Saturday, August 22, 2009


Pictures for football cheer leading. These were taken at the middle school. This picture is so darn cute, but we have one looking backwards...Helloooo the camera is this way....
I just love taking non poses, but I got this one it is different, I rally like the white trees.

Here are some doing jumps, my autumn is in the middle. But my camera takes to long to take the shot. also after looking back at all the 87 pictures I did take I decided for my birthday in October I want a new camera...Any suggestions out there????

OK, Mom no more pictures they are walking away hand in hand....How cute..

Now this was one of Autumns individual shots.. the photographer took.. I like it.

Autumn and McKenzie, and yesterday they found out their home rooms and what team they are on, and again this year they are on the same team and home room...Yippee they are excited..Four out of eight cheerleaders are in Autumns home room, and 5 of them on the same team...
This coming Friday night the girls get to have dinner with the hoover football players and cheer leaders, along with cheering that Friday night with varsity and JV cheerleaders....How exciting!!!

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Sara said...

Awesome pics! Autumn is a natural beauty, like her mother :) Luv ya'll!