Thursday, August 27, 2009


Meet Sqwiggy, this is my little black squirrel. Well my little Lexi will spend hours sitting under the tree just watching her every move.. And don't think for a minute she doesn't taunt Lexi. But today Sqwig is pretty hungry..She broke this BIRD feeder.

Later I was in the kitchen, I look out on the patio because I saw the white back with bird seed move....Yep Sqwig had her head all the way in the black sunflower seeds eating away. But in my excitement to get the camera, I scared her.

Not enough for her to run away up the tree just enough for her to jump down and turn around and say HMMMM should I jump back up there??? By then Lexi spotted her and up the tree she ran.

Sorry the picture is dark but here is the little stinker again...This feeder is hanging from the pin oak on a little metal rod...I look out and think how in the world did sqwiggy get on top of that feeder...So I swooshed her off there and watched out the window...Here she came again, she went across the limb and slid down the metal rod and there she was eating away...Inbelievable..As you can tell I get alot of enjoyment out of the Squirrels and birds along with our chipmunks and hummers and butterflies...I just love sitting out side in our yard....

Love to you all,


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