Monday, May 10, 2010


How I felt when my first born came walking in from work Saturday. As this being my first child, out working with a job and 17 years old, they are young men or women at that age. I don't need to be there for every need and they want their Independence. You raise them the best you know how at the time and pray to God they do good. I guess I said that to say... As Michael came home Saturday he walked in with this beautiful flower hanging basket, And said Happy Mother's Day Mom..

And gave me a hug and kiss....I was so very shocked.. and tearfully I hugged him and thanked him so much..I said Son, Honey Thank you this is beautiful..But the part that got me..

is that he thought of me...And he knows what I like. He took the time and his money to do this for me...That is the part that is so tender...his giving heart and love...BUT not only for me...

He thought of his Grandma...I said honey she isn't your mom..I said this in a teasing way.. and he said but she's my Grandma..... He got her this basket of flowers also...Well now my heart has totally melted at his thoughtfulness and love...What a Husband he will be one day.....
It's not over I was at mom's house looking at her flower basket and Michael went outside and came back in with.....That will be on another post stay tuned..
My heart is still full..I love you Michael, and Thank You so very much for showing me your love for me this Mother's day...Love Mom.

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Rettabug said...

Way to go, Michael!! BRAVO & job well done!!
You raised him right, Jolyn!

I think the fluffy white flowers in your basket is called "Diamond Frost". I saw it in $50 planters at Pettitis Gardens & asked about it. They didn't have any in little pots for me to purchase for my planters but they said they would be getting more in. I just love how it looks!!

Happy Mothers Day!