Thursday, August 6, 2009


I do not have patience for this stuff. Well I started out pretty good, this cake takes along time to make. Finally got it in the three pans and in the oven to bake. In this pic I'm slowly adding 1 1/3 c. of boiling water and mixing and mixing.... Here I'm doing good cakes came out of oven good they are cooling. An now to the icing, I melted the butter and the chocolates and mixed in the 10 cups of powder sugar...yes 10 cups.. got the 2 cups s.cream and vanilla.
Look at this all three layers...being iced. My icing isn't as dark as yours was Susie.

And not as thick either..I carried the cake to the other refrigerator and my top layer started splitting... OH NO I ran in and got tooth picks ran back out to the refrig and it was to late top layer broke in half and it fell off the plate and all over the frig..This picture says it all with cake and icing in my hand. So now we all know why I don't bake. I will stick to cooking.

It didn't stop my mom she said put it in the bowl I'll eat it..and she wasted know time getting to it either.

Hubby and Dad just got home so where is the cake...One look at my face and they went to the frig...I don't even know what they will find..Oh well, so Susie what happened. You know what don't even tell me I will just eat it at your house every fourth of July..

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