Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hall Of Fame Celebration Begins

How can any celebration start with out food. This year we went to chili's before the big LIFTOFF of the Hot Air Balloons. We had my parents and son with us to watch, our autumn was spending the night at a friends house and practicing for camp. Michael and Mom enjoying their chocolate moldon dessert. YUMMY!!!!

So what we do is watch the wind and see what direction the balloons are going to go. Every year it is different. Well this year they were going to be heading right over our church. Our church right now is on top of a hill, so we decided what better place and away we went to get our seat. This is a picture of one of our church sign's. We are in the process of building and we should be in our new church home by this December...Wooohooo.. More on that later and how God has been with us every step.

Here we are ready to watch and they were moving fast with the wind. It was a beautiful night.

Mom and Dad, what a sweet picture of my parents. I am so blessed to have them here with us.

Even my 16 year old thinks so. He so loves his Grandparents. How sweet and precious is this picture. I love it. It can't get much better my son even has his STEELER"S shirt on. Go STEELER"S.. Oh sorry, see I am such a big STEELER fan and I love football.

Well finally, I bet you thought I'd never get to the balloons.. Here are some

And this one says it all FOOTBALL!!!!

And this one needed our help. Well my part was picture taking. Their part was Catch us when we land.... GRAB THE BASKET..... hold on tight...and it landed right in the church parking lot. how cool is that???

Mom she wanted to hold one!!

This picture was taken later in the evening after we left the church parking lot. We headed out to see where the balloons were landing. This is down towards 30Th street for the locals that know where this is.

Well, this was the start of a week full of fun for the PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME ENSHRINEMENT FESTIVAL. They have a big food fest this weekend at Stark State and balloons go up again tonight and Sunday morning with fireworks scheduled tonight. Then we go in to the rib burnoff at the Stark Count Fairgrounds thru Friday. Also Friday the Fashion show luncheon and enshrinees's dinner. Saturday the big Hall of Fame Parade downtown and it starts at 8 am. Sunday is the big game Fawcett Stadium this year it is Tenn. Titans against the New York Buffalo Bills. at 8pm.. There are alot of other things going on but these are the top ones. I know you are wondering am I going to the game??? Of course I am silly...We are blessed with good tickets and a tent full of food before the game. What was that?? Yes, how could you ask I will definitely have picture so stay tuned.....
Love you all and have a wonderful day.

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Sue said...

What beautiful balloons! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun....and I LOVE the picture of your parents! I love them, too! Give everyone hugs! Love, Sue