Friday, August 7, 2009


We are now working a little on landscaping. Here is grandpa's little helper.
Dad rota tilling for the flower beds. They have been a mess this summer, Oh it hurts to look. But bless their little hearts they still bloom for me. An we are making them even larger. YES more flowers..

This is the back of their new home. If you remember it comes off the back of our garage and laundry room area. Yes I lost my window in the laundry room, and it is very dark now in my powder room and laundry room....That's OK though I gained a HOME for my parents.

This is their side, well it will be their main entrance for guests and the one they will use. It goes along side of garage to driveway.

OK now for the inside are you ready??? Vanna Oh I mean Mom will give you the tour. This is her sliding patio door off our patio. Welcome via step ladder ha ha..

So come on in excuse the mess. I walked in the patio door and turned left as you can see from Mom she is sleeping shhh. She trying to tell you that this is their bedroom..Bed goes between to windows, the big open you walk in to get to room is going to be french glass doors.

Oh do come sit a spell in my new living area. we are waiting on walls right now, Oh when will they be up the drywall goes up this Monday..HURRAY!!!

This is the opposite end of their home see to the right a part of the sliding door we came into off the patio. Well Mom is now standing in her kitchen area. on the right side, I'm sure you can see her feeding herself. Yes she wants you to know eating (kitchen)....on the left side behind the entrance door is going into our garage area. Well that is where we are building the bathroom. And back behind kitchen area on right there is what used to be my laundry room window. that will be cut out to put a door way into the laundry room. This way we can have access to each other with out going out side.

See this is their main front (side) door, and right behind is where bath will be, they took out our garage window, and we will go back into our garage for that. But we have extra space so we can still get our cars in the garage. So until after next week when the walls are up have a great day and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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Sue said...

WOW!!! So much done so fast! Looks great...and you all seem so excited...can't wait to see it finished. I didn't know they would have a kitchen area, too....everything they need. You are a blessing! Love you~ Have you recovered from your cake day?! Love, me