Monday, September 21, 2009


My summer flowers are too...They still look so good and are in there prime. I know some of you let me know you are sick of the flower postings...Sorry I love my flowers and I can look back on these from year to year and oh well if you don't care for them go ahead and go to the next blog!!! This is my carpet rose, I have two, they are both this color and have done wonderful this year. This is one branch of the carpet rose. Around my lamp post we still have these beauty's our yellow roses.
I planted these yellow marigolds in May and they never stopped blooming. They look like pom poms. I lined the flower bed with these.

I bought 2 salmon colored geraniums at a market in Hartville, they were in bloom all summer and look how good they are still. always in bloom. I will get my flowers there again next year. They start everything from seed in winter and keep in their greenhouse till may.

Here is our mum from last year in the front of the house. It has doubled from last year.

More Zinnias


Front corner off garage area, zinnias, and roses with wild grasses


and same just different shots.

Thanks, if you stayed with me through all these little precious flowers. Oh the beauty of the Seasons. Just like life some seasons are wonderful and colorful others can be dark and dreary. It takes them all for us to appreciate the good in what we have. Have a wonderful day!!!
Now summer is behind me and I'll move right on to Autumn and our new look for this season.

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Sue said...

I love your flower posts! You have such a green thumb...I especially love the mums and roses. I can imagine us sitting outside together talking and enjoying God's beautiful creation! Love you!