Sunday, August 16, 2009


My 12 year old niece Sydney, She just opened her birthday gift from her little brother Tyler. There is a story to this that I still need to wait hopefully a little while longer to talk about. But this was very special.
You seemed to really like your bag Sydney...I am happy that you did. We got Autumn one also in another color. Now all girls seem to do is have all kinds of bags for everything. To pack for this or that and my Autumn uses hers for school instead of here book bag. I guess it's better than carrying all that stuff on your back. Oh and the big thing is you can match them with your outfit..LOL

Is this the life or what? Looks like a tough couple days you had. Lets see Thursday cheer party, Friday Ceder Point and Saturday another cheer picnic 2 - 10 and today ahhh sit back and relax. this is something Autumn does not do much of. She said mom I don't think I will swim I finally just washed it good to get out all the chlorine, well she ended up back in water.

My baby brother getting the burgers ready for the grill, while listening to our Mom talking away. All the food was so good. We had broccoli rice casserole and potato salad, pasta salad, cole slaw, deviled eggs, stuffed hot peppers, along with hot dogs and hamburgers. Everything was so very good. Yummy

Hey there little guy, he is ready to go swim. It was a very warm day for us here. The humidity has been high the last couple days, we aren't complaining seeing it has been a very cool summer.

The pool how much better can you get on a day like today. AHHHH My brother and son goofing around and Autumn with little Tyler.

Uncle Mike, laying back relaxing. Look at Aunt Jolyn Tyler....How precious he is.

Their is our birthday girl, giving her daddy a big old hug..PRICELESS

Can't be partial, got to show love in to both of them, This is a miracle in the makes picture. More later on that. God works in mysterious ways.

Well like I said, it didn't take long for Autumn to get that hair all wet...Here she just jumped off her daddy's shoulders...wooo hooo
Thank you Sydney for inviting us to celebrate your big day with you. We all had a great time. I pray many more wonderful blessed years for you. Love you Aunt Jolyn

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Sue said...

what fun! I loved seeing the pictures of Joey and his kids....Sydney is beautiful and Tyler is a doll..looks like you all had so much fun! Hugs to you, my friend!