Saturday, August 15, 2009


I can't go any further without introducing you to my BABY LEXI. She is an absolute mess with this construction. First of all she loves the sun and being outside. She knows she can't go in the newly seeded part of the yard so where does she lay....right on the line....Look at her looking at me, she knows what she's doing....I just love my baby girl..If you aren't sure she is a west highland WHITE terrier.
Can you get any better help than your Father and Son? Look at the corner where the houses come together, is that a dead on match to the siding or what... Our siding we put up 17 years ago. We took one of my huge hosta's and made it into three plants. That is one of them my Michael is holding. So we put three in this corner that will now be all shade. Oh brick was exact match also. What a blessing they still carried it.

Getting the corner ready to plant the hosta's. Right side of picture is my bay coming off my kitchen.

Out the back of my parents new home, now newly planted grass.

The guys just planted these trees along my parents side of the house. I opened their door and looked to the left, here is where Dad decided to plant these needless to say Mom was not to happy and she hated them there....They are staying there...

This is taken from the bedroom looking out toward the left, see their door. That is their living space.

Same picture but now looking to the right. All the way back you can see where the Laundry room is, that will be used by all and our way to get back and forth from the inside.

I'm now standing at the front door looking across to the patio door. The window on the left will be in their kitchen right in front of the laundry area.

Now standing at patio door looking across. In phase two we will have the bathroom. We will be cutting a door way opposite the laundry room entrance that will go into our garage space some.

I'm now standing in my laundry room looking out into kitchen then living area, last thru bedroom entrance. The bedroom entrance will have french doors going into it with all glass. Thank you for sticking with me through all these pictures. Monday dry wallers come to finish the ceiling and to sand walls. Then the painter will be in to get trim painted and walls. Next update maybe a couple of weeks.

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Sue said...

WOW!!! Can't believe how fast it's all happened! Can't wait to see it!