Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Of May?? Yes you do start wrapping up the school year..but you also get ready for the new year. CHEER LEADING TRYOUTS r here once again.. Here are the ladies from this school year.

See the little peanut in the middle doing her jump...This is our Kelsey, the one I posted about that broke her femur in track 3 weeks ago. Update: she is doing terrific, Dr.'s feel if all continues this way she can do whatever she wants by beginning of July..That is awesome!!! I didn't know if she would ever be able to do gymnastics again, she is a very good gymnast, tennis player,swimming, and track....AND cheerleader...But right now my heart is hurting for her, because of this situation she can't try out for cheer leading right now..Please continue to pray for the healing and her tender heart right now having to sit out this year.

Cheer leading is not just at games. Here is Kelsey and my Autumn making signs for cheer camp at Ohio State last year.

Autumn doing one of her jumps at the game they got to cheer at last year at Fawcett Stadium. This is where we have the Hall of Fame Football game at every year..

Not only is Autumn and her friends trying out, my niece Sydney is to. She is a year younger than Autumn. Syd I wish you the best and I know you will do great...Luv U...

Cheering gets in these girls blood...They walk it and talk it along with jumps and dances. They do things for the community, Visit nursing homes, and have a strong bond with each other.

This is funny..Kylie on the right just told Autumn "My Mom just kissed your Dad on the cheek" Kelsey in the middle was like WHAT.. and Autumn is saying no way....Yep it did happen, we were all laughing but Kylie was mortified... LOL

Here's to Autumn and Sydney. I wish you all the best, you both deserve it. Here's to Try outs...
Stay tuned...

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