Thursday, August 6, 2009


At camp with friends. Away from Mom and having a wonderful time. This is one of the senior girls that Autumn really likes and it is so great how they look out for the younger girls and help them along.

This is Autumns dorm and all their snacks... Hello I thought cheerleaders didn't eat junk LOL

More pictures with friends, Kylie, Lydia, and Autumn

Her dorm, they were shorted dorms, it was supposed to be 2 to a dorm but some had to have 4. Autumn is on top bunk with her circle sheets and zebra blankie.

Her is Autumns roommate, Karisa. She is a twin, and her sister didn't want to leave home she hates to be away. Not my Autumn...

Group picture of most of the girls.

Another friends picture

Oops... the snack picture again. I guess I'm amazed if every room had this much stuff???? But she did come home with food, and she said remember the COACHES needed snacks!!!!

Her and the other twin Kendall leaving school headed to camp..Bye my baby...

7:30 am lets get this bus loaded..They had to carry what they took. They all pretty much had two bags, one was full of those snacks and lets say much needed beauty accessories...

Look how patient and sweet they all look. Facials girls..

We are leaving the house 7:15 am all ready to go.

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