Monday, May 3, 2010


What in the world is going on out there...I better get dressed and go see. This is what I saw this morning looking out my front door. This is on the street right in my front yard.

And across the street this lady was down in the hole also, litterly all I saw was her head hanging out. So when I got out there I found out some baby ducks fell through the grates. See in her hand that was the last one to come out out of the four.

So we went over to the driveway to release her to her momma and siblings.. she kept wanting to turn and go the other way.

See momma and the babies, waiting for her.

This momma had 9 little ones.

How cute they are. Just walking around.

AWWW she has all her ducks in a row..
What a sweet ending for a Monday morning, Of course I had to get my camera and shoot pictures while they were capturing these little sweeties...
Have a wonderful day.

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