Saturday, May 22, 2010


Outside this time of year. Ahhh it feels so good and relaxing to be able to get outside. Here is my new sitting area-dinning squirrel and chipmunk, along with my cardinals, finches, blue jay,mourning dove, and butterfly, along with hummingbird watching and listening other words my Sanctuary. This is being taken from Mom's patio door.

Pic from other direction. This way you can see Mom and Dads patio door.

Some Hostas and Ferns.

I don't remember if these are coral bells or columbines...

My Miss Kim is in full bloom and smells so wonderful, the fragrance is like heavenly.
I'm still working on some things. I want a new cushion for the chase lounge. I need to get my three pots filled for my 3 basket hanger.
I bought some more dill and sweet basil, Chives are doing great.
I would like to add some yellow marigolds then I will be done with flowering in the back.
The next to bloom is my peonies, I can't wait I cut them and bring them in the house.
Next I will get some pics of the side and front...Looking forward to a nice 80 some degree week.
This week is very busy, I always say May is worse than December...Lets see.. talent show practice, cheer practice for youth Autumn is helping the coach out with this mon an wed. we have ortho appointment, cheer tryouts tues and thurs, results posted friday. We have tumbling class two day s this week. book reports and poster to get done to finish up school and exams....WOW I am going to take it one day at a time...
Till next time...Keep smiling and tell someone you love them...


Jen said...

I love your outdoor space. I hope once allergy season is over you'll be able to enjoy it.
I love hosta. We have so much shade in our yard, so they do really well.
I really enjoyed your daughters cheerleading photos. I was a cheerleader too and I have such great memories from those few years.
Thanks for visiting my blog and following me. I really appreciate it. I am following you also.
Have a nice week.
:) Jen

Stacey said...

Your patio area is so pretty! Looks very inviting. :)