Saturday, September 5, 2009


Class of 1964...Tonight Mom and Dad went to Mom's 45Th reunion. This picture was taken because the scaffiling was up in the foyer and she couldn't see what she looked like in the full length mirror. So I said come in the family room and I will take your picture and you can see. Doesn't she look beautiful? Oh she has been around her grand daughter to much now we need a picture of her French Manicure.This is a look at me picture.

My parents as they were leaving. How blest I am to still have my parents and that they are still together after 45 years of marriage.
OK she has definitely been around the teenagers to much, now Grandma has her tongue sticking out... Mom I yell at Autumn for that...NO TONQUES OUT!!!

She was getting in the car to leave and said oh wait this picture is for Autumn...Yep this is it!!!

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