Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Wow time has just flew by, It has been a long fast month...I know you are thinking that makes no sense at all, but this is what I'm talking about..It all started from the begining..haha that is where most things start.anyway enough of my humor..

Mike is working on getting the steps and porch finished before the 7th of October...Look he is even looking at directions...I never knew men did this..It must not have helped cuz next time I looked out our dear friend Joe was their. But it got all finished and has been wonderful...see Mom went in the Hospital on the 7th of October for her hip surgery and this needed done before she got home...and it was.

Also this month we have been going back and forth to Strongesville area on Saturdays for a couple reasons. One is a great friend of our, his parents bring the their children fruit every Saturday...now I'm not talking an apple, banana and a pear.. I'm talking the freshiest sweetest fruit there is. Like 5 pds grapes and 2 huge bundles of bananas, pineapple, pears, oranges, cantaloup..strawberries...on and on and I love baby pickling cucumbers...she adds that also..So they have included us in and we head up there and get our fruit..We so love this family...wonderful people everyone of them. I'll get to the other reason is one second.

All so this month I have been able to get out the last couple weekends to take pictures of the spectacular color of the season. I so love fall and taking drives to look and snap pictures of it all.

This month was also my birthday, It was a couple days after we got my mom home from the hospital. My Aunt bless her heart came over the day of my birthday and looked after my mom while my precious cousin took me to lunch and we shopped a little then headed back. When I got back my aunt had made me a jello poke cake that I have been wanting and surprised me with it. Before we left Kelly gave me the most beautifully wrapped presents...It was such a blessing from the both of them...I thank you both so very much.

Of course that night I was still stuffed from lunch, so Mike Autumn and I went to Red Robin for dinner I was hungry for their chicken sandwich...when we got home the family had gotten me a cake from the Cake Lady..Oh my Do I Have To EAT Another Piece Of Cake!!!! YUMMY For my Birthday Mike got me a Pandora Bracelet and Charms for it. I love it and have wanted one for a while now.

Some more of my picture taking, this is our Pin Oak tree in the back yard.

A photo shoot of our dogs and Autumn in the back yard. My three girls..

This is a day we looked forward to..October 27th the day after mom had here post op visit from the Dr. all has gone terrific with mom and her surgery..Look at her not even 3 weeks since hip surgery and this is her first day out..I dropped her over to spend time with her sister for a little bit, while Kelly and I went to lunch and get some things I needed for our up coming trip to Cabo. Kelly even shared with me her Bath and Body store on her side of town....get this You Do Not Have To go In The MALL!!! Love it...I so don't like the Mall and avoid it and it's price's at all cost. Then I picked mom up and she got to see the leaves and all the fall colors on our ride to and from home. The Dr. gave her all is good she can start putting full weight on her leg and go from walker to cain.. Tomorrow is her last day of therapy...Woo Whoo. except we have had a wonderful Physical Therapist that we have grown to really like, her name is Edna. She is truly a sweetheart..We will miss her.

I spent the first night with mom after surgery, she had some complications with her pain meds. The morphine they gave her she could only take 1/4 th of the dose in her Iv. Then a nurse came in and shot it in fast and low down the line so her heart started pounding and raising fast she got real hot and nausea...So at that point I was Yep I'm staying not leaving..So we had a nice first night together then I was there pretty much from morning till night helping her out, for 5 days...It has been one of the best things I have been able to do. First of all I will not let a family member of mine spend the night in the hospital after surgery alone.. It helps them so much to have a person there. No waiting on nurses when needing one, I can get her drink Put ice fix bed get ice pack brush hair bath her.. when cold add extra blanket when hot take off..hahah. in pain get the nurse, hold her hand and talk with her. I wouldn't have missed this for nothing. After coming home..I got to take care of her..But its the little things I learned..my Mom loves to look pretty and have her hair fixed...she likes her skin nice and soft with lotion on her..Autumn painted her finger nails for here one day and mom just loved her pretty tropical pink polish she had on...it made her feel good and pretty. I was with her during her fear of stepping up the steps to come home...also when she had to face learning to step down the stairs,, she was so scared and cried after doing it...but felt so good she did it. My mom is not a sit and do nothing type of woman, she gets moving in the morning and goes and so does her mind...So having to sit around was not easy for her...and I told her she has that positive outlook on getting better and doing it herself.. that along with many prayers is why she has done awesome through this...I have also had to step out of my comfort zone..every day I have to give her a shot...now that is not easy..the first 5 days or so I felt faint..but was strong for her.. we laughed and teased about it...But between you and me thank God she will be done with those in 8 more days... I love you Mom.

So back to our second reason we head to Strongsville every Saturday.. Beside spending time together and getting fruit..our good friends are building a new home. So we get to see what was done one week to the next.

Their back yard goes to a pie shape...and this is 1/2 the back yard from the middle down..They have it looking like a park setting..

Here is the back part of their home and I didn't even get the whole home in the picture..Yes this is going to be a Big one...We are so very excited for them...Next time I'm there the rest of the second floor and the roof will be on..we will miss going this coming Saturday..For very good reason I"ll post on later.

So ending the month of October with a nice fall pictures of the entrance into Mom and Dad's fence..So thankful for a wonderful month and answered prayers and to watching mom continue to heal and get back to feeling fabulous with no problems.. 2011 there will be no surgeries...

Friday, October 1, 2010


Passion ( from Latin verb patior meaning to suffer or to endure) is an emotion applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. The term is also often applied to a lively or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, or activity or love. Passion can be expressed as a feeling of unusual excitement, enthusiasm or compelling emotion towards a subject, idea, person, or object. A person is said to have a passion for something when he has a strong positive affinity for it. A

love for something and a passion for something are often used synonymously.

1.What one subject can you enjoy talking about for many hours?
2.Do any of your hobbies involve working a lot with other people?
3.What specific concerns preoccupy your mind, breaking into whatever else you're thinking about?
4.What do you most enjoy doing for others?

Let's pretend you've reached the end of your life, and you're in heaven looking back on it.

1.What's the one thing you want to be most happy about having done or having been?

2.Who 'out there' in the world have you come to care about the most? 3.Who do you most want to help, enable, or reach? (You define the categories, whatever way you want. Go with your first instincts.)
Now, write down at least five of your life experiences that most gave you a sense of fulfillment and/or growth.

Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.
After doing some reading last night from a little book called 50 things that really matter, I had stopped after reading a part about Passion. For some reason it really had me thinking...hmm passion, What am I passionate about in my life..So after turning out the light I rolled over and it kept coming to my mind....So I was searching in my mind, in my heart asking myself over and over what am I passionate about?
It said in one part Passion satisfies a vital spiritual need: the need for connection...hmmm It's a feeling we get when we are in tuned with something larger than our self. Passion makes us feel alive...I read that and thought wow have I lost my passion for life, I don't know what my passion truly is...Passion makes us certain we walk this world for some purpose...Well I do have purpose and for know other reason than to raise my children and I have been given so to be on the 31st of October 11 extra years to be here for them...An I am always asking my Lord why am I here, what do you want me to be doing, You kept me here for a reason...I'm still searching at the also.
The section on passion also mentions we have opportunities to experience passion everywhere. Sometimes they're quiet, Like growing your garden, or re doing a room, Sometimes they speak loud and draw us to our faith, or a social cause ,or civic involvement.
Like a battery powers a car, passion powers our souls.
With out passion our hearts go hungry.
To find my passion, I need to open my heart and let the world flood in....
I asked Mike at breakfast this morning...What is your passion in life?? and he had an answer...then I said is that truly a passion....He said good or bad it is my passion in life..that is what makes me go each day....
So in saying all this I am really doing some soul searching to find my passion and drive for life.