Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It was May 5th 1993...When our baby boy was born...Now all babies are a miracle to me, but after 9 years of infertility I gave birth to this miracle from God on our 9 year wedding anniversary..Here he is and this is a VERY LONG POST...all of my Michael. Here he was around 2years old.

Last year at his 16th birthday.

16th birthday we all went to olive garden,

Michael's favorite blimpies...he has his drivers permit now.

Christmas morning 2009.

2006 at Virginia beach...13years old

Christmas eve at Nana's

Cheesecake Factory after going to Cleveland to look at Christmas Lights.

Mike and Michael at Cheesecake Factory

New years eve at Marcia and Carl's.. Both David's an Michael

Day after Christmas Uncle Joe and Grandpa

Christmas Day at Mom and Dad's in pic is Michael Sydney, Grandma and Autumn..

Family portrait done in fall of 2006 I believe.

Tyler's 1st birthday.

Michael at Mom an Dads house we added on to ours 2009

All the 2nd cousins on Labor Day 2009

Labor Day 2009 Mom Lori Tyler Sydney Autumn and Kylie with Michael

Sydney an Michael at Dinner 2009

Dad and Michael, Dads 65th birthday 2009

Uncle Joe's Pool for Syd's birthday 09

Last summer putting in yard after mom and dads home was built 09

Christmas morning 2009 me Michael and Dad

Movies we all went during day on Christmas eve 2009

At the Gund arena in a loge to see Tran Siberian Orchestra 2nd year for this DEC 2009

2nd cousins at Family Christmas party 2009

Michael helping me decorate our new blue spruce Christmas tree. 2009

Michael and Lizzy taking a rest after helping cut down weeping berry tree to start mom and dads home. 2009

Mike and Michael cutting the tree down... Make way for the addition.

Michael and I at Virginia Beach 2007

Michael at Virginia beach

Michael doing a play for English they had to make up. 2009

Michael starting 9th grade first year at high school.

Just chilling

Snow day no school..The Guys playing Euchre.

Helping his dad shovel out drive during one of our snow storms. 2009

Michael eating his cereal before school...I think he was a little cold..

His dodge ball t-shirt he designed for the team this year...The Undisputed Had a very good year, and yes they beat the FORCE.... Great job.

Sitting at his computer during World of the War craft days...Thank God those days are over..


Maria M. Boyer said...

Happy Birthday, Michael!!

Angel Chris said...

What a lovely family! Great pics..
Happy Birthday Michael..
Birthday Party Cruise

Sue said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Michael!!! Hope you all have a wonderful, special, memorable day! Happy Annivarsary, too, my friend! Love you!