Monday, September 21, 2009


It is all coming together. And moving day is coming soon. I know Dad & Mom are sooo excited to get into their new "Love Nest" as Mom calls it....I took a picture of the lights, here is the ceiling fan in the living area and the lights up in the ceiling are for over their kitchen area. My hubby and Dad started the hardwood flooring yesterday. Here they are laying the floor out and getting measurements.
Hubby is framing in the floor. Where he is, is the patio door area coming in from the patio. See the light on in the background? That is the bedroom ceiling fan. Mom is all about having air moving around....It's just one of those things.

This is a closer look of the floor. I think it looks really nice. This flooring is all in the kitchen area. Wednesday the carpet is supposed to come in and be installed on Thursday....You all know what that means.....Move in this coming weekend.......They already have moved their clothes into the closet..So yes if all goes well at least the bed will be in this weekend..

That also means I get my dining room back and the shower curtains come down from the doorways entering into the dining room. So once again we will have a fun filled week.
Thanks for stopping by. Till next time God bless and enjoy everyday like it is the last.
Love to all,

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Sue said...

That floor is so gorgeous!!! Mike is so talented....I hope Michael is learning from his dad. Can't wait to see a photo tour when they are all moved into their 'love nest'! Cracks me up! Looks great!