Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Saturday we celebrated my nephews 1st birthday. Look at those big blue eyes.... All those gifts and he is chewing his sock...
Autumn took Tyler thru the in closed slide, lets say it was not his favorite.. They had his party at their church, and they have this toy room you can rent. It worked real nice for all the kids.

Tyler was not into his cupcake. He is a very picky eater and wanted nothing to do with this at all. So we thought if we put a couple gold fish crackers in the icing maybe he would try it..No way he tried picking the fish out of the icing...My Michael didn't get into his cake either.

Here is his little cupcake. we were all singing happy birthday to him here. I pray for many more wonderful years for him. We love you Tyler...Every time he see's me he just laughs..hmmm why is that...
I pray you have a very wonderful week and as for us here in Ohio stay warm and don't get blown away....with this windy weather...
Till next time,


I have been informed by my wonderful sweet loving brother that on a previous post about my STEELERS I totally miss spelled Ben Roethlisberger, Well dear brother of mine, when you are so excited about your team and players you tend to do such things....How does that sound... I thing pretty good....Love you Joey!!!
I also have a question, dealing with leaving a message on someones blog. If they don't have a google account or hot mail ... and they are with say yahoo. how can they leave a message on my blog without it. Is there a way or do you have to set up a google account?? If anyone knows please let me know...thanks so much...


First I want to thank all that have prayed and commented about our little Lizzy. Yesterday she went to the vet, and was checked and had blood drawn along with a urine sample. They ruled out sugar and bladder infection, but was concerned with a disease that affects the uterus. Also looking at kidney's and adrenal glands. Our vet talked to us about them all and our prayer was that it not be any but definitely not the uterus that would be fatal. So we went home hoping and praying for her healing and no bad news. We got our call from the vet today, good news it is not the uterus it has to do with her adrenal glands it is called cushings... there is a tumor on the pituitary gland that can be treated with meds, that work like chemo.. you take it 8 to 9 days and get blood rechecked to see how it is working. But tomorrow they need to do a test on her that will take 8 hours to make sure this is what it is, you don't want to use this med unless it is absolutely it. Or if it is on the pituitary gland it will have to be operated on.
But now today I was up at the school selling t-shirts for football during lunch time and when I got back the bowl of water was still full and no accidents in the house, very good and she seems alittle more lively. It has been 3 hours and she hasn't drank much at all. We might just watch her a couple days and see before doing that test, of course we need to see what our vet says...
Wow this was long sorry, this is what we have been dealing with for the last couple weeks.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Our little Scottish Terrier named Lizzy she is almost 3 years old. She came from an abusive home. Our sweety has an appointment this Monday at 10:40.
She has been having alot of accidents in the house the last 4 days and it didn't matter if she just went outside.

She is drinking alot of water, and I am stepping in pee every time I turned around. At first I didn't know which one of our dogs it was, then we figured out it is definitely Lizzy not our Westie Lexi.

So our prayer is that it is just a bladder infection or something very simple, and not her having sugar or something bad. We ask for a complete healing of her.

Thanks to you all, when visiting I would love to know that you stopped by, please leave a comment for us. Have a wonderful weekend. Love to all.
In His Name,

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Mom in her last 14 month living quarters...Also known as our dining room..See the back left side, shower curtain for that and a shower curtain coming in from the foyer....It was nice and brown and matched...ha ha..Autumn was totally mortified...Mom how can we have someone over with a shower curtain hanging there...hmmm this was a learning experience in being prideful. It ended up being a big joke in our home now we are like wow is this weird with out having the shower curtain there...Oh well moving right along We got the bed moved in today and here new bedding put on. See the pictures laying on the pillows, I gave those to mom they so much match her bedding. I had these from Home Interior.
Of course TV was first thing over there, I know it is a man thing.

More of living area.

See that couch well I used my muscles and sweat today to move that...I am women here me roar...

OK how much more of this am I going to blog on.....well when all finished and when kitchen get put in and then there is phase 3 the bathroom and of course curtains then...Oh Christmas ....Come to think about it I now have to homes I can blog about LOVE IT!!!!
Now I am heading to bed it has been a long busy lets say not with out drama and emotion with other things that went on, so I am so ready to put most of the second half of my day behind me and wake up to a fresh new day...And it will be Friday...YIPPEE.
Praise God for another day...and for each new morning...Love you Jolyn

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The carpet that is...Oh my my it took this Gentleman 12 hours to lay this carpet. He got here today at 9:45 and left tonight at 10:00 pm...He was very slow but he did a great job. And we found out he knows Jesus as his personal Savior!!! That is awesome. Any way Dad is off tomorrow and wants to get the bedroom and living area moved in...They are so excited for their new place or so excited to get away from us LOL It may be a little of both, but we all can understand that. So the first picture here is their main entrance door, the door their friends and loved ones will come to, to visit them. The pink paper on the hard wood floor is left down for the carpet guy to set his things on with out scratching the floor. Also see the sweeper vac right behind that is phase 3. we will be making a doorway right behind it for the bathroom. But 2ND phase is the kitchen that will be put up in October, it goes on the rest of the hard wood floor, see where the bedroom doors are leaning that is all kitchen.
Good old Mom you never know when she will show up. Actually she was in bed, but got excited when she found out the carpet was done and the guy was gone...She had to come and see!!! The door she is coming through goes from our laundry room into her HOME.. that is how we get back and forth....Dad and I both agree there will be big huge locks on both sides...to keep mom on her side and keep dogs and kids on their side Ha Ha...We so love them.....

Here is Daddy stepping back and taking a good look at their new HOME or I forgot LOVE NEST as Mom calls it...is that not so cute...Autumn says stop that is gross....We just laugh and laugh. Anyway Dad is standing just in from their front door looking into the bedroom see the doors are missing, they had to be taken down for the carpet to get laid. Dad also put all the wood blinds up yesterday it looks so nice. I hung the fall wreath on the sliding door going out to the patio. Mom got it for her birthday. we want to hang it on the front door for guest to see but I need to find a magnet hook like I have for the steel door.

This is bedroom as you walk in.

Mom as she came in through the laundry room into her Home. Just wait till tomorrows post..There will be furniture and it will start looking like home. Till then take care and I am heading to bed to get rest for the busy day tomorrow.

Monday, September 21, 2009


My summer flowers are too...They still look so good and are in there prime. I know some of you let me know you are sick of the flower postings...Sorry I love my flowers and I can look back on these from year to year and oh well if you don't care for them go ahead and go to the next blog!!! This is my carpet rose, I have two, they are both this color and have done wonderful this year. This is one branch of the carpet rose. Around my lamp post we still have these beauty's our yellow roses.
I planted these yellow marigolds in May and they never stopped blooming. They look like pom poms. I lined the flower bed with these.

I bought 2 salmon colored geraniums at a market in Hartville, they were in bloom all summer and look how good they are still. always in bloom. I will get my flowers there again next year. They start everything from seed in winter and keep in their greenhouse till may.

Here is our mum from last year in the front of the house. It has doubled from last year.

More Zinnias


Front corner off garage area, zinnias, and roses with wild grasses


and same just different shots.

Thanks, if you stayed with me through all these little precious flowers. Oh the beauty of the Seasons. Just like life some seasons are wonderful and colorful others can be dark and dreary. It takes them all for us to appreciate the good in what we have. Have a wonderful day!!!
Now summer is behind me and I'll move right on to Autumn and our new look for this season.


It is all coming together. And moving day is coming soon. I know Dad & Mom are sooo excited to get into their new "Love Nest" as Mom calls it....I took a picture of the lights, here is the ceiling fan in the living area and the lights up in the ceiling are for over their kitchen area. My hubby and Dad started the hardwood flooring yesterday. Here they are laying the floor out and getting measurements.
Hubby is framing in the floor. Where he is, is the patio door area coming in from the patio. See the light on in the background? That is the bedroom ceiling fan. Mom is all about having air moving around....It's just one of those things.

This is a closer look of the floor. I think it looks really nice. This flooring is all in the kitchen area. Wednesday the carpet is supposed to come in and be installed on Thursday....You all know what that means.....Move in this coming weekend.......They already have moved their clothes into the closet..So yes if all goes well at least the bed will be in this weekend..

That also means I get my dining room back and the shower curtains come down from the doorways entering into the dining room. So once again we will have a fun filled week.
Thanks for stopping by. Till next time God bless and enjoy everyday like it is the last.
Love to all,

Monday, September 14, 2009


Hello all, I can smell the scent of fall in the air. It has me wanting to pull out our fall items and change our home for the new season. In our family room I have added some fall decor, changing out alot of white and greens for more oranges and red, fall colors. This is my favorite time of year, time to settle down and fires in the stove, football season and sweatshirts. I can get my jammies on at 5 if I want, because it gets dark early LOL. Anyway the green chair by the fireplace is my parents and it will be gone soon. I have old and new in here, we purchased last year our leather couch and was getting rid of the other couch and love seat. But like the seasons things change, we were adding on to the family, and my parents moved in 14 month's ago. So of course we needed extra seating. I so love the couch and love seat it is very very comfortable but I needed a change and a furniture store was closing, I saw this Italian leather couch and wanted it, price was great. Like my tilted picture!! I couldn't get both lamps in with out a little tilt. Any ways here I had my white lamps, for spring and summer.
Yuk, my picture looks crooked and this is a straight picture. remind self to fix this. Oh couch isn't centered either. Oh this is getting bad. I have to have balance...I will be taking care of this..

OK, I have changed out the lamps to my fall and winter ones. Look how much warmer it all looks.
I wish the light didn't shine on my Thomas Kincaid picture. We got those several years ago, it is the set of three he did for his daughter Winsor. I'm thinking of putting a topper up over them, I just haven't found what I want. If you can keep a secret..OK I know you will ....I don't even want these in the family room...there I said it..but ... I will never mention it to hubby!!!! Well maybe when I get ready to re-do the living room...I might say Oh wouldn't these look so good in the living room???? Then come to think about it, what I want to do in the living room they won't match ukk..

OK, a straight picture, and couch centered, I just had to go fix it and retake this picture before posting. I can breath better now..So what about you, do you change things around alot? Do you get bored with things easy? What changes do you do with the seasons? Right now I am in finishing up stages of main bath, Autumn's room, Spare bed room, and foyer. It is all just the final touches I need to get done and then I will post them all.
I hope you all have a wonderful week, Our weather here in Ohio is supposed to be gorgeous. I need to go get some more mums to plant...Till next time, Love to you and God Bless.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am so fortunate to still have my Grandpa. This is him and my Autumn Saturday night. Grandpa is 84 years old, and oh the stories He tells, I could listen for hours. I love when we sit and he tells me all about his parents and when they all came over from Italy. Grandpa doesn't talk much about the war he was in, but if I ask He will and some times he pulls out all the old pictures. Anyway Grandpa has such a scense of humor and loves to make people laugh.
So Saturday night when he came over, he had filled a bag up with jewlery that he has purchased here and there over the years. He laid it all out on the table for Autumn to choose which piece she wanted for her 14th birthday. He had the best time laying this all out, while we sat just laughing and looking at each piece.

Good times, fun, friends and laughter. Here is Sydney my niece in the blue, Kylie a dear friend in the middle and Autumn.

My brother and little sweet baby blue eyes Tyler. My brother just loves this little guy, They have had him since he was 4 weeks old and going through circles with the system, and laws and everyones rights, except what will be best for the child. Please pray for them, and the whole situation. first that the adoption process, that it will finally end and they will know Tyler is definately theirs. Please stand in prayer with us.

Her is my niece Sydney, she was showing us her cheer. She is going through what we went through back in May. Try outs for 7th grade cheer leading is this week. Sydney we wish the very best sweetheart.

Sydney is watching Autumn, Kylie and Kelsey do their cheers and they were giving Sydney advice for try outs.
Have a wonderful week everyone and enjoy every day like its the last..
God Bless,


It the start of NFL Football, I am a big fan. Sorry for those that do not get into football, I will try and keep it calmed down LOL. But for now my favorite team is PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!!! I am also in my hubby's fantasy football league thru his office and on pro-pick em..LOVE IT..lets go steelers...In case you don't know this guy right here is BIG BEN ROTHLESBURGER quarter back for Steelers. Moving right along to these beautiful Dahlia's we planted. I have some more with buds, but I know it won't be long and they are gone for the summer. I love the different pedals on them.

I picked these to put on our dinner table so they are inside for us to see everyday.

Oh my little westie looks like a blue rat....She was outside with me and somewhere she got into Ants, when we came in they were all over her. Of course it happened right before we were getting a houseful of company...Yes the sink got scrubbed and cleaned and bleached and wiped ect... all is good.

Here are my Parents doors to their bedroom after dad spent hours on getting all the tape and film off of them once they were painted. So glad this painting for them is over... and tomorrow all lights get put in, then the flooring...One of you mentioned about us redoing our kitchen, no we are not redoing our, I must have mentioned My parents getting theirs all picked out.

Friday, September 11, 2009


In remembrance of all who was lost and their family's on this day. May they never be forgotten and always prayed for. Dear Lord be with all the loved ones on this day and always. Times have changed and may we never forget to show our love to each other and our family's. As we see we never know when we take our last breath. May God be with us all here in the United States of America. God bless you and your family. I love you.