Saturday, August 15, 2009


This is the head coach along with 6 of our girls we are missing 2 from our squad. My Autumn is first one on left side, not looking at my camera..
Oh we found one more of our girls and lost a coach...But everyone is looking at the camera.

The girls eating..hummm Didn't the post say Family cheer picnic??? Well the girls must think CHEER FAMILY ... Hello your real life family girls... We were there..But do you see any parents?
Actually all the 8Th grade parents were sitting right there, I was taking the pic from my seat.

Look at this cake one of the crafty baking, mothers made. It is adorable. I never did get a piece. The Mom that made this is also one of the Mom's that professionally takes all the pictures thru out the year of the girls. She is at every event of every squad. Her daughter is a senior this year. What will we do without her...I better be getting a new camera and get some lessons soon.
We had the picnic at one of our parks everyone brought things and the dad's grilled. The girls were swinging on the swings going down the ladders and playing corn board or something like that. We had a nice evening..It's always good to be able to meet and be with the parents of your children's friends...Thank God we have a great group and tough coaches and rules...

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Sue said...

Cute pictures..sounds like you all had fun! Give Autumn a hug for me...tell her we miss her. Thanks for the birthday was a relaxing day for me...much love to you! Miss you!!!!!!