Sunday, August 16, 2009


Here is a little of before, I forgot to get a good before, but you can see the color a limeish green.
Autumn did have a full size bed since she got out of the crib, but she didn't like it later on when she had friends over. So my aunt was selling her day bed and autumn just had to have it. So here you can see a friend staying over. Her room was all in lady bugs, red and white with lime green.

We walked into Sydney's today and said OH MY LOOK AT THE CAKE, it looks like Autumns room. SOOO

Here is a look at the new room color....It is behr Orchid Rose. It is very fuchsia looking. So we do have the bedding and curtains, I will just say look at the cake. I am hoping for a big reveal soon.
Till then , we are still working on addition and some decor finishing touches for upstairs bath, and finishing up spare bedroom. Wow I am busy, but I love decor....I keep telling my SON his room is next....He does not like change..nope no way not going to happen!!! HE SAYS..

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Love the Decor! said...

Lookin' good... can't wait to see the final result!