Thursday, September 10, 2009


After a good 2 weeks we are getting paint finished up. We ran into lets say a snag with the first painter..I will just say you try and help someone out because they need the work and it was pure misery. That is all I will say on that. So we called our painter that does work for Mike and I and some Of mikes stores, he came 2 days later at 7 am and was on time....and got all trim and doors painted with primer and 2 coats of paint done in 1 1/2 days.. Wheww glad that drama is over. Today Dad had off and got up and started the walls. This picture is of their closet in the bedroom. The color wall is Taupe, got it at home depot. The trim of course is white.
This is living area wall and doorway into bedroom. It looks really nice and fresh. Mom saw it this morning and almost lost it, This is so dark I don't want brown......But look at it now with all the white painted over...

Before any paint and these doors are the wrong ones. Theirs has glass panel's, so this comes down and new will go up.

Closet area

Living area, we had all doors in there to be sprayed.

Dad trimming and this is what Mom saw and thought would be so does look it up against all white.
Tomorrow Dad is off again and he will finish up paint. The electrician is scheduled for tomorrow also to put all lights up
Then Dad will be laying hard wood floors...we are getting closer..Oh also meeting tomorrow with lady for kitchen cabinets....
Have a wonderful night I'm going to watch the first NFL game of the season and it is my PITTSBURGH STEELERS vs Titans....
Go Steelers...Gold and Black Attack!!!!
Love you all and God bless you.

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Sue said...

I love you, Jolyn! Can't wait to come visit and see all the painting and new addition...Autumn's room and "kitchen cabinets"?!?! Now you are remodeling the kitchen, too?! I couldn't stand the chaos of remodeling anything! LOL I thought your kitchen was wonderful! What color do you want them? Miss you!