Saturday, August 29, 2009


My first picture didn't turn out and I don't know how to fix it SORRY... Oh where do I begin. A lot of firsts, 1st time cheering at football game, 1st time to cheer with varsity girls, a 1st for putting up fence signs and a 1st for the BIGGEST LIGHTNING BOLT AND THUNDER EVER!! It's after school on Friday and I picked 1/2 the girls up along with another mom getting the other 1/2....and away to the stadium we went...all fence signs need put up. OK... this is not only her 1st but mine also..Me being the parent rep for our girls I'm going first to let all who go after me know how this is done..We had 80 to put up, we put them up with zip ties, three per sign..Alright I'm ready , girls lets do it...We worked fast, the freshman girls were like WOW we never got done this fast....I'm thinking well you never had me here ...lets keep moving right along girls.. If I didn't we would still be there with them talking and texing and.....OK I can do this simple no problem...Well we had a storm coming from the west I thought it would hit us around 6 hubby said 7:30...Lets just continue right along with the wind BLOWING so hard we had to put a zip tie on the bottom also.

I did keep them moving ..but I always have time for a picture..I'm thinking we are in kansas...DORATHY.....WIZARD OF OZ...STORMS I think you got it.

I needed to stop over to the pavilion where the girls were going to be eating dinner at before the big game...It was decorated so nice. Out front there was a big sign that read NORTH CANTON LOVES THEIR CHEERLEADERS..I thought that was soo precious. But seeing it was 3:40 and I had to get all girls to our house to get ready and be back to the pavilion by 5:00, I missed getting the picture in all the hustle and bustle and yes wind and very tropical weather.

Some of our spirit day shirts just in. Yaaa!!

Got home and they all went up stair to get ready, I was down in the office and you could here them and it was so darn cute. Brought back a lot of memories and they did hair and calling for time check on how much time they had and laughing and singing along with giggles...Well you see my sweet Autumn always makes fun of her dad and I about how we sit and look at our flowers and keep planting and buying...So there you have it, Let's smell Mrs. T's flowers....You silly girls

Is this just so cute all 5 of them you have to look for Chloe on the right, she's blowing a kiss. I guess you can see we had a couple minutes for pictures before leaving.

Look at the sky...yes I know balloons but it's getting darker and more clouds and rain was in the air...It is now start of game, players running out on field and balloons released..7:30

How much fun, Did you all like the Friday night games?? This one was real exciting and we were winning, Autumn is cheering, and it starts, just came back 2 minutes after 1/2 time thunder and lightning...WE NEED EVERYONE TO LEAVE THE STADIUM IMMEDIATELY DO NOT RUN TAKE NEAREST EXIT, DUE TO WEATHER WE MUST CLEAR FIELD RIGHT AWAY...and they all started moving fast..and so did the got really windy and more thunder closer along with wild lightning bolds. I was so glad at 1/2 time I headed to the truck with hubby, we knew it was coming he looked at radar on his phone....All I could think about is Autumn where are you girls, then the phone rings Mom I'm at the main gate..stay there till we get around to you then cross the street....It didn't start raining yet..I kept saying please dear Lord let everyone get to their cars. We got our baby and headed home 5 minutes away, when all of a sudden THE LOUDEST BRIGHTEST LIGHTNING BOLD HIT RIGHT IN FRONT OF US..YES We SCREAMED so loud, never in 45 years have I ever heard or saw anything like it.

Then the gates opened and it Poured..9:15 pm it let loose... My lovely sweet daughter says CAN I STILL SPEND THE NIGHT AT CORRI N'S!!!!!! Yes and I went right to bed...See Saturday was another first..

YOU GO BABY GIRL....LOVE THAT JUMP!!!! Yes I finally got the jump at the right time. Today we are at Fawcett Stadium where they hold the Hall Of Fame game. All 8Th grade teams were playing today, this is a very big deal for them to play on this field. Our poor girls had the sun in their faces the whole time, but they did great.


Game is over and we won!!! that always is a good thing, we played Massillion and that is even better...We can say things like this because it's football right???

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Meet Sqwiggy, this is my little black squirrel. Well my little Lexi will spend hours sitting under the tree just watching her every move.. And don't think for a minute she doesn't taunt Lexi. But today Sqwig is pretty hungry..She broke this BIRD feeder.

Later I was in the kitchen, I look out on the patio because I saw the white back with bird seed move....Yep Sqwig had her head all the way in the black sunflower seeds eating away. But in my excitement to get the camera, I scared her.

Not enough for her to run away up the tree just enough for her to jump down and turn around and say HMMMM should I jump back up there??? By then Lexi spotted her and up the tree she ran.

Sorry the picture is dark but here is the little stinker again...This feeder is hanging from the pin oak on a little metal rod...I look out and think how in the world did sqwiggy get on top of that feeder...So I swooshed her off there and watched out the window...Here she came again, she went across the limb and slid down the metal rod and there she was eating away...Inbelievable..As you can tell I get alot of enjoyment out of the Squirrels and birds along with our chipmunks and hummers and butterflies...I just love sitting out side in our yard....

Love to you all,


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My baby girl is leaving for her first day of 8Th grade...I'll miss you baby you . Have a great dayyyy. And she was gone....In her mind she was YES first day I love the team I'm on have my friends with me... And Kelsey rides my bus again this year WOO HOOO!!! As a mother I'm so happy that she is happy and ready BUT...oh well. Lets say she started getting ready for her first day when she got up yesterday..Yep she said come on mom lets get our last minute items and lunch stuff ect..... then when we got home around 5:00, away she went laying all clothes out for the first day , earrings check, necklace check, shoes check, bag check, supplies and medical forms check, Then she needed to shave and do nails of course toes had to be pink and fingers had to be a french manicure....then should I wear it MOM....I think we all hit the bed around 10 and baby girls was just finishing up....All of a sudden she comes in my bedroom Mom.....yahhhh I can't sleep......I wanted to say welcome to my world, But of course I said Honey just lay down and get your lights off, and your TV and your cell.......then just maybe you can sleep...1/2 hour later I checked she was out....At 5:45 am I hear that stupid I mean I hear that cell phone alarm very loudly singing...Now I remember why I hated school to start...Her alarm goes off, then again...meanwhile My Michael's goes off very loud beeping and he NEVER shuts it off because it doesn't wake him up.....So I lay there listening to dulling alarms. MEMORIES...
Here is our yearly show me your grade with those fingers picture....8Th grade last year of middle school.....YIKES. Have a wonderful fun and blessed year sweet Autumn.

You are so darn cute...I want to be just like you when I grow up!!!! I always tell her that..she laughs at me....and says I want to be like you....Remember Autumn keep a sweet heart..
I love you.

This picture says it all. I'm out of here and know picture..What is it about 16 year olds...Oh and he no way would think of riding that school bus not him no way...Thank God he has friends that drive...He wasn't interested to start his driving at 15 1/2 like they did at 16 he still wasn't to ready till Dad drove him up there and said get in there and get your book to study..Yep your right he didn't need to study it he already knew it all...So dad said to him then go take your written test.....hmmm but he did and you got it he FAILED... but only missed by one. So waited 2 or 3 days and back he went and past. So now he has his temps, and says I wish I would have started sooner.....YES I WANTED TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO.....Anyway back to him leaving for his first day. Bye honey, I love you....have a great he is walking to the car I'm saying this as I stand on front porch..

So sweet wonderful son of ours this is the picture you want as your first day of 11Th grade FINE you got it...My Michael got up got dressed ate and then thought hymmm I might need to take a folder and pencil...2 minutes before he was leaving..Autumn he says do you have extra folder. No way was she giving up any of her supplies, besides they are all girly girly...Son I said lets go to the supplies drawer here is a folder, paper and pen and Autumn gave him one of her mechanical pencils..That was his extent of getting ready for school....And he is an A,B student go figure.LOL
I do pray that they both have a safe, healthy happy school year. Enjoy Michael and Autumn I love you both so very much..

Saturday, August 22, 2009


What a great family fun weekend we had. First of all my pictures are backwards ..LOL so lets start with Sunday. After church we all were going to work in the yard doing more rototilling and grass planting. I was working in the flower beds. My Aunt and Uncle stopped by what a treat to see them. My Uncle hasn't seen my parents new home we are building. So we all sat around on the patio and visited for awhile. We got dad's lap top computer out to show them some pictures. Of course we needed to pass the computer around for all to see. Wow has times changed, we used to pass the picture itself around...How funny. My parents along with my Aunt and my mother-in-law who also stopped by on her way home from church. It was a nice day. We had roast and potatoes for dinner, it smelled so good cooking all day. We had doors and windows open, it was only in the 70's today. Very relaxing no make up, hair pulled back, ahhh
Now moving back to Saturday, Friday was my dad's birthday but we celebrated Friday and Saturday. That's always good!!! So here is my sweet boy along with my niece, you know my Michael doesn't like his picture taken so when I pulled out the camera he moved away. But Sydney got a hold of him with a great big hug.....PRICELESS
My parents, my family and my brother and his family met at this Italian restaurant Dad wanted to eat at.. We got there everyone had directions hummmm or did they........We should have known, see my brother is not the best with directions and let's just say....after 45 minutes being late and we ate our appetizers...we said someone better give them a call. Michael looks at his phone and says I have a missed call guess who.......YEP they were lost....Lets see one vehicle with built in gps, plus a gps that goes into any vehicle and map quest.....Need I say more...After dad calling and taking him street by street they joined us......I LOVE YOU JOEY.....Lori did say it wasn't his fault map quest was wrong....What did Lori get for that cover up LOL

Anyways. here they are with my little Tyler...He will be 1 years old this month.

My parents as we are getting ready to leave for dinner. They have been married 45 years, and they were high school sweethearts...

Moving back to Friday, dad's real birthday day. Happy 65Th birthday dad, we pray for many more.OH presents, We got Dad a real nice Green pull over trimmed in navy. That would be the shirt he has on in the picture from Saturday night dinner.

we all sang Happy Birthday to Dad, without candles...but oh no Dad had to act like he was blowing out the candles....I got him a Chocolate blizzard Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen.

We went to one of the chicken houses in Barberton to get a chicken dinner, it was just the 6 of us. Look at the birthday boy, he was ready to eat... Oh so good....Not as good as CHICKEN BUCKET CHICKEN Suzie!!!!!

Thank you for following me through our weekend, I think we ate and visited with family and ate and then ate some more thank god tomorrow is Monday I will start my diet then, isn't that the way it goes??? Well till next time, I need to go to Dairy Queen for my Chocolate Brownie blizzard blast......LOL


Pictures for football cheer leading. These were taken at the middle school. This picture is so darn cute, but we have one looking backwards...Helloooo the camera is this way....
I just love taking non poses, but I got this one it is different, I rally like the white trees.

Here are some doing jumps, my autumn is in the middle. But my camera takes to long to take the shot. also after looking back at all the 87 pictures I did take I decided for my birthday in October I want a new camera...Any suggestions out there????

OK, Mom no more pictures they are walking away hand in hand....How cute..

Now this was one of Autumns individual shots.. the photographer took.. I like it.

Autumn and McKenzie, and yesterday they found out their home rooms and what team they are on, and again this year they are on the same team and home room...Yippee they are excited..Four out of eight cheerleaders are in Autumns home room, and 5 of them on the same team...
This coming Friday night the girls get to have dinner with the hoover football players and cheer leaders, along with cheering that Friday night with varsity and JV cheerleaders....How exciting!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009




So last night we had a dear friend over to spend the night, and the girls wanted to go CHALKING. So of course I said OK. We waited till 9:00 and then headed out. First stop they had company lights on all over front door open then out comes the mom to water....ooppps we come back for this one. So to the next allotment we go, girls are all ready to jump out of car and oh no.. garage lights on mom and daughter out practicing volley ball moves...UGGGG. Now who OK the twins so we turn around go down the street and I let the girls out and I drive away to turn around. The girls come flying in the car. We got them WOO HOOO!!! Now who..Taylor so we head over there, house is all dark, but the one garage door is open no car HMMM. Just go do it but hurry. Away they went.. Laughing so hard and giggling...heee hee he.
OK go back to Corrins... By then I say no way lets try Kelsey again and that's it... So we go by, company gone, lights out , and their off.. running and going so fast so they do not get caught. We did it . We put we love you Kelsey and..........
OK I get them home and settled so I thought. All of a sudden there is a big bang on the family room window in the back of the house...GUESS got it, the girls....get in here you are not even funny.. But of course since they didn't scare us they had to try one more time. This time grandma happened to be at the kitchen window....Yep they scared her alright. Grandma said " I almost said something I shouldn't" we all laughed...and it was time to go get faces washed and ready for bed. Remember cheer practice nice and early girls...
I so love listening to the girls and some of the things they say. They can be so entertaining and funny. After practice today we still have a our guest from last night and another dear friend over. We stopped at the mall, and the girls ran into Aries to get their gift of the week. Then they came out craving Starbucks and then Wendy's for lunch...Aren't they a hoot.
Oh I forgot to tell you this morning on the way to pick Kelsey up for practice, Autumn and Kylie were laughing and so excited to see what she would say when she got into the car about the chalking in the driveway.....THE JOKE WAS ON US BECAUSE IT STORMED LAST NIGHT AND THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE AT ALL WE WERE EVEN THERE......
Now it is 12:45 in the afternoon and Kelsey is home getting ready for gymnastics....the three girls are up in her driveway chalking in broad day light...But I said do not even think about DING DONG DITCHING HER......

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remember I 'm on a count down to Puerto Rico, We now have 73 more days. That's 2 months 1 week and 5 days.. Just hubby and I going...I am now praying for no hurricanes headed that way. I did some shopping today Macy's had some great sales going on for their summer items. I just can't wait to be on the beach by the ocean and relaxing. Of course people watching is the best. When I need to veg out or get away this is what I think about...AAHHHHH

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


UUGGGG!!! I can not believe school starts in one week. We just started getting hot warm summer weather last week. This summer flew by. I do not even like this. OHHHH well. The pictures here of my babies was first day of school for 2007. I have know clue where my 2008 pictures are. See I told you time is flying by, I missed a whole year.. My Michael in 07 was starting high school. and my Autumn was starting middle school. Now this year my Michael will be in 11Th and my baby girl in 8Th her last year at the middle school... I better go before the week flies by..yyy....

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Here is a little of before, I forgot to get a good before, but you can see the color a limeish green.
Autumn did have a full size bed since she got out of the crib, but she didn't like it later on when she had friends over. So my aunt was selling her day bed and autumn just had to have it. So here you can see a friend staying over. Her room was all in lady bugs, red and white with lime green.

We walked into Sydney's today and said OH MY LOOK AT THE CAKE, it looks like Autumns room. SOOO

Here is a look at the new room color....It is behr Orchid Rose. It is very fuchsia looking. So we do have the bedding and curtains, I will just say look at the cake. I am hoping for a big reveal soon.
Till then , we are still working on addition and some decor finishing touches for upstairs bath, and finishing up spare bedroom. Wow I am busy, but I love decor....I keep telling my SON his room is next....He does not like change..nope no way not going to happen!!! HE SAYS..


My 12 year old niece Sydney, She just opened her birthday gift from her little brother Tyler. There is a story to this that I still need to wait hopefully a little while longer to talk about. But this was very special.
You seemed to really like your bag Sydney...I am happy that you did. We got Autumn one also in another color. Now all girls seem to do is have all kinds of bags for everything. To pack for this or that and my Autumn uses hers for school instead of here book bag. I guess it's better than carrying all that stuff on your back. Oh and the big thing is you can match them with your outfit..LOL

Is this the life or what? Looks like a tough couple days you had. Lets see Thursday cheer party, Friday Ceder Point and Saturday another cheer picnic 2 - 10 and today ahhh sit back and relax. this is something Autumn does not do much of. She said mom I don't think I will swim I finally just washed it good to get out all the chlorine, well she ended up back in water.

My baby brother getting the burgers ready for the grill, while listening to our Mom talking away. All the food was so good. We had broccoli rice casserole and potato salad, pasta salad, cole slaw, deviled eggs, stuffed hot peppers, along with hot dogs and hamburgers. Everything was so very good. Yummy

Hey there little guy, he is ready to go swim. It was a very warm day for us here. The humidity has been high the last couple days, we aren't complaining seeing it has been a very cool summer.

The pool how much better can you get on a day like today. AHHHH My brother and son goofing around and Autumn with little Tyler.

Uncle Mike, laying back relaxing. Look at Aunt Jolyn Tyler....How precious he is.

Their is our birthday girl, giving her daddy a big old hug..PRICELESS

Can't be partial, got to show love in to both of them, This is a miracle in the makes picture. More later on that. God works in mysterious ways.

Well like I said, it didn't take long for Autumn to get that hair all wet...Here she just jumped off her daddy's shoulders...wooo hooo
Thank you Sydney for inviting us to celebrate your big day with you. We all had a great time. I pray many more wonderful blessed years for you. Love you Aunt Jolyn