Sunday, August 2, 2009


Look at my little hummer flying on top of my Zinnia
Mike and I sitting out front Saturday afternoon and it was like an airport runway. These little precious birds were flying in and out.

At one point there were two at the same time coming in to feed. The yellow jackets were bothering them and the humming birds would chase them away from the feeder.

Look at their wings it is amazing how fast they move and when they are drinking they let out a chirp. Their little feet and legs are so darn small.

I got up to pull a weed I saw under the feeder and Mike says don't move there is one right near your back. So I just leaned over there and didn't move and then it flew away. These little one's love my Zinnia's and Coral Bells. Oh how much they entertain us. We just sit with a glass of iced tea and watch for them to come along and visit.
Does anyone else have feeders and do you so enjoy the Humming birds from year to year?
Thanks and Have a glorious week.

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