year in the cafateria...for spirit....during football and basket ball....

Right after tryouts we hurried home and they had to get changed and ready for the Talent show at the High School..It was a dance fun cheer skit...Autumn is looking for a shoe in our neat Foyer closet...hmmm let me add this to my list of things to organize..So they did not get home from Talent show till 10 pm, I say one long tense stressful day that started at 7am ended at 10pm

Sunday night a bunch of the girls got together to make their Freshmen bandana's and Freshmen T-shirts.. Then they had a bond fire and had a good time..

Her is Autumn with her friend Corrin doing the bandana painting. After the get together at Kelsey's Autumn, and some friends went over to Corrins to spend the night. Corrin has a huge pool and Hot Tub the girls swam and had a terrific time together as always..I really like Autumns friends, they are all a lot of fun.
I will post more on the T-shirts and Bandana's the last day of school....hmm where will they be at 6:45 last day of school????
Now off to get ready for our first 2010-2011 cheer leading meeting....