Sunday, September 6, 2009


Here we are, all on the bridge except 3 of us. What a Family I have.. And now we also know this bridge is very well built...come with me and meet this clan...
It is so great when we can all be together, this is our 10Th year I believe. There is now 38 of us. That includes my Mom, her sister and two brothers. Then my cousins 10 of us, and our children 14 total there. So add the spouses and we are a FAMILY OF 38. The girls on the slip and slide. Stephanie, Kennedy and Emily. How fun..

We are getting pictures of each group. This is going to be our parents, My parents, Aunt Karen far left and Aunt Elsie in middle. The other four are coming, it takes them a little longer to get to the bridge now a days...But we love you.

My wonderful sweet Autumn and her dear sweet friend Kylie on top of the barn roof. Actually they were trying to scare me when I came walking to the car to leave...The roof on one side touches the ground or I would have freaked...

It was a great day, sun shining, upper 70's low 80's. Some sat back and relaxed, Aunt Karen, Aunt Elsie, Uncle Larry, Uncle Earl and my cousin Sara.

Other's had much more energy, so they chose to do diving..Good jump Autumn!!!

And others played volley ball and slip and slide. It was a pretty big one, lots of water and soap.
See the water fountain in the pond? It is so nice to listen to.

And anyone that came around me got their picture taken...One of my cousin's Jen, my Mom and her Sister that would be my Aunt....I know of course you knew that.

This is the bridge off the back of my aunt and uncles back yard leading to the pool area. It is so tranquil here, out in the country away from everyone. So back to the pictures I haven't bored you yet, have I??? Here are my children and the 2ND cousins and all 14 are here. This is a great group, ages 16 1/2 down to 1years old..

Now the Patriarch's of the family, My parents and aunt's and Uncles. We love you all so much!! Their parents, my awesome Grandparents are know longer with us on earth, but will forever be in all our hearts. We love you Grandpa and Grandma you were the best and taken way to soon. They would be in their mid 90's...

Now the middle group my cousins and I. There is 10 of us we are missing 2 today. And yes you were missed. One was in Vegas, other had to work. I am of course the oldest.. I don't look it do I?? OK you plead the fifth..well at least I don't feel it. Are ages go from 44 soon to be 45 but not yet...down to the big 3 0....In April we have a wedding planned for the youngest, Then we will be a family of 39.

Aunt Elsie and Uncle Larry I thank you both so much for opening up your home to us all every year. It gives us all time to visit together and stay in touch.

Until next year I love you all, may we always be close and keep together. Hope to see everyone in December..



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Sue said...

Jolyn....what a wonderful, special family time you all had! Thanks for sharing your day! Hope to see you soon!